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Best Games Of 2005

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Posted: Mar 10, 2006 5:15 pm Reply with quote
甘えんぼ 甘えんぼ
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We Love Katamari, Fatal Frame 3, Resident Evil 4.

Actually, it was kind of a sad year for games, considering that these games were just "pretty good," IMO. Nothing truly awesome came out that I can remember.
Posted: Mar 11, 2006 2:49 am Reply with quote
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best game durin 2005 ...

dynasty warrior 5 -very different , the game now seem more lively, different from dynasty warrior 4 which enemies soldiers are standing there for u to kill ,though quite disspointed by some of the design's of charather especially Zhou Tai , He looks like a japanese shopkeeper with a katana...they need to realy balance Lu Bu...

overall is a great game a major turning point for DW, now u feel less god-like

age of empire 3 ..this game is HOT a must buy =D Great graphics , but they realy need to work and make ESO better

-superb graphic and great gameplay, u reallyi need to crack ur brain for strategy

Suikoden IV

3d become smoother, better looking unlike suikoden 3 , cahrather will speak with voice included first ever suikoden series to have chracthers to speak with voices,[suikoden 3 onli had gesture sounds] and no more a 6member party turn into 4 man squad,suikoden 4 had to work on his story line , its too short and a not so geat story unlike suikoden 1,2,3

2005 is boring not reali much game but dun wry guys 2006 is great

2006 GREAT games

-Onimusha 4 -out already with english version
-NFS most wanted-out already
-FF7; Dirge of cerbures -Out already but is still in japanese version
-Kingdom hearts 2 -still in japanese verision,US fans may have to wait till end of march
-Suikoden 5 -Out but japanese version....hope it got a realy great story line and more previous heroes stuff
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