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Posted: Dec 30, 2005 3:46 pm Reply with quote
羽ありたまご 羽ありたまご
Joined: 13 Apr 2005 Posts: 2094 Location: Canada


遠くの方で 光が生きてる
雲の流れに 色をつける
澄んだ空気に 心甦り
風に吹かれて 立ちつくす

高台のような この眺めを
君と見た この時間に
同じとこ見て 並んだ姿に

ただ この光を待って
揺らいだ気持ちは もう変わらないよ
君の体温を 今でも忘れてないよ

黄色いカーテンが 風に揺れて
隙間からのぞく 光
横にねむる 君にきっと

Tooku no hou de hikari ga ikiteru
Kumo no nagare ni iro wo tsukeru
Sunda kuuki ni kokoro yomigaeri
Kaze ni fukarete tachi tsukusu

Takadai no you na kono nagame wo
Kimi to mita kono jikan ni
Onaji toko mite naranda sugata ni
Kitto saidai no koi wo shita

Hajimari wa shizuka
Tada kono hikari wo matte
Yuraida kimochi wa mou kawara nai yo
Daki atte kanjita
Kimi no taion wo ima demo wasurete nai yo

Kiiroi KAATEN ga kaze ni yurete
Sukima kara nozoku hikari
Yoko ni nemuru kimi ni kitto
Konotoki saidai no koi wo shita

In the far-off distance, light was born
Colours were added to the flowing clouds
The tranquil air gives a refreshing feeling
Standing strong despite the blowing wind

This was like the view from a high ground
The time when I looked into the distance with you
Together side by side, we looked at the same place
These have definitely become things I love the most

It was quiet in the beginning
Only waiting for this light
The swinging feeling will never change
Your warmth that I feel when we embrace
I can't forget even till now

The yellow curtain is swinging in the wind
Light peeks in through the small opening
Surely, you, who are sleeping beside me
At this moment, I've fallen deep in love with

* For detailed translation see here

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Posted: Dec 30, 2005 6:09 pm Reply with quote
ネコに風船 ネコに風船
Joined: 06 Nov 2005 Posts: 504 Location: Singapore
wow eyn wonderful translation now i can understand the song Smile
thanx for the translation Nod
Posted: Dec 31, 2005 11:23 am Reply with quote
上塩タン焼680円 上塩タン焼680円
Joined: 05 Dec 2005 Posts: 322 Location: Canada
hey thanks eyn!! hahaha i get the 5:09am part now! i like this song a lot.... the lyrics express the exact feeling i get when i listen to it.... good good
Posted: Jan 01, 2006 4:50 am Reply with quote
上塩タン焼680円 上塩タン焼680円
Joined: 30 May 2005 Posts: 351 Location: in ai-chan's dream
ee! thanks! lovely, neat translation =]
Eyn you're a life saver! i've always wanted to know these translations <3
thanks again! Love

but i really want to know? why is it called "5:09 am"?
Posted: Jan 02, 2006 7:24 am Reply with quote
甘えんぼ 甘えんぼ
Joined: 26 Sep 2005 Posts: 71 Location: Taiwan
chiakifoil wrote:
but i really want to know? why is it called "5:09 am"?

I was curious and had the same question originally when I first listened to the song.
But now I know what the lyrics describe.
So I guess maybe "5:09 am" means the time of the sunrise.
This is my opinion.
Does anyone have better comments about "5:09 am" to share with us?

Anyway, thanks eyn's translation.
Posted: Jan 02, 2006 11:47 am Reply with quote
上塩タン焼680円 上塩タン焼680円
Joined: 05 Dec 2005 Posts: 322 Location: Canada
i agree about the time of sunrise! that's the feeling i get from the song and the lyrics! i want to watch the sunrise with someone one day....
Posted: Jan 04, 2006 6:47 am Reply with quote
大好きだよ。 大好きだよ。
Joined: 13 Jun 2005 Posts: 231 Location: Australia
Good going, eyn Smile You got in before me Tongue Don't worry, I hadn't actually started work on this one Giggle
Posted: Jan 05, 2006 9:13 pm Reply with quote
上塩タン焼680円 上塩タン焼680円
Joined: 28 Nov 2005 Posts: 346
wow, that was speedy translation! there were some parts in which i couldnt make out, thanks sooo much for helping me make those clear Tongue

this is such a nice song, ai pulls through again! gooo ai!!!
Posted: Jan 11, 2006 10:56 pm Reply with quote
桃ノ花ビラ 桃ノ花ビラ
Joined: 11 Jan 2006 Posts: 4
this song is the best!!! Boogie
Posted: Jan 27, 2006 2:07 pm Reply with quote
大好きだよ。 大好きだよ。
Joined: 09 Sep 2005 Posts: 220 Location: In my room
Thanks for the translation! You are really good at it. ^^
Posted: Feb 06, 2006 9:13 am Reply with quote
Planetarium Planetarium
Joined: 29 Jan 2006 Posts: 715 Location: India
I love this song!!!!

thanks so much for sharing
arigatou arigatou
Posted: Feb 06, 2006 12:12 pm Reply with quote
ユメクイ ユメクイ
Joined: 23 Sep 2005 Posts: 1137 Location: USA
First of all, thank you for the translation! (I'm only a month or so late to notice it. Tongue )

This is such a brilliant song! The lyrics are amazing. So deep and beautiful. They read almost like poetry out of a book. I have a whole new perspective on this song now, and I love it even more. Love
Posted: Mar 26, 2006 3:36 am Reply with quote
大好きだよ。 大好きだよ。
Joined: 07 Dec 2005 Posts: 227
I'm just wondering if anyone is interested in chinese version..


在遠方 有光芒誕生
為流雲 著上了顏色
清澈的空氣 讓心甦醒
在風裡 卓然站立

有如高臺般的 視野
與你一同眺望的 時光
並肩的身影 看著同一個地方

只是 在靜待這片光
動搖的心情 已不會再變化
你的體溫 至今我依然難忘

黃色的窗簾 在風中搖曳
從空隙間流瀉的 光
在身旁熟睡的你 想必
Posted: Apr 02, 2006 2:38 pm Reply with quote
ネコに風船 ネコに風船
Joined: 21 May 2005 Posts: 579 Location: Singapore
every morning when travelling to work or school, i'll definately listen to 5.09am, though sun dosent rises that early in singapore, but i'm still able to watch sunrise every single day in the local train service. and its really relaxing to listen to 5.09am while watching the sun go up Smile
Posted: Apr 05, 2006 1:11 pm Reply with quote
金魚花火 金魚花火
Joined: 28 Dec 2005 Posts: 153 Location: Beijing
...Sometimes when I wake up and the sun is about to come up..I put this song on and listen to it, too... it really suits the time... and thank you for the Chinese lyrics, just_inhk!
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