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Ueki no Housoku (The Law of Ueki)

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Posted: Mar 13, 2006 1:42 pm Reply with quote
桃ノ花ビラ 桃ノ花ビラ
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heyyyy.... deres dis anime i've been hooked on lately! Ueki no Housoku, any1 heard of it? Nod its kinda new i guess, coz e last episode, episode 51 is only to b aired 27th of March '06... e onli subs dat i hav seen, and dat r available i guess it wld b Shinsen-Subs. dey hav released episodes 1-5 wif animeseal, and frm 6 till 41 on deir own now. (if 42 has been released when i posted dis, den im slow! Blank stare)

dis anime is abt a middle-school student named Ueki, hu got powers frm a God Candidate... other power users exists too, to fight for deir god candidates to become e new god, and for demselevs to acquire e "null talent"... its blank, so dat means u can write anything on it and it will become ur talent. be it e talent to build a hot spring Boogie , e talent to steal Confused , etc etc and e talent to erase e whole world Surprised ! den ueki, e gd guy, tries to stop all users hu hav evil intentions of using e null talent. den dere r battles, battles, and mor battles... whats so amusing is dat, e power he got is actually e ability to change trash into trees! o.o however dats e onli emphasis on environmental-friendly, and its onli at e start of e anime... as e story continues, e part of changin trash into trees is faded into e background already! so deres nuthin much vvvvvv green abt dis anime. however, it certainly isnt boring! its v funny, wif ppl wif funnier powers emerging each fight. and as e story it eventually talks mor abt teamwork and such. Laughing

interesting anime! if i were to rate it i wld giv it a 9 out of 10 stars! its funny, and at e same time green and teaches teamwork! and it also demonstrates justice prevails! therefore i definitely recommend it to anime lovers lik me! Giggle
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