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The Official Hello! Project Thread!

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Posted: Apr 27, 2007 6:38 pm Reply with quote
クムリウタ クムリウタ
Joined: 07 Feb 2006 Posts: 362 Location: Vancouver, CA.
Yayyy another PB for Mame~ She's my favourite member and has the cutest smile ever. x3
It's nice to hear that they are selling well again, hope things comes around.
Posted: May 06, 2007 10:32 am Reply with quote
Happy Days Happy Days
Joined: 03 Dec 2005 Posts: 102 Location: >>Denmark<<
Well today it happend, Yossie graduated.
I've been crying almost the whole day Crying
She's my favorite member, not only in Morning Musume but also in H!P
She's one of the people I really look up to (her and YUI) I look up to yossie, because of her personality. She's funny, charming, positive and strong. (I look up to YUI because of her talent)
Yossie is truly a great leader...

About the concert:
15000 people attended.

These people were spotted together on the left section of the stands during the grad:
Maeda Yuki, Saito, Inaba Atsuko, Goto Maki, Ootani Masae, Murata , Shibata Ayumi, Ishikawa Rika, Ogawa Makoto, Konno Asami, Nakazawa Yuuko, Iida Kaori, Yaguchi Mari, Yasuda Kei, Miuna, Miyoshi Erika, Okada Yui.
[credits: Reyfer Hello!]

Yossie last song was "I Wish"


Fan recorded Audio of the goodbye speeches:

To be updated since news are rolling in..
Posted: May 06, 2007 2:39 pm Reply with quote
クラゲ, 流れ星 クラゲ, 流れ星
Joined: 10 Oct 2006 Posts: 3587 Location: Sweden
Crying i never thought that i would be this sad because of this. i watched her graduation memorial dvd yesterday (or half of it) and i even cried when she recieved her present from the other members. she's done so much for momusu, and now she's gone... it'll just feel really empty without her there. Sad she is the one who's been in momusu the longest (except kaori). watched a fan cam recording of risa's goodbye speech to her. really emotional, i tell you. Crying

and the new chinese girls were introduced too. they're going to be a part of the next single. wonder how that'll turn out. Nod hoping for something good.

btw, Milaya, you a member of H!O? Confused and i didn't know you liked yui, i love yui too!
Posted: May 06, 2007 4:26 pm Reply with quote
Happy Days Happy Days
Joined: 03 Dec 2005 Posts: 102 Location: >>Denmark<<
Yes I'm a member of H!O but I don't post often Tongue but a great place for news.
And yes I love YUI, one of the only solo artists i support (and Ai too Tongue)
Since I'm mostly hooked on girls groups like, MM, AKB48 and etc.
- Just recently recieved her newest album... it's great.. been a fan of hers since Feel my Soul. It's hard to find just one person to look up to (never really had one) but then I realized that even though I have a lot of idols. Yossie and Yui are something special.
Yossie - personality
Yui - talent. Nod

Yes I also so the fanvid of Risa, so sad Crying especially when yossie hugs her..
and when I thought I was done crying today, I was wrong... started all over when I read the message translations (or part of them, since only some are translated)

Mitsui "Congratulations on graduating! When I first joined, you gave me your contact address and told me to contact you whenever I need help. I thought you were really leader-like! Please continue to take care of me from now on."

Koharu "Even though Yoshizawa-san got mad at me a lot, I think it really helped me. If those times have never happened, I wouldn't be here today. Please continue to be Koharu's Mom from now on."

Eri "Up until now, there hasn't been a time that I loved you as much as today. I am always told not to go too far (with crying and stuff) but I like you way too much. Congratulations on graduating!"

Sayumi "Even though I thought Yoshizawa-san doesn't think much about me, you have always looked after me. When words like "it's okay" become a pressure to me, you gave my hand a squeeze without saying anything instead. It made me really happy."

Reina "We all promised not to cry...(while crying). I have always thought you were great when you completely threw away yourself doing the skits in Haromoni. I love it how you can switch (characters) so fast."

Aichan "Even though we are only a year apart, you are very leader-like and reliable. You have become a support for my heart. I have trouble summarizing what I want to say here, but we all love you. My arms are always opened for you, come here! (the two hugged)"

Risa "After you graduate, the "Morning Musume" to me in my heart will completely disappear. I have always been the one receiving help from you. There are not enough words to say this, but, I respect you."

Miki "Even though I am one year older, you are always the one pulling me forward. I will work hard being the new leader"

translated by: lilangel (H!O)

So what I have to look foreward to now, is the new single with Rinrin and Junjun.
But it doesn't feel like the same anymore. For me Yossie is the heart of morning musume, like Risa said. I'll keep supporting them and all... but something has changed.
I also kinda feel bad for Junjun and Rinrin, they didn't get to work with her... a shame.

But I'm happy about all the attention she has gotten up to now (being the center of kanashimi twilight) and stuff... unlike Makoto and Asami, who only got a red feather boa in Ambitious... (but they were never my faves, so their graduations didn't hit me that hard, but still sad)
I talk to much Tongue
Posted: May 07, 2007 1:24 pm Reply with quote
ネコに風船 ネコに風船
Joined: 22 May 2005 Posts: 566 Location: Love Punch World!
i have the i want to cry feeling in my face,wonders why i haven,maybe i haven watch the graduating ceremony yet.I somehow link her up to my childhood.And when i see in wikipedia that her name was added to the past members,i knew she won't be there anymore,no more.It was sad,i really want to see them as a group,i don't like the feeling of anyone leaving and creating another group,i really really want to see her in PV with other morning musume members,I wonder few years down the road,when all the members now are due to graduate,it's the time when morning musume is not morning musume.It is really sad,i rather see them as a group and grow old together in that group,i won't ever see hitomi in morning musume performance again,i really hopes this graduating can just disappearing and other members wont be gone too.I just hope now at least that she will be in haromoni as long as possible.But i will wish her success,and best of luck and picking herself up and working hard in all together for her brother death.Morning Musume,it is just like what Risa said it to be.
Posted: May 08, 2007 6:37 am Reply with quote
Happy Days Happy Days
Joined: 03 Dec 2005 Posts: 102 Location: >>Denmark<<
Tsuji is Pregnant!
According to multiple news sources in Japan today, Tsuji Nozomi (19yo.) is pregnant, and will get married this summer to the actor Sugiura Takayasu (26yo.)

Just recently it was officially stated from Up Front that Tsuji had to withdraw from her theater responsibilities due to gastroenteritis (also known as "stomach flu"), however, it appears it may be more than just that.

From what's being reported, it is stated that the real reason is that she's 2 months pregnant, and will get married upcoming June 17th, on Tsuji's 20th birthday.

As for the future of the newly formed unit Gyaruru, things are uncertain.

So far no official comment regarding this news from Up Front.

According to FujiTV news report, UFA officially confirmed the news about Tsuji's upcoming marriage, though they are still validating the pregnancy part

Credits :

EDIT; well I must say I'm really happy for her, if this is what she wants.
Instead of wasting her entire life on singing (not that it's a bad thing to sing, but like those in H!P who are older... and no boyfriends in sight)
I mean... suddenly, they realize they have gotten to old to sing pop music.. and then their life has passed them by. Well seems like I'm just rambling.. Tongue
CONGRATS to Nono. Boogie
Posted: May 08, 2007 10:58 am Reply with quote
クラゲ, 流れ星 クラゲ, 流れ星
Joined: 10 Oct 2006 Posts: 3587 Location: Sweden
i just woke up this morning and went online on H!O and read it. :O i was, to say the least, shocked. somehow i felt it was going to be like the whole kago scandal thingy, and i didn't want to go through that again.

i'm wasn't really sure what to think about this. but i do know that i'm not a fanboy of Gyaruru, so them being put in hiatus doesn't bother me a bit, actually (i mean... look at them... yuck). i suppose i would've felt somewhat bad about the whole thing if she was in something big that i was interesting in (except herself), but after considering the situation with aibon and that W won't be back i can't really say i have anything bad to say about this. moreso i'm happy for her sake. i hope that guy she's with is a great guy and that he deserves to get her (Laughing), hope she's made a good choice (in contradict to kago). there is the fact that she's still very young, though. and that she doesn't want to have children or get married yet. and that she doesn't want to give her career up. well, that's life... and i bet that many japanese fans are really angry right this moment. like... burning all their nono stuff kinda angry.

sure, it would've been awesome to see some more of tsuji, but i guess she's done what she's supposed to in the entertainment business. maybe we'll see her once in a while after she's given birth (IF she gives birth), who knows? i bet she'll be a great mother. Smile
just wondering what would've happened if this happened before kago was friday'd... i bet she would've been blamed for ruining kago's come back.
Posted: May 08, 2007 7:51 pm Reply with quote
ネコに風船 ネコに風船
Joined: 22 May 2005 Posts: 566 Location: Love Punch World!
Wow,young mother,i bet in years to come,her kid will be proud that her mother is young,beautiful and a superstar at that,finally a news worth to rejoice after hitomi graduating.
Posted: Dec 11, 2007 11:34 am Reply with quote
フレンジャー フレンジャー
Joined: 24 Oct 2006 Posts: 935
Haha, Nono has given birth since the last post in this thread. Giggle
Posted: Dec 11, 2007 3:50 pm Reply with quote
ユメクイ ユメクイ
Joined: 23 Sep 2005 Posts: 1137 Location: USA
^ Sad, isn't it?

Has anyone heard the new Ongaku Gatas single? I can't get Yattarouze! out of my head! Thank you, DANCE☆MAN. (Now go hit up Momusu and help them on their next single!) Seriously, though. It's great to see Konkon again and Yossie looks amazing with the curly hair in the video. Love

Screencaps taken from here.

Speaking of Yossie, anyone know what she's going to do now aside from the Gatas? Or is this her main project at the moment?
Posted: Dec 11, 2007 4:38 pm Reply with quote
クラゲ, 流れ星 クラゲ, 流れ星
Joined: 10 Oct 2006 Posts: 3587 Location: Sweden
i think being the leader for Gatas and Ongaku Gatas is her main thing right now. Smile she's been in a bunch of musicals and stuff after she graduated from MM, but i'm really glad that Ongaku Gatas was started. some of the new girls are really quite adorable (especially Mano Erina and Noto Arisa), it's great that Konno is back and that Yossie didn't fall into some hiatus state. i really liked the first single Love (although i think there was too much Rika in it... Blank stare).
and... i haven't heard the second single! Surprised i'll make it a present for myself after my exam tomorrow. Smile

oh, and btw, just heard about their first album coming out 2008.02.06. Giggle
and they're apparently having a tour next year and a concert DVD is going to be released from that, "Ongaku Gatas First Concert Tour 2008 Haru ~Mi Zaru Shuku Zaru GOODSAL!~". i think i'm going to keep my eyes more open for this group now. ^_^
Posted: Dec 29, 2007 3:07 pm Reply with quote
桃ノ花ビラ 桃ノ花ビラ
Joined: 29 Dec 2007 Posts: 13 Location: ai-ism;
My favorite member is Ai Takahashi <3
Posted: Dec 31, 2007 1:55 am Reply with quote
甘えんぼ 甘えんぼ
Joined: 19 Dec 2007 Posts: 54 Location: USA
yay! Morning Musume's 36th single is set to be released on March 5th! i know nothing else about it...
March is too long away~ i hope it'll be a good one! Nod
Posted: Jan 13, 2008 3:19 am Reply with quote
Happy Days Happy Days
Joined: 12 Jan 2008 Posts: 129 Location: Indonesia
hello! project is love Laughing

anyway, my favorite members are maki goto, aya matsuura, risa niigaki & miki fujimoto Love
Posted: Jan 13, 2008 8:02 am Reply with quote
クラゲ, 流れ星 クラゲ, 流れ星
Joined: 10 Oct 2006 Posts: 3587 Location: Sweden
^ i like your taste, you picked 3 out of my top 5. Laughing
1. Risa Niigaki
2. Eri Kamei
3. Ai Takahashi
4. Aya Matsuura
5. Miki Fujimoto

can't wait for the new MM single, or the new Aya Matsuura single! Giggle
i really like the new Athena & Robikerottsu single. the PV is much better than the first one.
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