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First Press Bonus of Ai's Singles?

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Posted: Apr 17, 2006 3:33 am Reply with quote
さくらんぼ さくらんぼ
Joined: 03 Jul 2005 Posts: 32
I just read on Yesasia and CD Japan that some of Ai's first press singles included bonus features! Shocked no I'm not talking about the picture books that came with Amaenbo, Kingyo Hanabi, Happy Days, or Kuroge.

For example, the first press version of Neko ni Fuusen had a special packing. (on CD Japan it said its a Digipak).

For Planetairum Yesasia says its a special packing, but CD Japan said "special feature/bonus available" <-- dunno what that refers to exactly

Smily/Biidama seemed to hav included stickers.

Did anyone know this? I always knew Ai included picture books in some of her first press singles, but i didnt know about the other stuff. I always get the overseas version><......its cheaper...and i can read the chinese lyrics^^"........

If anyone has the first press japanese versions of these singles, can you post some pictures? I'm realli curious in the stickers and the digipak versions.

Thank YOU!
Posted: Apr 17, 2006 4:34 am Reply with quote
Joined: 26 Oct 2005 Posts: 495 Location: Manchester, UK
i have the first press of SMILY/Biidama. the sticker (singular) was as big as a CD, it was round and it was the SMILY Smile face. im sorry i can't show you pictures, i left it back home before i came back to uni last september.

Posted: Feb 01, 2010 1:07 pm Reply with quote
金魚花火 金魚花火
Joined: 20 Oct 2009 Posts: 170 Location: Poland
In the first press of Kuroge, there was a sticker with Love-chan and Pinoko (a name of a small girl). I have it and it's very cute Smile The sticker is quite big, maybe a little smaller than CD. The problem with stickers is that they're usually co adorable and precious, that you don't know WHERE to stick them and eventually they serve as pictures Tongue
Posted: Feb 01, 2010 10:23 pm Reply with quote
Joined: 10 Oct 2005 Posts: 1975 Location: Melbourne, Australia
I have them all.

LOVE PUNCH and JAM singles first press were picturebooks.
Kuroge was a sticker from the anime BlackJack

SMILY/Bidama was also a sticker of the smily face
Neko ni Fuusen was a digipak
Planetarium was a special opaque black CD case with a starry sky over it

Frienger had 5 different obis, each a different colour from the 5 Frienger colours.
Yumekui was a digipak
Renai Shashin was a poster which was a photograph collage of Ai from the single photoshoot
CHU-LIP was a sticker of a CHU-LIP
PEACH/HEART was exclusive information to LiB 4th Anniversary concert, knowledge to buy tickets first

Pocket had none
Rocket Sneaker/One x Time had none
Kurage, Nagareboshi had an obi which was also a sticker as well as special 5th anniversary covers and message.
Bye Bye had none.
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