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my ai sketch

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Posted: Jan 14, 2007 6:35 pm Reply with quote
Planetarium Planetarium
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mangomalte wrote:
i was thinking about doing a sketch myself, but i guess i'm too lazy... Laughing

Lol, me too!
I was just thinking of doing a "Love Jam"... but then Ai's eyelashes kidn of scared me out of it, and I got lazy, lol. Haha, usually I only finish one drawing... at most, per year, lol. Like I still have a unfinished Ohno I lost once it got into the jungle of junk on my desk, lol.

But Ilike the ai (jeez I called her "eye" at first, lol...) drawing very much! I think you drew the side profile of the eye very much! (yes, the eyes no the ais, lol) I draw eyes like that terrible! And the shading around the neck is not horrible, neither! Last year I drew "reita" and I messed up on the neck but never got around to changing it (besides the fact I lost that in my jungle desk, too, lol)... but we'll just pretend it's done, lol.
Posted: Jan 15, 2007 1:59 am Reply with quote
ポケット ポケット
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^ haha, having trouble telling your "eyes" from your "ais"? Laughing though i'm not one to talk, i keep typing "form" instead of "from" Shifty
ah the jungle desk, i know whatcha mean. Nod
mine was stacked with manga i was too lazy to put away, but i finally did this morning! i had to take a bunch of other books off the shelf, but i fit 'em all on! Boogie
ok, this was off topic, sorry. Embarassed
i'm um, doing a pastel picture of a little girl? when i finish, i might put it up, but it has nothing to do with ai...
i was gonna do this one for practice before attempting ai. plus, i've never drawn almond eyes before, so i'm afraid of that Giggle but i'll do it someday, i will!
are they that much different to draw than round eyes?
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