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[Oricon] LOVE COOK Tour 2006: 12th Best Selling DVD of 2006

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Posted: Dec 28, 2006 10:21 pm Reply with quote
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  1. 473,405 Real Face Film KAT-TUN
  2. 287,212 SMAPとイッちゃった!SMAP SAMPLE TOUR 2005/SMAP 05/12/14 V
  3. 203,126 ケツの穴~中級篇~ / ケツメイシ
  4. 173,510 DREAM BOYS KAT-TUN・関ジャニ∞
  5. 165,614 MR.CHILDREN DOME TOUR 2005 "I♥U" ~FINAL IN TOKYO DOME~ Mr.Children
  6. 161,611 secret~FIRST CLASS LIMITED LIVE~ 倖田來未
  7. 139,933 Spirits!!/関ジャニ∞
  8. 130,191 FILMOGRAPHY 2001-2005/安室奈美恵
  9. 128,782 Heat up! 関ジャニ∞
  10. 123,978 KAT-TUN Live 海賊帆 KAT-TUN
  11. 121,302 LIVE TOUR 2005 ~PERFECT LIVE "ASIA" ~ / EXILE
  12. 110,655 LOVE COOK Tour 2006~マスカラ毎日つけてマスカラ~at Osaka-Jo Hall on 9th of May 2006 大塚愛
  13. 101,044 LIVE TOUR 2005~first things~deluxe edition~ 倖田來未
  14. *95,846 LIVE musiQ~from LIVE TOUR 005 "musiQ" at MAKUHARI MESSE 2005.04.01~ / ORANGE RANGE
  15. *94,507 Endless SHOCK / 堂本光一
  16. *82,314 Space of Hip-Pop-namie amuro tour 2005- / 安室奈美恵
  17. *82,147 人形劇ギルド BUMP OF CHICKEN
  18. *80,516 ZARD Le Portfolio 1991-2006 ZARD
  19. *78,204 FILM KILLER STREET(Director's Cut)&LIVE at TOKYO DOME / サザンオールスターズ
  20. *74,778 Doggy Bags ELLEGARDEN

Above are the top 20 selling DVD's of 2006. Otsuka Ai made 12th position with her LOVE COOK Tour DVD.

Not included in this chart, but a magnificent effort from Ai-chin, is that her JAM PUNCH Tour 2005 DVD surpassed the 300k mark in 2006, making it one of the top FIVE best selling DVD's of all time from a female solo artist in Japan, it puts Ai-chin up with the likes of Utada Hikaru and Koda Kumi, something Ayumi Hamasaki has yet to achieve and if you don't mind me saying, will never at this rate.

I intended to put all singles, albums and DVD's into the same thread but it's all scattered now. Laughing

Thanks to everyone who bought the Japanese versions of Ai's tour DVD's and help her achieve such success, and let's all hope the DVD released three days ago will make another appearance in these charts! Don't forget to check the first post of Ai's Universal Sales Thread weekly every Thursday for comprehensive weekly sales updates, leave a comment or two if you like, it's stickied now. Boogie Currently only Renai Shashin is charting but expect LOVE IS BORN DVD to be a new addition next week!
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ユメクイ ユメクイ
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yah!! I bought the Japan version of the LOVE COOK tour too! glad that I contributed to the sales number! Love
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