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CDTV Girlfriend yearly rank

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Posted: Jul 22, 2007 6:54 pm Reply with quote
フレンジャー フレンジャー
Joined: 24 Oct 2006 Posts: 935
It sucks that she's dropped a few places.

I used to think that YUI was more my type but she's not anymore.

I think a girly, off-beat sort of girl like Ai would be better.

I'm still happy she ranked so high though. Meow
Posted: Aug 10, 2007 2:00 am Reply with quote
さくらんぼ さくらんぼ
Joined: 10 Aug 2007 Posts: 39
I would go out with 12 of the 20 listed not a bad list just not the order I would put them in. Aya Ueto 20th No
Posted: Aug 10, 2007 6:26 am Reply with quote
ネコに風船 ネコに風船
Joined: 07 Jun 2007 Posts: 543 Location: In My House
Aww, she dropped two ranks from last year... Sad Oh well, 4th place is still pretty good, congratulations Ai! Happy I'm glad to see that YUI's still at #1, and that BoA came up a rank to #5. Giggle
Posted: Feb 16, 2008 7:25 pm Reply with quote
クラゲ, 流れ星 クラゲ, 流れ星
Joined: 10 Oct 2006 Posts: 3587 Location: Sweden

1st. YUI
2nd. Mochida Kaori (Every Little Thing)
3rd. Otsuka Ai
4th. Ishikawa Rika (v-u-den)
5th. Hamasaki Ayumi
6th. Takahashi Ai (Morning Musume)
7th. Abe Natsumi
8th. Namie Amuro
9th. Yoshizawa Hitomi
10th. Koda Kumi
11th. Tanaka Reina (Morning Musume)
12th. hiroko (Mihimaru GT)
13th. BoA
14th. Kamei Eri (Morning Musume)
15th. Ayaka
16th. Kawashima Ai
17th. Aragaki Yui
18th. Niigaki Risa (Morning Musume)
19th. aiko
20th. Nakagwa Shoko

YUI keeps her #1 spot which she had in both charts last year. and Mochida Kaori keeps her #2 spot from July last year. Ai-chin climbed a spot past Ayumi up to #3, and Ayumi had to let Ishikawa Rika (V-u-den) past her too. Takahashi Ai (Morning Musume) climbed a couple of spots past ayaka and BoA and is now #6. both BoA and ayaka (Sad) have actually made major leaps down, 8 ranks down for both of them. Namie Amuro climbed two spots, Koda Kumi dropped one. new in the top 10 are Abe Natsumi and Yoshizawa Hitomi (former Morning Musume member, now leader of Ongaku Gatas).

i'm very happy to see these results! except the fact that ayaka dropped 8 ranks to #15, it's only good news for me. Giggle YUI still in top (Giggle Giggle Giggle), Ai-chin up to #3 (Giggle Giggle Giggle), and check out all those H!P artists! Ishikawa Rika at #4 (which i'm not very happy about, since i don't like her), Takahashi Ai at #6 (Love Love), Abe Natsumi at #7 (Love), Yoshizawa Hitomi at #9 (Smile), Tanaka Reina at #11 (Love), Kamei Eri at #14 (Love Love) and Niigaki Risa at #18 (Love Love Love). hiroko at #12 is nice too. and Aragaki Yui at #17.

some history:

you see that Ai-chin was #1 back in 2005. Giggle check out 2001-2004, Abe Natsumi (Morning Musume, then solo) totally reigned the charts! then she dropped to #3 and #9 and then she fell out of top 10, but now she's back on #7. Smile Ayumi has been in the top for a long time...
also, you can see that the avarage age of the top 10 gets higher and higher with every year. and well, that's because they get older and they don't seem to let any new artists in...

i wonder why there's no data from 2005 Jul - 2006 Jul. Sad maybe they didn't do it during that time. that's a pity.

lol. long post. Sneeze
Posted: Feb 16, 2008 10:52 pm Reply with quote
ネコに風船 ネコに風船
Joined: 10 Oct 2007 Posts: 502
^ ooh, cool!
i like BoA and ayaka too Sad
but ai is back up to #3 Smile
Posted: Feb 18, 2008 1:26 am Reply with quote
上塩タン焼680円 上塩タン焼680円
Joined: 04 Sep 2007 Posts: 287 Location: Canada & Taiwan
this is actually the first time I saw this ranking
it's good to see ai chin on the 3rd (despite that she was on the 1st before)
this list doesn't really seem right (just to me)
I like hiroko more than all other ones (of course other than ai chin) mentioned on the top 10 Laughing
Posted: Feb 18, 2008 2:54 am Reply with quote
大好きだよ。 大好きだよ。
Joined: 13 Mar 2007 Posts: 260 Location: Monterey, CA
Ai-chan, omedetou gozamassu! Giggle I'm still happy that she got 3rd place, at least it's better than 4th, ne.
Posted: Feb 21, 2008 5:59 pm Reply with quote
桃ノ花ビラ 桃ノ花ビラ
Joined: 06 Aug 2007 Posts: 8
Both of them are great andit good that Ai-chin at top 3 with YUI Mad
Posted: Feb 22, 2008 1:47 am Reply with quote
桃ノ花ビラ 桃ノ花ビラ
Joined: 11 Aug 2007 Posts: 7
wow, the hello-project's singers are taking over the list.
Posted: Feb 23, 2008 1:53 am Reply with quote
さくらんぼ さくらんぼ
Joined: 04 Aug 2007 Posts: 35 Location: Somewhere Melb,VIC screaming JOMG I WANNA GO TO JAPAN n live in Jap Disneyland and stalk j-artists
good for Ai, though I wish Ayu ranked higher..but shes is getting "old", but i still think she's the best!♥
I don't mind the H~P people there, but I guess others do. I love Reina, I wish she ranked higher the Takahashi Ai =___=
Of course Ai's gonna be in the top imo she's the prettiest Jpop artist and she's darn right adorable!
Though YUI I love her songs but I don't hear much about her personality and her looks(god I sound so shallow) are good but not up there compared to some others...don't bash me ToT, I actually love YUI she makes great music. I think YUI wins this basically cause of her girl next door look and she doesn't look as flashy with the accessories and make up, which makes her seem more carefree and attractive? iunno.. not a man here Laughing
Posted: Feb 26, 2008 10:42 pm Reply with quote
甘えんぼ 甘えんぼ
Joined: 18 Jul 2006 Posts: 66
Good to see both Ai and YUI on top 3!
Thanks for the update Smile
Posted: Feb 28, 2008 12:41 pm Reply with quote
さくらんぼ さくらんぼ
Joined: 20 Mar 2006 Posts: 38 Location: A shore that borders two worlds
good for Ai. she's definitely my dream girl. ^__^ yui, too. she's pretty cool. Life is a really great song, imo.

Posted: Feb 28, 2008 1:10 pm Reply with quote
クラゲ, 流れ星 クラゲ, 流れ星
Joined: 10 Oct 2006 Posts: 3587 Location: Sweden
for anyone that wants, here's the actual clip from the show: mediafire (60 MB) Smile
Posted: Aug 16, 2008 1:49 pm Reply with quote
クラゲ, 流れ星 クラゲ, 流れ星
Joined: 10 Oct 2006 Posts: 3587 Location: Sweden

01 - 01 - YUI
02 - 02 - 持田香織 (Mochida Kaori, Every Little Thing)
03 - 05 - 浜崎あゆみ (Hamasaki Ayumi)
04 - 03 - 大塚愛 (Otsuka Ai)
05 - 19 - aiko
06 - 06 - 高橋愛 (Takahashi Ai, Morning Musume)
07 - 16 - 川嶋あい (Kawashima Ai)
08 - --- - 吉岡聖恵 (Yoshioka Kiyoe, Ikimono Gakari)
09 - --- - 矢島舞美 (Yajima Maimi, C-ute)
10 - 17 - 新垣結衣 (Aragaki Yui)
11 - --- - のっち (Nocchi, Perfume)
12 - 08 - 安室奈美恵 (Amuro Namie)
13 - 15 - 絢香 (ayaka)
14 - --- - 木村カエラ (Kimura Kaela)
15 - 10 - 倖田来未 (Koda Kumi)
16 - --- - 宇野実彩子 (Uno Misako, AAA)
17 - 12 - hiroko (mihimaru GT)
18 - 13 - BoA
19 - --- - 倉木麻衣 (Kuraki Mai)
20 - 11 - 田中れいな (Tanaka Reina, Morning Musume)

Ai-chin went down one notch, and 5 of the 7 H!P members that were in last time's list aren't in this one. Sad but i'm happy to see Yoshioka Kiyoe and Nocchi in the list. Smile and that Aragaki Yui and ayaka have gone up. and of course, the continuous reign of YUI! Boogie
Posted: Aug 16, 2008 2:47 pm Reply with quote
金魚花火 金魚花火
Joined: 13 Aug 2008 Posts: 187 Location: NyAPPY! LOVE~WorLd
OH YEAH YUI XDDD Yay ai Boogie
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