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Elfen Lied

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Posted: Jul 07, 2007 4:38 pm Reply with quote
さくらんぼ さくらんぼ
Joined: 27 Jun 2007 Posts: 40 Location: West Lafayette Indiana
Well, I just watched this anime recently, and I thought it was pretty darn good. The story was awesome, and I'm curious to hear if anyone agrees with me. So, any other opinions?
Posted: Jul 20, 2007 12:23 am Reply with quote
桃ノ花ビラ 桃ノ花ビラ
Joined: 17 Jul 2007 Posts: 8 Location: Toronto
Elfen Lied was really good! I've got to say though, the first episode really caught me by surprise.. I'd never seen a series THAT "GOREY" before xD, but overall, I loved the storyline (especially the plot twists =O). The only thing that disappointed me was the OVA ;-;.. I thought it'd be a continuation leading off from the last episode of the series, but it was just a side-story Oh noes But I liked it, though it was startling at times. =p
Posted: Jul 20, 2007 9:48 pm Reply with quote
さくらんぼ さくらんぼ
Joined: 27 Jun 2007 Posts: 40 Location: West Lafayette Indiana
Oh I know...I thought that extra episode was going to show the future of everyone. I was so disappointed as well when I found out it was just another episode that showed the tension between the two girls. I was actually so ticked that I didn't even watch that extra episode except to make sure that the only things in the episode concerned minor events. Ugh....too bad.
Posted: Jul 21, 2007 7:55 am Reply with quote
Planetarium Planetarium
Joined: 06 Oct 2006 Posts: 686 Location: Singapore
Care to give a little synopsis about this anime? It sounds pretty good the way you guys discussed it, so I'm interested to know more. Nod
Posted: Jul 25, 2007 11:58 pm Reply with quote
さくらんぼ さくらんぼ
Joined: 27 Jun 2007 Posts: 40 Location: West Lafayette Indiana
Well, it's kind of hard to give a good synopsis without giving away a lot of the story. However, I found a great synopsis online that might help you determine if you wish to watch it or not.

"The diclonius, otherwise known as a two-horned human, are mutants of the human species, may well be the next step in human evolution. The diclonius have horns and strong telekinetic powers represented by “arms”. However with this great power, they can easily destroy the human race. Fearful of their power, humans quarantined the diclonius into secret research facilities to study. However, in a freak accident, a enraged female diclonius escaped, killing many guards in the process. Interesting enough, the female escapee appears to have suffered amnesia after her escape and floated to Yuigahama of Kamakura city. There, she meets two people named Kouta and Yuka, who name the female diclonius “Nyuu”, and decide that they all should live together."

The credit for this synopsis goes to Doc. Odine

Hope this helps. A few warnings, though. There is quite a bit of nudity (yes, it gets very annoying after a while) and a lot of blood and gore. Come to think of it, there are only select episodes with lots of blood and gore. There are some that don't have much at all, if any. So those are just a couple warnings. I started watching this anime without reading any synopsis, so I didn't know what to expect. That's why the first episode blew me away. So I'm warning you in advance, it's really bad in the beginning. But the anime, as a whole, is great.
Posted: Aug 11, 2007 6:30 am Reply with quote
ネコに風船 ネコに風船
Joined: 22 May 2005 Posts: 566 Location: Love Punch World!
This animation is cool. I went to finish it after reading it here. The plot was good. It was short and sweet, much bringing every episode to a high climate. But all as good except the OVA, the OVA does not bring out the expected result. And the ending was not that great. It refuses to brings out the plot to show the happiness of what happened. Although i know the guest at the last episode was Lucy.
Posted: Aug 11, 2007 5:28 pm Reply with quote
羽ありたまご 羽ありたまご
Joined: 13 Apr 2005 Posts: 2094 Location: Canada
I agree this anime is pretty bloody, it's probably the anime with most gore that I've seen so far. The story line is pretty cool, and the reason why I watch this is because the rating for Elfen Lied at AniDB is pretty high. Quite a unique anime that is very different from many others.
Posted: Oct 10, 2007 12:31 am Reply with quote
桃ノ花ビラ 桃ノ花ビラ
Joined: 19 Nov 2005 Posts: 21 Location: Taiwan
A lot of people detest the violent and graphic scenes in this series, but I found them to contribute to the edge-of-your-seat-feeling that is rare in animation these days. Much akin to peeking through your fingers during Saw, I couldn't watch but absolutely couldn't not watch. Of course, Elfen Lied was also beautifully animated, with captivating storylines and characters. This series comes highly recommended. Starting Claymore now Wink

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Posted: Jan 09, 2009 10:24 pm Reply with quote
ユメクイ ユメクイ
Joined: 02 Aug 2007 Posts: 1203
I started watching yesterday and I finished it earlier this afternoon but damn was this the most gory anime I've watched so far...the story and the concepts were pretty cool but the themes were so dark. Not having watched too many anime series, I thought this was quite bold with all the topics the anime covered. I'm not sure what it's like for the hardcore anime fanatics but wow, I did think this was slightly perturbing...
Still, overall it was quite an awesome anime. Waaay too much gore and some scenes of ridiculous nudity that made absolutely no sense what-so-ever but still a pretty cool anime.
noir chu lip
Posted: Jan 11, 2009 7:02 pm Reply with quote
甘えんぼ 甘えんぼ
Joined: 19 May 2007 Posts: 72 Location: Le Royaume
yeah, i watched this last year, and i loved it! i have the entire series on dvd.
the opening sequence to the first episode was very graphic, but not to point of unwatchable. i honestly thought they did a great job by adding violence to the anime but not completely overdoing so all you are watching is KILLINGKILLINGKILLING.

i agree with suteKi, the OVA was a huge dissapointment!!! i wanted to see lucy come back, even though i like kohta and yuka together better.
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