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LOVE IS BORN ~5th Anniversary 2008~

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Posted: Apr 29, 2009 4:02 pm Reply with quote
金魚花火 金魚花火
Joined: 03 Dec 2008 Posts: 162 Location: Hong Kong
LOVE IS BORN ~5th Anniversary 2008~
at Osaka-Jo Yagai Ongaku-Do, Japan on 10th of September 2008
and at National Taiwan University Sports Center, Taiwan on 5th of October 2008

Charlie: It's going to start

~Rocket Sneaker~

Ai: It's going to start

Ai: Welcome to [LOVE IS BORN] 5th anniversary concert


Ai: Let me introduce myself again
How are you, I am Otsuka Ai
Thank you
Yup, to show my courtesy I must say
I am back (in Osaka)
Audience: Welcome back
Ai: Thank you, thank you, really thank you very much
To me today… is my 5th anniversary, in these 5 years…
The same day 5 years ago… It is really amazing I come back here again
But to me, the 10th in September
is the first day I started, the date my debut released
It is a really happy day
that I can be here on this particular day
With an audience so enthusiastic and supportive
I feel extremely happy
Thanks for your attendance


Ai: Thank you
The weather is very hot, isn’t it?
Are you OK, anyway?
Audience: Fine
Ai: Is really hot
Recently it has also been very hot in Tokyo
Sometimes it becomes rainy at the afternoon
And thunders loudly
However, these thundery days are not due to typhoon or other reasons
I don’t know if they are due to some strange weather phenomenon
Raining cats and dogs… is it the same in Osaka?
It shouldn’t be so good
The bad weather comes along with me
And really comes along with me
Today I am anxious about this
I feel very happy that today’s weather is really good
But recently it has thundered suddenly every time when I think the weather is good
It is really… I am very anxious about
However, there is still no sign of rain at the moment
Really good
It should be because of our willpower here
Not bad
It should be because of so many good people here
Under this good weather
I am going to sing a song relating to rainy days
I don’t know what to do if it becomes rainy
I am very anxious
It should be fine
Audience: It’s fine
Ai: May I continue to introduce the next song?
The following I am going to perform is
Is a song we really cherish?
Please listen to this song "Ameiro Parasol"

~Ame Iro Parasol~
~Mousou Chop~
~Ramen 3 Pun Cooking~

Ai: Audience from the back rows, are you OK?
Can you see me? Audience from the back rows
Sorry, taller guys have advantage
Shorter guys have to stand up longer
You may start to feel some back pain by now
From here on, I will sing some more memorable songs
Though I have already said that I'd have sung memorable and cherished songs from the beginning
I want to sing the most memorable song
Everything began from this song
I sing this song with this (cherishing) feeling
Please listen to "Momo no Hanabira"

~Momo no Hanabira~
...Hon Maguro Naka Toro San 300 Yen (Midoriiro)...
...Amai Kimochi Maru Kajiri...
...Ame no Tsubu, Waltz ~LOVE MUSiC~...
~Kingyo Hanabi~

Ai: The sky is getting dark
It is really good, really
I start to feel that we are together
It seems to be something obvious
However… it seems we have been together at all the time
Just like that…
From my heart, our distance is very short
Audience from the back rows
Do you have the same feeling?
Audience: We have the same feeling too
Ai: It's so touching
Thank you
Still, Osaka is better
For me, here is my home
May I come back here again?
Audience: Of course
Ai: I am super happy
Would you please wait a moment
Today I successfully release my new single
Audience: Congratulations
Ai: I would like to express my gratitude
Really thank you very much
Then, please listen to the song released today
"Kurage, Nagareboshi"

~Kurage, Nagareboshi~

Ai: Whatever we are is still very good
Difficult to have this opportunity, we should get a bit "high", shouldn't we?
Do you want to be a bit "high"?
Do you want to have a feel very tired?
OK, let's get "high"

~Kataomoi DIAL~
~Happy Days~

Ai: Raise up you right hand

Charlie: We'll start to clap in beats
Going to start


Ai: Get ready
Get ready
Get ready


Ai: Louder Please
All: Once again


Ai: Thanks for your "encore"
Coming is…
Is me with my arranger Ikoman, two people
We've work hard together from the beginning until now
A song filled with memories
Please listen to "Daisuki da yo."

~Daisuki da yo.~
~Birthday Song~

Ai: The following is LOVE IS BORN
I would like to introduce my crew
First, is drummer, Matsumoto Jun
Bassist, Kitajima Norihiro
Keyboarder, Charlie
Guitarist, Kubota Kotaro
Guitarist, Fujii Kenji
And wind band, CHU-RAPPERS
Go ahead YOKAN
Orchestra, CHU-RINGS
Okamura Mio
I am the Vocals, Otsuka Ai
From in front to the back, from right to left
Everybody right here today
Cameras are capturing me today
They are recording
Your voice is being recorded
Let’s put your voice into DVD
Audience from the back rows must sing too
A bit louder
The last time

Ai: Doesn’t really
Is coming
All (candles) blown out
Very good, very good
This thing (lighter)
Is very hot
Kubota: Should take a photo
Ai: We can take a photo later
However, I should fix it first
But this one… can you see it?
Do you want to take a photo with me?
Audience: Yes
I want to take another one after all (crew) have come together
Could you all come to the front (of the stage)?
Can the band come to here?
Can we take a photo together?
Can we do this here?
Audience: Happy Birthday
Ai: Could you raise up the "GO" pose?
Doesn’t matter, doesn’t matter, take another later
Then, we say 1 2 3 GO
1 2 3 GO
Thank you all
Yes, yes, yesterday was my birthday
By another means, today should also be my birthday
The extension of birthday
Audience: Happy birthday
Ai: Close to the time we should say goodbye
I was blamed yesterday
I have to be aware of the time, aware of the time and not stay overtime
I am afraid I could only say (about overstayed) here
But before I say it's time, I hope I can say something "Happy"
I'll play until crazy
Do you still have energy to play until crazy?
Do you like "Happy" crazy guys?
Audience: Yes, we like
Ai: You work so hard everyday
You should be being crazy sometimes
Otherwise you would be very tired
Do you want to be "High" until the end?
Want to go "High"?
Want it?
Want to dance?
OK come together before 8’o clock

Ai: It's going to start


Thank you
Welcome Minami Sasuga’s CHU-LIPPERS
And Tamaki
And Yu-Ri
Please express our gratitude with clapping

Ai: The happy moment flies
Close to the time to say goodbye
Can I hear your voices at the end?
Very exciting
I can hear so many people yelling my name
I feel very good to have born with a name like this
The last song
Not yet put into CD
Is an unreleased song
When I started to be a singer
I have never thought of composing a song like this
This is because we are filled up with LOVE
Although it is a bit uneasy to say
It is because we are filled up with LOVE
I then started to know what is LOVE
I couldn't make this song until I understood what LOVE is
Honestly, I can only develop this song after I had undergone 5 years of struggling
Please listen to this song "Ai"


Thank you
Staring form tomorrow, your advice is still very important to me as in the past

Ai-Chin, Congratulations, 5th Anniversary and Happy Birthday
Welcome back in Osaka
Ai-Chin is the best, Osaka is the best
Ai-Chin, Happy Birthday
Keep going and work hard
Ai-Chin, Happy Birthday Thank you
I have got real love
Ai-Chin, Congratulations to your 5 years’ career
Thank you for your signed balls, I will come and play again
We love our most beloved Ai-Chin
Ai-Chin, Happy Birthday, Hope you have a lucky Birthday
Ai-Chin, Happy Birthday
We will continue to support you
Ai-Chin, Happy Birthday
Ai-Chin, Happy Birthday
Ai-Chin, Happy Birthday
Ai-Chin, Congratulations to your 5th Anniversary, Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday, Ai-Chin
26-year-old, hope you can become more charming and lovely
Happy Birthday, Ai-Chin
Super Love you
I love you very much
Ai-Chin, Congratulations to your 5 years’ career, I am very happy today
Ai-Chin, Happy Birthday
Work hard in the coming days
Come back here, I like ika no maru yaki (baked squid ball)
Happy Birthday
Ai-Chin, Congratulations
We love Ai-Chin the most, Happy Birthday
I will continue to support you

National Taiwan University Sports Center
Ai: Japan Japan
It’s the reversed face of Japan

~Rocket Sneaker~

(15:00 Rehearsal)
Ai: How are you?

Thank you

(Departed from Japan)

(19:00 Arrived to Taiwan)
(Approaching towards the auditorium)
Ai: How are you? I am Otsuka Ai
Are you happy?
Thank you, see you later
How are you?
I am Otsuka Ai
How are you?
Thank you
See you later
I want to see the stage from auditorium seats!

(Looking around the auditorium)

Ai: Ah!!!
When I am singing "Planetarium"
If the lyrics is printed on the screens
Taiwan people will sing together with me…
somebody has told me about this
Crew: When you are singing "Frienger" and "Planetarium"
The lyrics will be shown on the screens
Ai: Oh, that’s nice?

(Photo by USUUSU)

Ai: Taiwan is the best
Are you "High"?
Please listen to "Frienger"
My god…
Do you feel that it’s better?
Thank you, Welcome to my [LOVE IS BORN] 5th Anniversary Concert

Ai: Thank you all
I am Otsuka Ai
Thank you, Welcome to my [LOVE IS BORN] 5th Anniversary Concert
Please enjoy today’s show
Chinese is very hard, don’t laugh at me if I can’t speak well
Do you know this song?
Please listen to this song


Thank you

Ai: I made my debut 5 years ago
But I have never thought that I could go outside Japan
I come to Taiwan and see my Taiwan Fans this time
I see you all
Once again
I see you all, I am very happy
At the same time, I want to thank you for your support
Though we come from different countries
through music
through music, I am always be with you

Ai: Ha…
Thank you all
Are you happy?
Audience: Yes
Ai: It’s the second time that I go to Taiwan
I’ve been to Taiwan in 2006
because I’ve had to produce the PV of "Frienger"
I’ve gone to Hsimenting
Bought many things
Eaten a lot of delicious food
After that, I love Taiwan deeply
Taiwan is the best!
Are you "High"?
Are you "High"?
Are you "High"?
OK, please listen to "Frienger"!


(2008.10.05 the day of Taiwan Tour)
(13:00 Crew’s arrival)
(14:00 Ai-Chin’s arrival)
(15:00 Rehearsal)
(17:00 Worship for successful live performance (in Traditional Chinese Style))
(18:00 Audience getting into auditorium)
(19:00 Just before Grand Opening)

Ai: Are you happy? (said Chinese to her Crew !?!)
Thanks for your advice
Let’s go

Thank you


Ai: Yeah Taiwan
Let’s sing together

All: Once again (もう1回)

Ai: I love Taiwan
Thank you

Ai: Thanks for your "encore"!
How are you recently?
Very nice
Though there are tears and laughter everyday,
we can’t meet "lucky" things without these
Let’s work hard together

~Birthday Song~

Ai: Let’s sing together
Louder please
Not loud enough
Louder please
The last time

Audience: I love you! I love you!
Otsuka Ai, I love you!
Otsuka Ai is the best
Otsuka Ai is the best, thank you very much
She can sing in Chinese, she is brilliant
Super cute, super cute
I love Ai-Chin the most
She can survive in the Chinese entertainment industry
I love Ai-Chin very much
I will support her forever
Ai-Chin, work hard
Hope to see her next year
I love Ai-Chin the most
I love Ai-Chin the most
Ai-Chin is super cute (in Min Nan dialect)
She should come again, should come again
I love you the most
I am Taiwanese, love you, I love you
Otsuka Ai
Your Chinese is brilliant, I feel so touched
I feel so excited now
Really happy, after all, this concert is exceedingly good
because there are many special things, not even appeared in Japan

Ai: We have performed in 3 different places
In these 4 [LOVE IS BORN] concerts
To me, the scale of this one is the biggest
And I have encountered a lot of new things
More love and tender from all of you is actually supporting me
In these 3 days… not only these 3 days
we can complete this concert
To me…
I can have worked together with all you guys
is the most invaluable treasure
Thank you all

Ai: Thank you!
I love you!!!

(A special scene prepared by Taiwan LOVE PiECE FANS CLUB, they were singing "Always Together")

Credit to 阿達@LPFC, permission from NiNi(Admin)@LPFC

~Always Together~

(Vocals: Mr. Andou, sound studio)
(Vocals: Kotaro, guitarist)
(Vocals: Izumi, CHU-LIPPERS)

Ai-Chin Spoke in Mandarin in Taiwan Tour in most parts of conversation (with Japanese subtitles).
"Planetarium" and "Frienger" were sung in Mandarin Chinese
The English translation of "Planetarium" can be found here

Above is the translation of all conversation in the tour, base mainly on the Hong Kong version DVD and the transcript. Any minor translation mistakes please send me a PM, major controversies may discuss here. As some Japanese/Chinese may have double meanings at the same time, your advice is very welcome. Thank you very much.

I admit that this post is really a very very tough task, you support is very important to me and the followers.


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pon pon
Posted: Apr 30, 2009 10:33 pm Reply with quote
クムリウタ クムリウタ
Joined: 16 Jul 2006 Posts: 1011 Location: Melbourne, Australia
thanks a lot, azurejan. this is such a good idea. it is the first translation i have ever seen for one of her concerts. i will send you a PM with some suggestions.

i hope others contribute to this translation as well.

once a few more people have commented and the translation becomes more finalized, i will do the timing for it and make it into a subtitle file. then make a DVD subtitle and give instructions on how to put it onto a DVD. yeah, like thats all i need - another project!
Posted: May 01, 2009 2:16 pm Reply with quote
金魚花火 金魚花火
Joined: 03 Dec 2008 Posts: 162 Location: Hong Kong
Thanks to pon pon's suggestions which made the translation more natural and conversational.

I sincerely hope other members especially who are native Japanese speakers or with elite Japanese knowledge could give me more advice to improve this translation. Thanks a lot in advance.

Indeed, this was just my second attempt at translation on Ai-Chin's materials, your support is always encouraging. Though it is a really very tough and time consuming task, I feel exceeding rewarding. I hope these may help you relish deeper in and enjoy her performance.

LOVE LETTER House Tour DVD will be released in a few days. Originally, I want to translate this one first, but without an official transcript (which is not accompanied with Japan version), the translation job would become exceptionally difficult. I hope the Hong Kong version will release soon after Japan version. However, I found that Hong Kong version of Tour DVDs are always a month or longer delay after the release of Japan version.

To those members who want to take part in this funny task, I have some suggestions. Translation of talk shows/interviews may be easier to start (isn't it?), but lyrics translation is extremely difficult. For example, I spent just longer than an hour to translate the above transcript, however, time spent on translating "Planetarium the Chinese version", though shorter in word counts, I took more than 5 hours to complete (I saw some members spent a week to complete a song). If you know some Japanese/Chinese language, you may know that it's a very "compact", its words always have multiple meanings and no definite expression of "tenses" like in English. To translate a simple sentence can be very easy, but to translate concepts/moods/proverbs are very very difficult, especially with some culture differences among Japan, China (Taiwan) and English countries. To translate a song, we must first look at the big picture before we look into the words.

A bit off-topic, I was once trying to translate alan's Chinese song, however, the difficulty is at least 30 times harder than any Ai-Chin's song, I gave up eventually because I thought that I couldn't translate it within 100 hours. Though an official translation of if was released, but it's just so-so, only gives the superficial meanings (Koda and remblue, isn't it?). The proverbs the lyricist used are in ancient Chinese language, I think almost no foreigners know what the song exactly means, even most Chinese don't.

I deeply express my gratitute to those who translated Ai-Chin's materials in this forum and also the community blog.
Posted: May 03, 2009 3:23 pm Reply with quote
甘えんぼ 甘えんぼ
Joined: 04 Jan 2009 Posts: 57 Location: Walsall, England
thank you for the translation...awesome Love i guess i should have brought the chinese version since i can read the chinese this way i can understand what she's say and the meaning of the songs...i can't remember what the meaning of most of her songs are yet.

Off topic: please come to my post guys if you haven't already. i've just uploaded a torrent on both of her concerts in Osaka and Taiwan. we need a lot of seeders to get this torrent going!
Posted: May 17, 2009 11:20 am Reply with quote
Happy Days Happy Days
Joined: 26 Nov 2008 Posts: 120 Location: Singapore
great work! really nice to have a translation to a great performance. Boogie

really great job~!
Posted: Jun 16, 2009 9:58 pm Reply with quote
甘えんぼ 甘えんぼ
Joined: 17 Oct 2007 Posts: 66 Location: Thailand
Oh WOW!!!!

Thank You very very very much.

I've waited for along time.

Thank You Boogie
Posted: Jun 27, 2009 1:53 am Reply with quote
金魚花火 金魚花火
Joined: 13 Aug 2008 Posts: 187 Location: NyAPPY! LOVE~WorLd
thanks so much for translating
and much thanks for all you hardwork Smile
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