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LOVE IS BORN ~3rd Anniversary 2006~

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Posted: May 17, 2009 9:32 am Reply with quote
上塩タン焼680円 上塩タン焼680円
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0: 00:01
Audienceís greetings.

0: 01:13
Ai: Are all of you ready?
Staff: Please take care of me

0: 06:45
Ai: Thank you everybody

Good evening, Iím Otsuka Ai
Are all of you okay?
Iím 24 years old finally
Iíve never thought that I can hold a concert on my birthday
The atmosphere today is not gloomy and down
My biggest aim is just to close up the gap between us easily in a relaxed mood
So if I sang halfway and suddenly laughed,
Please forgive me, because that is my most honest performance.

Ai chan happy birthday!

Thank you
Because there is no shelter here,
Iím worried about the weather
Just now it seemed like it was going to rain.
If itís gonna drizzle in my next song,
That will be the best timing,
but why suddenly it doesnít seem like itís going to rain anytime now?
Weather is so difficult to predict
Next, please appreciate a song that we all missed
Let us recap those 3 years...

Thank you
The sky turned dark
Really dark, thatís great.
The atmosphereís really good now
The helicopter is really noisy
Next, let us talk about my past memories
When I first debuted?
Before I debut as a singer, I actually stood in front of audince and sang before
Thereís one time,
just like now, I sat on a chair and sang.
That time I sang ĎMomo no Hanabiraí
Where I sat like that and sang.
It made me feel a bit embarrassed
Normally Iím not used to sitting in such a cool position
So it made me even more nervous
Last time it happened before.
Today I feel like trying something new
Do you think that its cool?

Very cool!

I never expect the reaction to be so big
But now as I look back...
As I look back once more,
After debut,
I had no experience at all in live performances,
So just by standing here,
It is nerve-wrecking enough
For me, who loves recording songs the most,
It is practically impossible for me to accomplish this task. (task=singing in front of audience)
But that was my first live peformance,
Because 3 years have past and so I wanted to recap
Although I canít see very clearly from here,
Please raise your hand if you had seen my first live performance.
No way, are you kidding?
Itís not true?
What are you thinking?
My very first you know, is it real?
Thank you for supporting me until today, really.
My first live performance,
I sang ĎSakuranboí
And that time nobody knew my song because that was before the single was released.
So as I was singing a song that nobody knew,
Everybodyís reaction was to look at me with a blank face
And it is not like now,
Where everybody will scream ďMou Ikai!Ē
This was how I started out.
Until now, finally thereís so many people,
Willing to attend my concert,
As an old mother, Iím really touched
Today, let us look back at our past
And sing a song which I think
I sang before on my first live performace,
I totally forgotten.

Surely, you sang before.

I sang before, really.
Please listen to this song, Kaerimichi.

0: 33:55
Ai: Everybody please sing together

0: 34:37
How much time is it left until my 3rd anniversary?
Look at your watches, quick.
Hurry up, look at your watches.
Thereís still 6:50 left
No no,
Itís 6:50pm now.
So thatís what it is.
I feel that time is passing very fast.
Itís going to be my third anniversary.
I always care about one thing,
That I can hold a concert today,
Really made me happy.
But normally during birthdays,
Wonít all of us sing Birthday song?
But nobody sang for me today yet.
Later when the concert ends, it would be very late already,
And 9th of september is going to end,
If thereís nobody who would sing a birthday song for me,
Is really saddening
Thatís great, hearing what you all said, itís really great
Thatís great, fortunately I said it out.
Thatís really great.
But the traditional birthday song, is too normal
If everyone go to the internet and check up ĎOtsuka Aií,
You should know of this song called
ĎBirthday Songí
But if I were to sing it myself today,
The chorus part where it goes ďHappy BirthdayĒ,
The feeling would be a bit wierd.
So at that part, I hope everyone can help me sing.
Is it okay? Is it alright?
Can everyone let me be stubborn for this time?
Is it for real?
Because the sound coming from the band is loud,
I would not be able to hear all of you clearly.
So we will not use those instruments,
But we use our hands and feet to create the beat
Letís try once
Let us use this beat
When it is the chorus, everyone please sing!

1: 02:22
Thank you everyone
Because the concert is going to end...
How should I put in a way?
Everyone also wished that 9th of september is a happy day right?
Itís wierd, how come thereís no reaction?
When I finished saying that sentence, everyone should feel happy.
Everyone should be shouting ďyeah!Ē immediately
The reply is too soft
Though everyone replied ďyeahĒ,
But the atmosphere is not high enough.
Because everyoneís sitted.
Are you all okay?
Later we must high all the way
Thatís great Akinori, the effect is good
Although it is good to start with the HIGH songs immediately,
Some of the audience cannot adapt to the change
I hope all of you can use your hand to clap to this beat
It is very easy
It is what everybody is familiar with
Thereís a beetle!
Iím sorry, thereís a beetle here
Itís there,
Itís there.
No no, itís there,
Next to the chair.
Why would this happen?
Please wait, wait!
What is it doing,
Please let it go away
Anybody please think of a way,
Akinori hurry up
Is it gone?
Has it flew away?
Oh no, oh no!

It looks like a scary movie now
(Ai) keeps on screaming.

It is still there!
What to do? What to do??

I guess itís alright, it flew very far away already

It is going to be fine?
Iíll do my best.
I will do my best
So letís use all our energy to keep it away from us

Arenít we going to clap our hands?

Letís clap to this beat.
Everyone letís do it together

Everybody shout together!

Letís sing all the way!

Elder sisters lets sing together too!

One more time!

Thank you everybody, itís 3rd Anniversary!

What should I say now?
It has been 3 years since I debutted
Although I donít know why I should make a Ďstopí at my 3rd year, (I guess she meant why is it necessary to hold a concert at her 3rd year)
To be able to see all of you like that,
And talk normally,
Is a very rare chance.
Thus I would like to use my most honest feeling
And tell of you,
From I first debuted to now at this venue,
Everybody really gave me a lot of support
And what else?
It is enough to make me feel touched, if everybody is just willing to listen to my song
Thank you, really.
Because my schedule has already been set,
I would continue working.
So until the day I lose this job,
Everybody please continue to support me.

Itís almost time to say goodbye.
But donít we often say ďSee you next timeĒ?
Today I would like to say to all of you here, See you next time.
If thereís another chance,
I hope that the day
I would be able to see you all like that, will come again.
I will carry this feeling with me and continue to work hard.
To be able to let this day happen again,
I would need to work extra hard to write
More songs that are able to touch everyoneís heart.
To work extra hard, extra hard,
So that I can make more songs
To tie our hearts together (bond us together)
Iím really grateful to all of you.
Because I wanted to use love to bond all of us tightly together,
I would like to use this song, to let all of you feel loved.
Please listen to ďLOVE MUSiCĒ

Thank you everyone.
P.S Today weíre giving out this
And thereís also a brooch.
Itís free
Those who donít want it, please raise your hands.
Very good, letís go now.
Oh yes, everybody will be able to get one set.
But will there be people who will change their appearance to get another set?
Redeem at the exit. So itís redeemable at the exit.
I was thinking if there is anyone who would change their appearance to get maybe 3 sets?
Yes, like that.
Oh yes,
Thank you everyone for your support for 3rd anniversary!
See you next time!

Okay finally it is here! I translated from the little piece of chinese translated version I have. If anyone disagree with any parts, please feel free to discuss here. =]

And I have a question: Anyone knows whether the little bug is really a beetle? In chinese it is called "Jin Gui Zi", but I don't know what type of an insect it is. In the DVD it sort of looked like a beetle and thus I assumed it is one.

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Posted: May 17, 2009 10:42 am Reply with quote
金魚花火 金魚花火
Joined: 03 Dec 2008 Posts: 162 Location: Hong Kong
Thanks a lot, lurve_ya. You are really great.

How long did you take to complete this translation? I took about 1 and half hours for LIB 5th Disc 1. However, refinement of the draft took me another few hours to complete. I have asked some friends who are good at Japanese to watch the show again with me, pon pon also helped me a lot on making the translation more natural.

The Taiwan version of LOVE LETTER Live House Tour DVD will be released tomorrow. Are you going to translate it as well? It may be another show time for you.
Posted: May 17, 2009 1:07 pm Reply with quote
上塩タン焼680円 上塩タン焼680円
Joined: 02 Feb 2006 Posts: 364 Location: Singapore
You're welcome, azurejan! You did a great job in LIB 5th Ann too! =D

Hmm I used around 3 hours to complete it. I didnt really draft up, I just sat down and start translating. I got stuck at some parts and are unable to move on, but after some time analysing i am still able to give a good picture of that few parts. After finishing I just read through and check so yeah it took me around 3 hours.

I dont have a credit card so I couldnt order online. I always wait for the local music stores to sell them and thus I'm always late and lagging behind Ai chan's DVDs. Sad

Anyway I planned to do Ai am BEST / LOVE PiECE but both of my DVDs are with my friend Shifty So it may take awhile before I post. I intend to translate both because I love how Ai talks about her songs before she starts to sing and I thought it is meaningful and so I would like to share with people who may not understand Jap (like me), or chinese. Nod
pon pon
Posted: May 18, 2009 9:45 am Reply with quote
クムリウタ クムリウタ
Joined: 16 Jul 2006 Posts: 1011 Location: Melbourne, Australia
well done lurve_ya. Love

this is great! Boogie i will turn these into subtitles when i have finished doing azurejan's translation.
Posted: Jun 16, 2009 10:02 pm Reply with quote
甘えんぼ 甘えんぼ
Joined: 17 Oct 2007 Posts: 66 Location: Thailand
Thank you for translate .

I love this concert very much.
Posted: Jun 27, 2009 1:40 am Reply with quote
金魚花火 金魚花火
Joined: 13 Aug 2008 Posts: 187 Location: NyAPPY! LOVE~WorLd
thanks so much for translating Smile
the beetle thing was funny
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