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Peach Girl is ending?!

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Will you try to watch Peach Girl after this post?

No, of course not. I don't watch anime  
Yes, I'm going to AnimeSuki right now  
I am too busy T_T [mean]  

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Posted: Aug 03, 2005 5:33 pm Reply with quote
ユメクイ ユメクイ
Joined: 27 Jul 2005 Posts: 1026 Location: Toronto, Canada + Lalaland~
Hihi everyone!
I wonder if you guys watch Peach Girl?
but its going to end @ 25 episodes
i wanna cry...
i love Peach Girl! its lik such a good anime!
the evil Sae is so cunning!
go dl it @
you definately want to watch it!
well its about friends being jealous of friends
two guys fighting over one girl
n the evil schemes of Sae (character)
*sighz* just thinking about it makes me so sad
need to find another gud anime to watch
anyone kno any free and fansubbed non licensed good series?
pm me/ post it here!

Posted: Aug 03, 2005 10:29 pm Reply with quote
上塩タン焼680円 上塩タン焼680円
Joined: 09 Jun 2005 Posts: 302 Location: USA
i havent seen peach girl the anime yet, i read some chapters of the manga but is very long............... Laughing , i might watch the anime , thanks KIKU! Nod
Posted: Aug 04, 2005 4:34 pm Reply with quote
桃ノ花ビラ 桃ノ花ビラ
Joined: 03 Aug 2005 Posts: 18
Watch Detective Academy Q (Tantei Gakuen Q) It's really really good. As you can guess already, it's a mystery anime show. And the first OP is awesome ^^
Posted: Aug 04, 2005 8:24 pm Reply with quote
羽ありたまご 羽ありたまご
Joined: 13 Apr 2005 Posts: 2094 Location: Canada
I think it will be appreciated if you guys can include a little more info when you're making a new topic, don't assume everyone to know what you are talking about, because most people honestly don't. No

Here's some info for Peach Girl, personally I have never seen it but according to the review, heh, probably it isn't that good an anime? Tongue (sorry kikubelle)

I don't know, I tend to read the reviews before I start downloading a series of anime, and I usually start downloading when the full series has been released. You can get full series anime torrent at boxtorrents.
Posted: Sep 13, 2005 3:03 am Reply with quote
金魚花火 金魚花火
Joined: 02 Sep 2005 Posts: 173 Location: Australia, Melbourne
omg omg omg
i absolutely LOVE peach girl!!!!!!!! but i read the manga, its still great!!!!!!
im up to peach girl change of heart where momo goes with Kiley. so sad Crying i hate you sae!!!! no affence
Posted: Sep 14, 2005 4:59 pm Reply with quote
ユメクイ ユメクイ
Joined: 06 May 2005 Posts: 1029 Location: I need to find a job... boohoohoho
wow that resume looked very interesting Giggle Kairi - it sounds like a girl's name X-P Any scans from the manga?
Posted: Sep 16, 2006 8:52 pm Reply with quote
さくらんぼ さくらんぼ
Joined: 06 Sep 2006 Posts: 47 Location: Virginia
I'm on episode 19 now ^.^ I read the manga too. And Sae's Story...
Posted: Sep 24, 2006 2:20 pm Reply with quote
ユメクイ ユメクイ
Joined: 24 Jun 2005 Posts: 1141 Location: italy
I've never seen the anime... but it looks cool ^ ^
I read the manga and I really liked it.
I like Sae but I think Momo's story is better xD
Posted: Sep 25, 2006 6:38 pm Reply with quote
さくらんぼ さくらんぼ
Joined: 06 Sep 2006 Posts: 47 Location: Virginia
Momo's story is better but I think Sae's is more depressing. I feel sorry for her. Momo's more like me and most people I think...
Posted: Oct 06, 2006 11:34 pm Reply with quote
Happy Days Happy Days
Joined: 02 Aug 2006 Posts: 119 Location: USA
I like Peach Girl. SOO addicting. o_o Sae's story in URA Peach Girl is good. Not as good as Momo's story. But it gives more insight onto Sae. But I still don't like Sae.
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