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Final Fantasy Advent Children Buzz

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Posted: Sep 20, 2005 11:20 am Reply with quote
甘えんぼ 甘えんぼ
Joined: 02 Aug 2005 Posts: 55 Location: Costa Rica
I watched the movie some days ago... fansub... shame on me...
Anyway is pretty good... i havenīt play the gamen... shame on me again... but through my friends i pretty much know the story.

From the point of view of a FF fan this movie is awesome... from my point of view is visually astounding and the characters look great, but the story is weak and shallow (too much fights). I guess if you didnīt play the game you wouldnīt get the feeling.

Cloud is cool, Sephirot is cool, all the guys are handsome and powefull... the bikes rocks, and Tifa is really hot, but they look cold and non human at all... i guess that is the damn of the cg.
Posted: Sep 20, 2005 12:23 pm Reply with quote
クムリウタ クムリウタ
Joined: 26 Aug 2005 Posts: 958 Location: Japan
VOTE: aeries VS tifa <who more prettier?>

tifa! my friend said that tifa is "asian beauty" and aerith is "caucasian beauty"

runawayschi some of the thing tat appear in the trailer do nt appear in the movie lol but rest assured tat tifa fighting scene is too cool untill loz phone rang...<guess wat the ringtone..>omg u'll laugh ur head off and rude and reno lol 2 monkey super funny

i love the phone rang part! i think it's little things like this that made the movie that much better.
Posted: Sep 22, 2005 10:25 am Reply with quote
Joined: 01 Jun 2005 Posts: 457 Location: err..geez I duno
lol reali u have to play to undestand the movie and of course some of the joke eg.the handphone part when it phone rigtone is the FF main winning theme

ok wanna ask ppl whom had watch is the last atk on sephy omnislash?i think it is but kinda diffrent it had to be 12-14 hit hehe but its cool

limit break appeared
-braver <when kadaj transfrom>then sephy stop cloud limit break
-beam blade < 3 beams appeard>
-chimhazzard<killed bahamut using this i think>
-omnislash?nt sure but 80% it is

yup all charather appeard including secret vincent and yuffie
summoning used onli bahamut

if some ppl are curious the thing tat kadaj inserted to transfrom is black materia..and old sephy is still using masamune YEAH!!! luv his sword!
Posted: Sep 23, 2005 4:01 am Reply with quote
甘えんぼ 甘えんぼ
Joined: 18 May 2005 Posts: 76 Location: Melbourne, Aus. =P
It was way too long =p Kadaj's sword looked cooler. But damn Tifa was cool. Like REALLY cool. I mean, her fight so cool.

yeah I liked FFAC if you didn't pick up Tongue
Posted: Sep 23, 2005 6:44 am Reply with quote
桃ノ花ビラ 桃ノ花ビラ
Joined: 23 Sep 2005 Posts: 6
I'm downloading it halfway!!!


I wanna watch it..
Posted: Sep 26, 2005 10:47 am Reply with quote
大好きだよ。 大好きだよ。
Joined: 09 Sep 2005 Posts: 220 Location: In my room
I think it's the best movie out there. ^^ I'm planning on re watching it whenever I have time.
Posted: Sep 26, 2005 1:02 pm Reply with quote
Happy Days Happy Days
Joined: 29 Aug 2005 Posts: 115 Location: greece-athens
Oh,i cant order the dvd...
I want to learn the story...will it be at the cinemas??? Tongue
Is Aeris getting any role?
Posted: Sep 26, 2005 10:10 pm Reply with quote
クムリウタ クムリウタ
Joined: 26 Aug 2005 Posts: 958 Location: Japan
it's suppose to be in the cinemas in north america around the christmas holidays. i really really hope it's not dub!

and yes, aeris gets a role in the movie
Posted: Oct 24, 2005 10:58 pm Reply with quote
Joined: 14 May 2005 Posts: 473
yeah i saw that movie too. The best ever, i think. I saw it ripped from the UMD file size. pretty small, but the file was so big
Posted: Oct 29, 2005 2:27 pm Reply with quote
Happy Days Happy Days
Joined: 27 Oct 2005 Posts: 138 Location: UK
lol it was a good film although FFVII isnt my fav game but it was still good especially dreamy cloud lol


I didnt like how Kadaj and his brohters died there was something missing.

Sephiroths final fight should have been emphasised on and

There wasnt many main female casts sure there was Tifa but she isnt interseting at all only to the boys..... Blank stare
Posted: Nov 04, 2005 7:57 pm Reply with quote
クムリウタ クムリウタ
Joined: 14 Apr 2005 Posts: 2039 Location: Europe
Here's my thoughts about the movie. If you didn't watch it read at your own risk. It's full of spoilers. You have been warned.

Quite satisfactory. I do believe it managed to reach the high level of FFVII. I was slightly afraid that it would not be able to reach that level since FFVII is simply a masterpiece. But I must say that this movie was simply stunning. The soundtrack and graphics made of for the lack of it, quality wise in FFVII. It was like a complimentary part of FFVII. Even the plot; Cloud was eventually able to forgive himself and give a chance for himself to live in the present rather than in the past.

It's a bit confusing when you do try to figure out who Cloud really wants. His mind seems to be stuck in the past during the movie. Just like Vincent was with Lucrecia's death. I am sure he wants to be forgiven for not stopping the death of Aerith in some way.. however I am not 100% sure if it's simply guilt or because he has deeper feelings for her. It's just like Square to leave us thinking and asking. Flashbacks about Zack too make us believe he's also feeling rather guilty for Zack's death too. And thus Cloud loses faith in himself and in his ability to be able to save anyone. That is why he leaves the people that mean most for him behind and he secludes himself even if he keeps in touch with them. He leaves Tifa behind when he goes looking for the children just because he cannot take the chance to risk Tifa's life.

However the fact he still lives in Aerith's church is indeed mind boggling. Is it because he loves her so much that he can't let go of her memory? I cannot answer to this question myself.

But I do believe he finally in the end lets go of his guilt ridden feelings. Especially when he sees her and Zack waiting for her. It's obvious that Aerith is happy with Zack. We never see Aerith wanting to come back to Cloud. She even tells him that his place isn't with the dead but with the living. I think it's a very important quote. Aerith makes it clear she wants him to live on and be happy.

And isn't it for nothing that Tifa is placed in the middle of the group and in the centre of his vision. When all the kids jump down he looks at Tifa specifically and she gives him a meaningful look. And in the end he says "I'm not alone". I do think that in the end Cloud goes to Tifa. She was always waiting for him and begging him not to drift away from her and the rest. And even if he does want to isolate himself, as Tifa pointed out, he still wanted to have some sort of comfort; a family. It's plainly obvious that Cloud wants Tifa to be an integral part of his life.

In conclusion though, I do think Square-Enix has managed to create a perfect image of the confusion of his mind. Cloud cannot decide who he really wants in the beginning. He wants to be happy and live as a family with Tifa and the kids yet his guilt-ridden feelings cannot leave him. I do believe he's afraid that the same thing would happen to his "family" since practically anyone he's gotten close to had ended up dying. He also knows he's going to die with geostigma and he doesn't want to get anyone worried for him since I do suspect he thinks he deserves to die. However in the end he feels at peace with himself, when Aerith and Zack forgive him. It's pretty much open ended...but I do think he ends up with Tifa..

I did have this feeling that AC left us wirh more questions than answers though. My single complaint is the lack of plot for the rest of the characters. You get more screentime for Reno and Rude rather than the rest of the Turks and Avalanche all together. You barely get to see Yuffie or Cid. Also where did Geostigma come from? And how in the hell Rufus and Tseng manage to survive from FFVII? Same goes for Reno and Rude after the explosion. I do not think I understood the part of Elena and Tseng either.. how they were tortured yet still alive and saved by Vincent who mysteriously seems to know more than any other person. Also the mystery of the three villians' origin is pretty obvious. In the end Square Enix has cleverly left us begging for more answers, speculate more and want more of FFVII.
Posted: Feb 19, 2006 10:18 pm Reply with quote
さくらんぼ さくらんぼ
Joined: 13 Feb 2006 Posts: 42
I saw it! In September. It's my favorite movie. I watched it some much. THen English version comes out soon!
Posted: May 16, 2006 3:51 pm Reply with quote
クムリウタ クムリウタ
Joined: 26 Aug 2005 Posts: 958 Location: Japan
I finally got the North America 2-disc DVD yesterday! First thing I did was watch the English dub version. I was satisified because the dub actually wasn't that bad. Though I still think they could have use different voices for Tifa and Aeries. I was kind of surpirsed at the subtitlies though: it was in yellow. I was expecting black with white outlines, or vise versa. The bright yellow reminds me of old TVB drama subtitles. I don't know, but I think white or black would have been more pleasing to the eyes.

Another interesting thing about the English subtitle, they don't match what the English dub is exactly saying word for word. I guess the subtitle is a more direct translation of the Japanese version. The English dub was probably alter a bit so that the diaglect matches the movement of the mouth.

Nice analysis there Rinoa! I still havn't finish the game, so I stop reading your post halfway (to avoid spoilers). But I'll definitly go back and read your post when I have finish the game.
lay me to sleep
Posted: May 15, 2007 10:15 pm Reply with quote
さくらんぼ さくらんぼ
Joined: 11 Dec 2006 Posts: 44 Location: la la land
squee! i love AD!!!
*luffs Kadaj*
Posted: Sep 12, 2007 8:00 am Reply with quote
ユメクイ ユメクイ
Joined: 02 Aug 2007 Posts: 1203
Yeah it's an old thread but the movie was so cool! The graphics were awesome! The fight scenes were a little difficult to follow at times but it was so much fun to watch it didn't even matter. No doubt the best fight scene was the one in the city, against...Bahamut?? Anyway I loved it how the gang got together and took it down. Afterwards, the next best fight scene was Cloud vs Sephiroth especially the part in the darkness...woah those sparks looked damn cool! Hahaha
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