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What brings you into the world of Jpop?

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Posted: Sep 23, 2008 7:48 pm Reply with quote
桃ノ花ビラ 桃ノ花ビラ
Joined: 23 Sep 2008 Posts: 5 Location: Cheshire, England
Ok, I came into J-pop through a very odd route.
My first real taste of Japanese music was the Mad Capsule Markets song, Pulse. This - along with their next track released in the UK (called Tribe), got me to seek out more of their stuff.
After a while, I went on to other things, then met a friend who introduced me to Malice Mizer, Dir en Grey, and one song by Ayumi Hamasaki (Evolution)
For a while, I listened to the Visual Kei stuff, but it was the Ayu track, that began to get played more and more on my MP3 player.
Then I decided to find a bit more, to see if I liked it, so I downloaded (illegally, I will admit) a handful of her tracks off the P2P programme WinMX, and slowly became hooked.
Over a period of about 6 months, I then bought all her albums - and DVD`s where possible, and became a huge fan (o.k. Obsessive...)
Now, after about a year of playing virtualy nothing but Ayumi (honestly, I listen to music at work - I drive a bus, and the passengers get to listen to Ayumi from 8pm to midnight, whether they like it or not and several have gone on to become fans too!!) - so thats about 35 hours of her stuff every week, then theres the time I spend at home on the PC with her videos running on the second screen, I`ve decided to branch out a bit, and try listening to more J-pop artists, and after installing the on-line game Osu! on my PC, and playing a few J-pop beatmaps, the Ai Otsuka songs grew on me very quickly, so now, I`m becoming an Ai fan too!

The main thing you should know about me is that I`m a long haired, tattoo`d & pierced Rocker in his 30`s, so becoming a fan of J-pop has got me more than a few odd looks from people, which in my opinion makes it even more fun!!!
Posted: Oct 29, 2008 2:23 pm Reply with quote
クラゲ, 流れ星 クラゲ, 流れ星
Joined: 27 Oct 2008 Posts: 12319
My first J-pop (actually Japanese music in general) was when my cousin sent me a shortened ver. of 'Planetarium' (that's right it was Ai herself who did this to me Laughing ). But at first I didn't like it. I told him Ai's voice was pretty but the song was kinda boring.
And then I got curious. What other songs did she make? I looked her up on Wikipedia (haha yay!!) and then it eventually took me to an article on Kingyo Hanabi, which was a ballad. I downloaded it and so I got intensely hooked and starting getting her stuff like crazy! My favorite album back then and it still is, is LOVE PUNCH. It was so hard to dislike her.
After that I started listening more to TVXQ, Kuu, Ayu and Hikki and all them, and then.. well, you get it. My favorite albums right now are Kingdom by Kuu and GUILTY by Ayu. LOVE LETTER is definitely going to take that third, or it'll surpass Ayu even (in my books at least Shifty)
I swear, I don't know what I'd do if I didn't download Kingyo Hanabi. I'd probably still be stuck to all this Hot 89.9 crap. And I can admit that I haven't listened to any English songs in well over two months! Giggle
Posted: Dec 29, 2008 3:32 pm Reply with quote
桃ノ花ビラ 桃ノ花ビラ
Joined: 29 Dec 2008 Posts: 5
I start listening J-music by playing the videogame "taiko" for DS
in that game i played "sakuranbo" after that i stawrt looking for more ai otsuka's songs
and then i looked for mor J-music


Posted: Jan 05, 2009 7:08 am Reply with quote
桃ノ花ビラ 桃ノ花ビラ
Joined: 04 Jan 2009 Posts: 13 Location: phillipines
i started to be obsessed with JPOP when i was still 14 years...
that time i was only into anime ... my fave that time was GUNDAM SEED ... i really like the opening/ending songs..
so addicted i started searching in the internet and found out that the singer was
TAMAKI NAMI... and she became my first JPOP Fave artist.... and always were!!!

i got addicted to Ai-chan because of HANA YORI DANGO ... i really like planetarium...the melody so enticing.. so soothing!!!
then there comes HANA KIMI JAPAN with PEACH as the soundtrack... i really like it because ai-chan's so cute!!

but this not the end of my jpop addiction.. because actually i have many jpop idols....

Posted: Jan 15, 2009 12:02 pm Reply with quote
甘えんぼ 甘えんぼ
Joined: 04 Jan 2009 Posts: 57 Location: Walsall, England
I first took notice of jpop back when i was playing on the psp game "Taiko no Tatsujin" and Ai's Sakuranbo song was on there, way back in 2003. This song was really catchy and i really liked the upbeat tune. I didn't know who sang it and didn't bother to search up who it was. In late 2006 i was looking for music and i thought of "Sakuranbo" so i searched it up on google, thus i found out it was Otsuka Ai who sang it. So i discovered all her songs and i loved them! All her albums have been amazing so far but i don't think the album LOVE LETTER is as strong of the others. I did like a few random songs by several jpop artists but i got bored of them haha as i did with YUI >.<. Ai is the only jpop i listen to now.....because i can't get into the other jpop stuff. Surprised
Posted: Feb 13, 2009 12:23 pm Reply with quote
大好きだよ。 大好きだよ。
Joined: 10 Feb 2009 Posts: 247 Location: Poland
I'm from Poland, and yes - it is hard to find some japanese music in tv, or buy jpop cd in a store Sad . How I had find that I like japanese music? Well, i was realy bored one day, and i wrote "Jpop" in a youtube. I have listened few songs (I remember that the one of them was "sakura mankai" by Morning Musume) and then I found a video named "Jpop top 10" or something like that. In this video, there was two Ai songs: Sakuranbo on 7th position, and Planetarium od 4th. I was reely impressed by her and I started to seek her other songs.
I also like japanese group "Home Made Kazoku". I found their song in Naruto Ending.
Posted: Mar 25, 2009 4:09 pm Reply with quote
桃ノ花ビラ 桃ノ花ビラ
Joined: 25 Mar 2009 Posts: 10 Location: USA
Like a few people, I think my first experience with Jpop was because of Utada Hikaru's song "hikari" from Kingdom Hearts back in 2002... Laughing And then I got into Ayumi Hamasaki shortly afterward because I heard a cool remix for her songs "Seasons".

I actually stumbled upon Ai Otsuka randomly - I went into a store, found her LOVE JAM CD and I liked the cover, so I got it. And, fortunately, I liked it a lot.
Posted: Apr 06, 2009 1:20 pm Reply with quote
Planetarium Planetarium
Joined: 23 Jan 2009 Posts: 672 Location: Tabasco Mexico
I think the first song I heard in japanese was the Ranma 1/2 opening....The first episode had the opening in japanese and I found it really funny, but after that the people from the tv changed into spanish Laughing or two years later I saw escaflowne and I loved the song!!! I think it was the first song that didn't have a Spanish version. Then we got internet and I started downloading songs and of the videos I downloaded was planetarium and I loved it ^^.

After that I got into jmusic and culture Love
Posted: Oct 10, 2009 12:34 pm Reply with quote
上塩タン焼680円 上塩タン焼680円
Joined: 09 Oct 2009 Posts: 365 Location: Finland
My first jpop artist I heard was Aya Matsuura if Gackt doesnt coun't, he's a bit rock influenced sometimes. It was years ago, a little before the entire silly Japan fandom in the western world nowadays exploded. I had just gotten into jrock and I had found lots of asian horror dvds from one shop here in my city. They were mostly all Koreans until I found one Japanese thriller. The blue light or in japanese 'Ao no hono'. I bought it straight away obviously and watched it as soon as possible. The main character was played by Kazunari NInomiya (from Arashi) and clearly I thought he was super cute. xD Anyway the girl playing a bit smaller role was Aya Matsuura. It didnt even cross my mind at first they would be pop artists until I checked the extra footage on the dvd and it had some biographies, for both Nino and Aya. I read them and it said they were both one of the brightest stars on Japan's sky so what did I do, go download them of course lol.
At first I downloaded Arashi, I had afew songs and they were alright. Then I downloaded Ayaya and the first song I got was Hyacinth. It was pretty enough to convince me to follow Aya even until today ^^ I can't say I was super into jpop after that because jrock came along with me strongly until this summer when I started liking pop sounds more. But without Aya Matsuura I can safely say I might not like any jpop noadays, so thank you to her. =)
She is one of the biggest Hello!Project solo acts nowadays though!
Posted: Oct 10, 2009 5:43 pm Reply with quote
クラゲ, 流れ星 クラゲ, 流れ星
Joined: 10 Oct 2006 Posts: 3587 Location: Sweden
^ woot, an Ayaya fan! Giggle she's a favourite of mine too, though her sales have greatly diminished and her releases too... actually, at first i didn't like her at all because the first PV i saw with her was for Ne~e?, and i really don't like that song or that PV or the hideous clothes she's wearing in it...
anyway, wow... i don't remember at all that it was Nino that played the main char in Ao no Honoo. i had no idea who he was at the time i watched it, but even now i can't picture it as him... it's all just a blur, lol. that movie kinda freaked me out since i only downloaded it because of Aya and had no idea what it was about and it ended up being super dark and not very much of Aya was seen. No
Posted: Oct 11, 2009 11:14 am Reply with quote
上塩タン焼680円 上塩タン焼680円
Joined: 09 Oct 2009 Posts: 365 Location: Finland
yes it is true, ayaya's releases have got a bit.. well. in my opinion they are a little boring nowadays. i really like onna day by day and chocolate tamashii though. nee~e.. humm, it really isn't one of her best songs. i like the first ones and the latest ones least.
haha yeah it is nino! you should watch it again, it'll come back to you rushing xP the plot of the movie is so dark and ayaya isnt herself one bit in the movie. i'm not sure but if the moment i had gotten introduced to aya, had been hearing one of her songs, i might have not been as interested. it's was specificly ao no hono that made me so curious of her. and when i had heard her songs and seen some pvs, my only though "wow she's happy". after all she is very depressed like in aono hono. 8(

(ps. i thought mangomalte was a girl. but it says male on the profile xD)
Posted: Nov 12, 2009 3:55 pm Reply with quote
桃ノ花ビラ 桃ノ花ビラ
Joined: 12 Nov 2009 Posts: 1 Location: Liberty, MO
My first jpop song was Simple and Clean from the Kingdom Hearts game. That is still my very favorite jpop song and I love singing along to it everytime I play Kingdom Hearts!
hitomi #1
Posted: Nov 14, 2009 10:28 pm Reply with quote
Joined: 17 Feb 2009 Posts: 1933 Location: On Ai's speed dial!
^^ Do a post in the newbie section, let everyone know you're new, Smile funny how J-Pop fans come from everywhere, Liberty probably has a lot of people saying....Where? Laughing
Posted: Nov 21, 2009 7:15 pm Reply with quote
甘えんぼ 甘えんぼ
Joined: 21 Nov 2009 Posts: 83 Location: Wonderland
I got into Japanese music in 2003, and I think it was. At the time I was a huge fan of manga and anime*, and I had just gotten into watching AMVs. One of the AMVs I watched was set to Memorial Address by ayumi Hamasaki. I was so impressed by the song that I had to look up the artist. After a while I discovered YesAsia, and with a little nagging my dad helped me order the Memorial Address mini-album. After that I started branching out into other artists (among them, Aichin). And as I grew older and my musical tastes changed**, I discovered more obscure Japanese artists that I grew to love as well.

*I am still a fan of anime and manga, but I'm much more picky with what I watch and read these days.

**Actually, Shiina Ringo was one of the artists that helped shape my musical tastes. As well as Kate Bush, and other music I've grown up with.
Posted: May 19, 2010 12:20 am Reply with quote
さくらんぼ さくらんぼ
Joined: 27 Oct 2009 Posts: 48 Location: Barnsley
Well obviously I'd been exposed to J-Pop unwittingly through RPGs such as Final Fantasy (Eyes on Me, Melodies of Life, Suteki da ne), but I never really paid any attention to one artist particularly until someone recommended me GACKT back in 2005.

Since getting into GACKT I've branched out into genres of music I'd never even imagined I would have liked, so I have a lot to owe him. Smile

If I were to talk about Ai specifically it took a rather unusual route, but it comes back to GACKT anyway. When GACKT was on Bokura no Ongaku, he sang the song Shima Uta originally by THE BOOM and people were commenting on it and comparing it to the more traditional version by Rimi Natsukawa. That's when I became entranced by her music, which led to a Chinese cover of one of her songs and that artist had also covered Ai's Momo no Hanabira which I loved! I loved the original too, and so my first Ai song was Momo no Hanabira. Smile
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