Miki Fujimoto

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Back in 2002, during Miki's solo days.
Miki Fujimoto
Birthday: 1985-02-26
Birthplace: Hokkaido
Blood type: A

You may have heard of Miki Fujimoto from Morning Musume. She, however, started as a solo artist in the Hello! Project. Her solo works are missed very much in the Hello! Project, and many hope she will revive her solo career.

Miki actually first auditioned for the 4th Generation Auditions in 2000, but however did not get chosen. Later, in 2001, she was contacted to join the Hello! Project, to give her another chance. As stated in her Morning Musume x Tsunku 2 interview, she apparently worked as a receptionist at the Hello! Project Agency, during her training. After training for about a year, she started her solo debut on March 13th, 2002 with Aenai Nagai Nichiyoubi, an upbeat, fun pop song. Her 2nd single, titled Sotto Kuchizukete Gyutto Dakishimete, followed on June 12th. This is another catchy pop song, with some European instruments and flare. Her 3rd single, Romantic Ukare Mode, came out on September 4th, and is a very upbeat pop song which has been compared to those of Aya Matsuura, who coincidentally became a very close friend of Miki’s. Her last single for 2002, BOYFRIEND, was released on November 7th, and used a different approach: a midtempo r&b song.

2003 was a very busy year for Miki. She released Boogie Train ‘03 on February 5th, and it is a funky upbeat fun song. This was her last single as a solo artist (as of today). Shortly after that single, she released her first album, MIKI 1, on February 26th (her 18th birthday). This was the end of her solo career so far, because Tsunku decided to add her to Morning Musume, the group she originally auditioned for. She became part of 6th Generation Morning Musume, and is currently Morning Musume’s sub leader.

Miki’s Discography

Aenai Nagai Nichiyoubi
1st Single: Aenai Nagai Nichiyoubi
  1. Aenai Nagai Nichiyoubi
  2. Let’s Do Dai Hakken!
  3. Aenai Nagai Nichiyou (instrumental)

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Sotto Kuchizukete Gyutto Dakishimete
2nd Single: Sotto Kuchizukete Gyutto Dakishimete
  1. Sotto Kuchizukete Gyutto Dakishimete
  2. Koi yo! Utsukushiku
  3. Sotto Kuchizukete Gyutto Dakishimete (instrumental)

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Romantic Ukare Mode
3rd Single: Romantic Ukare Mode
  1. Romantic Ukare Mode
  2. Cake Yamemashita
  3. Romantic Ukare Mode (instrumental)

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4th Single: Boyfriend
  1. Boyfriend
  2. Osananajimi
  3. Boyfriend (instrumental)

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Boogie Train '03
5th Single: Boogie Train '03
  1. Boogie Train ‘03
  2. Taisetsu
  3. Boogie Train ‘03 (instrumental)

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1st Album: MIKI 1
  1. Boogie Train ‘03
  2. Romantic Ukare Mode
  3. Eki Mae no Dai Happening
  4. Sotto Kuchizukete Gyutto Dakishimete
  5. Namida GIRL
  6. Aenai Nagai Nichiyoubi
  7. Giniro no Eien
  8. Boyfriend
  9. Mangetsu
  10. SHALL WE LOVE? (Fujimoto Version)
  11. Let’s Do Dai Hakken!

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David June 5, 2007 at 7:18 pm

Didn’t know she was a receptionist…that’s really intersting it just shows the power of hard work…=]


Martin NETHERLANDS April 25, 2007 at 5:18 pm

Miki is at her best in GAM with Aya Matsuura, and she should continue with her solo career as she has a good voice and sings very beautiful, besides that she is also a good looking.


asheravel CANADA August 24, 2006 at 12:32 am

sigh* i wish she gets her solo back soon…she really worked hard for =(


Rinoa October 8, 2005 at 2:57 am

It’s a real pity that she stopped being a solo singer imo. Her releases aren’t that bad. I don’t really like it when they are a huge group.. makes them less of individuals and not allowing them to develop their own style. I think I shall look more about this artist since from what I’ve read and listened from this article has made me more curious and interested.

One day Laina you’ve gotta give me a lesson on MM and H!P


Leanne UNITED STATES September 24, 2005 at 10:38 pm

That’s really interesting that she wanted MM first, ended up as a soloist, and then eventually transferred into MM. Thanks for providing us with more info on the countless H!P members. They are actually pretty interesting to read!

See ya,


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