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Rie fu Rie fu
Birthday: 1st of January, 1985
Hometown: Tokyo, Japan
Rie fu’s Official Site

Rie fu, one the talented singer in Japan who influenced by 70’s American Pops during the 3 years life in Maryland,US. These 3 years also took away her Japanese-slang English, maybe this is one of the reasons she tends to mix the Japanese and English lyrics on her songs. Some of the J-Pop fans may took a lots of attention on her songs because of a anime Bleach.

Rie fu 4th single negaigoto was released at 31st of August 2005. This is the first time she wrote the lyrics with pure Japanese. This ballad remains Rie fu’s typical style, don’t have too much interference of instrumental. This song may brings you some bore at the beginning, try to ruminate the song few more time and you will see the magic of this song. The b-side 2cm is the song from her debut album Rie fu, but this is the live unplugged version from MTV which sounds even better than the original.


  1. negaigoto
  2. negaigoto (Piano Version)
  3. 2cm (Live Version)

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tejung UNITED STATES August 21, 2007 at 5:43 pm

concise review but it says pretty much everything.

Rie fu is definitely one of my favorites. A composer and a singer, her music has a variety of elements that tend to surprise the listeners.
However, some people dislike Rie fu for her voice. I’ve been wondering why. Maybe it’s not as powerful or “decorated” as other Jpop artists, but Rie fu surely has her own unique style.

I think Rie fu deserves more attention in the Jpop world.


cat UNITED KINGDOM December 18, 2006 at 1:49 pm

no comments?! This such a good song though, rie fu has a beautiful voice and i like the fact she didn’t mingle english with japanese in this beautiful ballad : ) Rie fu sings with alot of emotion, making for a very pretty song to listen to :)


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