Nochiura Natsumi

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Natsumi Natsumi Abe
Birth Date: 1981-08-10
Birthplace: Hokkaido
Blood type: A
Maki Maki Goto
Birth Date: 1985-9-23
Birthplace: Tokyo
Blood type: O
Aya Aya Matsuura
Birth Date: 1986-6-25
Birthplace: Hyogo
Blood type: B

Nochiura Natsumi is made of 3 Hello! Project members: Maki Goto (former Morning Musume member, but now soloist), Natsumi Abe (also former MM now solo), and Aya Matsuura, or Ayaya as many call her (soloist). The name is another well thought out Hello! Project group name. The name comes from parts of each of the members names. Nochi comes from Goto, the kanji 後 (go) can also be pronounced Nochi. Ura comes from Matsuura Aya, and Natsumi comes from, yes, Natsumi Abe!

The group is yet ANOTHER one of those one time units. Their single, Ren’ai Sentai Shitsu Ranger was released on October 6th, 2004. The A-side track, Ren’ai Sentai Shitsu Ranger, is a very upbeat song which reminds me of some kind of anime song, but not an in-your-face one. Some TV performances of this song even has Power Rangers dancing in the background!

The B-side or C/W of this single is Love Like Crazy, a very hip hoppy song with a southwest feel to it. This was originally going to be the main song of the single, but got switched last minute.

Sound good? Give Nochiura Natsumi a try!! And if you like them and are sad that they won’t be releasing anything more, FEAR NOT! A so called “2nd Gen Nochiura Natsumi”, which is actually a new group named DEF. DIVA, contains Nochiura Natsumi members plus Rika Ishikawa of Biyuuden and former Morning Musume fame. Their single comes out October 19th, and I’ll be sure to post their single and info when it comes out. :)

Ren'ai Sentai Shitsu Ranger Regular Edition Cover
Regular Edition
Ren'ai Sentai Shitsu Ranger Limited Edition Cover
Limited Edition

1st Single: Ren’ai Sentai Shitsu Ranger

  1. Ren’ai Sentai Shitsu Ranger
  3. Ren’ai Sentai Shitsu Ranger (instrumental)

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nochi UNITED STATES January 31, 2007 at 2:58 am

I love “love like crazy”!


Rinoa October 8, 2005 at 2:49 am

Another article by you huh? I must say I am impressed at how you manage to release so many articles with such high quality. You’re an amazing gal never ceasing to amaze me.

Anyhow when I saw that their single was released on my birthday I decided to give it a shot =P and I must say that their style is quite striking. Ren’ai Sentai Shitsu Ranger is extremely catchy but then.. most of the songs I heard of Maatsura were catchy so I’m not surprised. It is a pity that the artists do not form group for a longer time. But then I suppose Maki and Aya must be busy with their solo career so yeah.

Thanks for another informative article. And it goes without saying, but I’ll wait for your next article to come out.


eyn CANADA September 25, 2005 at 2:39 pm

This group looks interesting, afterall the members in this group are all solo singers now, which means this group’s quality should be much higher than the other groups where some of the members can’t really sing that well. :p

I like both of the songs in the single, “Ren’ai Sentai Shitsu Ranger” is very catchy, something you would expect from H!P songs. You said there’s Power Ranger in those live performances, that makes me really want to watch it myself! Having three cute and pretty H!P member perform on the same stage must be impressive *drools*

“LOVE LIKE CRAZY” is quite different, I think hip hop is not the usual H!P style right? Anyway, it’s very interesting nonetheless.

DEF. DIVA sounds delicious, I think Rika is the prettiest girl from Biyuuden and it will be great to have her in this new group. I’m looking forward for a new article on them when their single is released! Great job Lainay~ ^^


spellcheck UNITED STATES September 25, 2005 at 9:26 am

Thanks for another wonderful article, Lainay. All of these Hello! Project articles are really helping to expand my knowledge of all the little groups and performers. (Although I still really don’t get why all of them only have like 1 or 2 singles and then disappeared.) “Ren’ai Sentai Shitsu Ranger” is a cool song and it even reminds me of Ai a little. It’s not bad. I’ll be sure to check out the new single out of curiosity, woo!


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