Kurenai no Kisetsu

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Kurenai no Kisetsu Biyuuden 5th Single: Kurenai no Kisetsu
Label: Piccolo Town
01. Kurenai no Kisetsu
02. Naishin Kyaa Kyaa da wa!
03. Kurenai no Kisetsu (Instrumental)

Biyuuden has released another single on October 5th, titled Kurenai no Kisetsu. It is their 5th Single.


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Kurenai no Kisetsu is another midtempo song, much with the style of Biyuuden. The beginning has a nice instrumental intro, which almost sounds royal, with Biyuuden being the elegant princesses in a grand castle. The royalty carries through the whole song, with the chimes, bells, and other elegant instruments. This song also has a lot of echoing of the lyrics.

Within the lyrics and singing, there also is a little bit of a mysterious feeling, with some good “haaa ha ha waaa haa” background vocals, which always adds to the fun. The girls voices are very good and soothing, and towards the end of the choruses, there’s a very good, soothing harmony of their voices.

Rating: ★★★½☆


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Naishin Kyaa Kyaa da wa! is an upbeat, fun-loving song. It puts a smile on my face, especially the chorus part. Having a bad day? Well then, try listening to this song! (also, I hope you get better!)

Rating: ★★★★☆

Biyuuden’s 1st Album, titled SWEET ROOM NUMBER 1, is going to be released on October 26th, so get ready for even more Biyuuden coming your way!

Overall Rating: ★★★½☆

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eyn CANADA October 13, 2005 at 5:18 pm

I think Kurenai no Kisetsu is quite boring. I don’t really enjoy the “haaa ha ha waaa haa” background vocals, and I don’t think their slow song can be as good and interesting as their faster ones. So yeah, I’m kinda dissapointed since their previous singles are pretty good and catchy.

The b-side is also quite bland, not as unique compare to their previous releases. I agree with Leanne that the b-side is slightly better than the a-side, mainly because it’s more lightly and jumpy, which to me, are the things you would expect from H!P groups, and the things they’re doing best at. :)

Overall, this single kinda dissapoints me. I hope their album won’t be a disaster because they’ve been producing some good singles so far. I also hope they won’t go missing all of a sudden, groups like Biyuuden should stay around longer than anything else, but then isn’t Rika going to graduate soon, seeing she’s one of the member of the new solo artist group DEF.DIVA?


Leanne UNITED STATES October 11, 2005 at 2:35 pm

Hmm, both songs are okay. I like the b-side slightly more than the a-side as well. I wonder if biyuuden will release only one album and then disappear? Thanks for the review Laina!


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