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make a secret Title: make a secret
Release Date: 31/08/05
Label: avex trax
Oricon Debut Rank: #4

After spending the summer in Korea performing her butt off to promote her 5th album “Girls on Top”, BoA has made her return to Japan with “make a secret”, released on August 31. Before the release of “Girls on Top”, she took some vocal lessons in New York to strengthen and define her voice, which, combined with powerful dance routines, undoubtedly attributed to some of the most stunning performances of BoA’s career. Fans have been wondering what BoA could possibly do to top her amazing performances in Korea this year, and this is her answer. “make a secret”, a funky mid-tempo song, and “LONG TIME NO SEE”, a soothing, clean track written by BoA herself comprise this single’s tracklist. In the cover picture, BoA’s hair is messy and wild and she is holding her finger, which I find to be a very unique and interesting pose, perhaps like the title track itself. After proving to be more powerful than ever this summer, will BoA continue to improve or will she regress?


1. make a secret

I am so disappointed by this song. The first time I heard the preview, I was so excited. It was the best impression I had gotten of a BoA song from a preview. After getting the actual single, I’m upset. BoA’s vocals sound whiny and bad, which is incredibly surprising to me because of all the progress she made vocally when she recorded “Girls on Top” (which was her best Korean album to date). The arrangement overall is a little boring and can get slightly irritating after a few listens. All the funky guitar sounds are nothing but repetitive and the Engrishy bridge doesn’t help. This song reminds me of a bad ‘80’s song that I can’t recall at the moment. This is actually the first BoA single that I’ve ever not liked. What a let down.

Rating: ★★☆☆☆



The introduction to this song is gentle and dreamy, the perfect mood for fall. Like “make a secret”, BoA’s vocals still sound pretty bad. Some of the higher notes that she hits leave her voice sounding weak and exposed, almost like she had the flu when recording this. The “drop” sounds screw with the calming, natural mood of the song and gives it more of a synthetic feel. I think the producers meant for this song to have a “Konoyono Shirushi”-esque feeling but “LONG TIME NO SEE” is the clear loser in a battle between the two. Still, when comparing this song with “make a secret”, I think I like this one better.

Rating: ★★½☆☆


Please don’t make me say it, but…this is most definitely BoA’s weakest single to date. “Girls on Top” was so great and I thought that she was going in a stronger direction than this. I can back up my claim with the fact that sales of this single in its first week were weak and it only reached the 4th position on the Oricon Charts. I’m not satisfied at all. I think that every artist is allowed one or two singles that were completely screwed up, so let’s just say that this is BoA’s. With a new single coming in November (“Dakishimeru”), let’s all pray that it’s a million times better than this one.

Overall Rating: ★★☆☆☆


make a secret cover 1. make a secret
3. make a secret (Instrumental)
4. LONG TIME NO SEE (Instrumental)

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nana March 4, 2007 at 3:04 pm

yupp. LONG TIME NO SEE has got great lyrics and i simply love her vocal in there. it’s so smooth and beautiful. the tune is great too.

I would agree, MAKE A SECRET has got some problem in pullin down the overall sales.


Joey February 2, 2007 at 11:00 pm

has anyone seen the video/read the lyrics/know what they mean? lol

BoA Rocks this SONG
I’d give it a 10! PERFECT!!!


beck_ken October 27, 2005 at 7:22 am

hey spellcheck,
nice review on “make a secret”. Hey, i agree with you that this is BoA’s weakest single ever but as for the vocal, i’m agree with rinoa that her vocals are lacking in both tracks especially “LONG TIME NO SEE”. As for “make a secret”, the chorus part repeated so many times that sometimes sounds a bit bored, let’s hope “Dakishimeru” will be better in terms of sales and vocals.
Overall, i give a 2.5/5 for “make a secret”


Rinoa October 9, 2005 at 2:08 pm

An excellent article. I quite like your descriptions though I must say that maybe you were a bit too harsh on the title track. Sure it wasn’t anything impressive but I do think it had it’s appeal in a way. I think a 3 would be more fitting.

But I quite agree that the vocals are lacking in both tracks. It’s disappointing since her vocals on GOT were excellent.


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