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October 2005

BoA’s “make a secret”

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make a secret Title: make a secret
Release Date: 31/08/05
Label: avex trax
Oricon Debut Rank: #4

After spending the summer in Korea performing her butt off to promote her 5th album “Girls on Top”, BoA has made her return to Japan with “make a secret”, released on August 31. Before the release of “Girls on Top”, she took some vocal lessons in New York to strengthen and define her voice, which, combined with powerful dance routines, undoubtedly attributed to some of the most stunning performances of BoA’s career. Fans have been wondering what BoA could possibly do to top her amazing performances in Korea this year, and this is her answer. “make a secret”, a funky mid-tempo song, and “LONG TIME NO SEE”, a soothing, clean track written by BoA herself comprise this single’s tracklist. In the cover picture, BoA’s hair is messy and wild and she is holding her finger, which I find to be a very unique and interesting pose, perhaps like the title track itself. After proving to be more powerful than ever this summer, will BoA continue to improve or will she regress?

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Yuna Ito as Reira Release Title: ENDLESS STORY
Product Code: SRCL-5957
Label: Sony Records
Release date: 2005/09/07
Debut Ranking: #2

Yuna Ito is a relatively new face in the Japanese entertainment scene. She is actually a Hawaiian born artist. Up till the present day, she has only appeared in a couple of variety shows which were broadcasted on television and has been featured on a few magazines. However she has still managed to impress the Japanese audience in many aspects.

Up till her debut Yuna Ito was shrouded in mystery. This has gained Yuna a great deal of attention and fans. All that was known was that Yuna Ito was starring in the highly anticipated movie “NANA” as the lead vocalist of Trapnest, Reira.

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Ai Otsuka – Planetarium

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Planetarium promo Planetarium
Released Date: 2005.09.21
Debut Ranking: #1
Label: avex trax
Product Code: AVCD-30769
First Press: Special packaging

Ai Otsuka’s 10th single, “Planetarium”, was released on 2005.09.21. “Planetarium” gained the first place on the Oricon daily single charts on its first day of release. This single also managed to achieve the top position on the Oricon weekly single charts, having more than 121,000 copies sold so far.

This is Ai’s first ballad single that has achieved such excellent results, which is quite a feat. As most die-hard fans of Ai know, her ballads usually sell poorly compared to her upbeat singles, such as “Sakuranbo” and “SMILY”. I do believe that the success of “Planetarium” is a positive sign that Ai Otsuka is gaining her fame rapidly due to her recently released DVD drama, Tokyo Friends, for which the sequel movie will be shown in theatres next year; her radio show, Otsuka Ai no ai-r Jack; and last but not least, her talents as an artist. Ai composes and writes lyrics for all of her songs and also has excellent piano playing skills.

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