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February 2006

Summer Shuffles: 2003

by Lainay on February 25, 2006 · 10 comments · AddThis


Ok, I’ve made up my mind. The 2003 shuffle units are my favorite shuffles by faaar. Each and every song + group are awesome, but still with their added specialness. Unlike other years, starting from this year, all 3 shuffles were combined onto one CD single, rather than 3 separate singles to buy. Perhaps this switch was because of a decline of sales and fanbase.

The groups in 2003 were 7AIR, SALT5, and 11WATER. The theme for all of them was the elements, air, salt, and water. Both 7AIR and SALT5 took a more rap/r&b feel, while 11WATER turned the other way and gave us a nice, poppy, upbeat, H!P-like happy song.

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Summer Shuffles: 2002

by Lainay on February 20, 2006 · 8 comments · AddThis

Happy 7 Happy 7
Sexy 8 Sexy 8
Odoru 11 Odoru 11

2002 is another one of my favorite Hello! Project Summer Shuffles years. Alright, I do have a lot of favorites. I remember how much I was obsessed with these songs in that summer of ‘02…

The 3 units this year were Happy 7, Sexy 8, and Odoru 11. The groups/songs were themed around shiawase, happiness; each song had to do with this shiawase component. The songs varied quite a bit. While Happy 7’s song was cutesy, upbeat, and cheerful, Sexy 8’s song was, well, sexy. Odoru 11’s song really doesn’t fit into any category other than the “odd-different-traditional-japanese-weird” category.

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A Suite Gift From TETSU69

by Leanne on February 19, 2006 · 6 comments · AddThis

TETSU69 Suite November
Release Date: 2002.11.20
Peak Position: #5
Label: SPROUSE/Dream Machine
Product Code: HDCA-10121
First Press: digipack and picture labeled disc
TETSU69’s Official Web Site

After L’Arc~en~Ciel’s announced hiatus in 2000, the members started solo projects in 2001. tetsu’s solo project is TETSU69, and according to him, the “69″ stands for his birthyear and the all caps is for aesthetic reasons. His CDs were to be released under “SPROUSE”, which became his new (but now seemingly defunct) record label. His first single was the double a-side “wonderful world/TIGHTROPE” which peaked at spot #5 on the Oricon charts. After the release of this single, he left SONY’s Ki/oon division and was signed under Warner Music Japan’s Dream Machine label. His following singles “shinkirô” (mirage) and “15 1/2″ were a year in waiting, came in special packaging, were limited to 10,000 copies, and both peaked at #3. In November 2002 his first, and to this date only, album was released entitled “Suite November”. Let’s see how L’Arc~en~Ciel’s bassist and leader fares on his own.

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Summer Shuffles: 2001

by Lainay on February 17, 2006 · 5 comments · AddThis

3 Nin Matsuri 3 Nin Matsuri
7 Nin Matsuri 7 Nin Matsuri
10 Nin Matsuri 10 Nin Matsuri

2001 was the second year of the Hello! Project Summer Shuffles. This year was really a great year in the H!P world…new members, great songs, etc. The shuffles that year really show all that success.

The 3 groups that year were all “matsuri” themed, a matsuri being a Japanese festival filled with partying and having fun. The 3 groups were 3 Nin Matsuri, 7 Nin Matsuri, and 10 Nin Matsuri. Each of those translate to ‘[insert number here] person matsuri.’ The songs each differ extremely from each other, making them special in their own special way.

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by Rinoa on February 13, 2006 · 12 comments · AddThis

ViVi 2006
Ayumi on ViVi, January 2006 Issue
Artist: Ayumi Hamasaki
Product Code: AVCD-17837/8
Release Date: 2006.01.01
Highest Ranking: #1
Genre: Pop
Label: avex trax
Format: CD or CD+DVD
First Press: Photobook

J-Pop diva, Ayumi Hamasaki has walked into 2006 with a brand new album which has again topped the charts and has sold over 817,162 copies to date. avex trax released two versions of this album which were a CD-only and a CD+DVD version. Both had a different cover. The first press edition came with a coloured photobook for each version. The photobook of the CD Version was titled “off my day” and was based on Ayu’s daily life, while the CD+DVD edition photobook was titled “on my way” and was more artistic.

Unlike her previous albums, (miss)understood boasts of having a variety of genres ranging from eighties pop, techno, R&B and even rock which has shown a colourful side of Ayu. In this album we have definitely seen a bolder and more daring side of this singer who has experimented with different genres and broken down the stereotypes of music making this album sound so unusual and transgressive. This album focuses more onto her career, her take on feminism and life itself.

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