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sifow Stage Name: sifow
Real Name: Shiho Fujita
Date of Birth: 11th May 1985
Place of Birth: Chiba Prefecture
Age: 21
Height: 5′3″
Zodiac: Taurus
Blood Type: B
Official Website: avex trax

Fujita Shiho is a newcomer to the J-Pop industry scene. She has made her debut earlier in February of this year. She was born in Chiba Prefecture, on the 11th May in 1985. Later on she adopted the stage name sifow. Not much is known about her past, except for the fact that she was a ganguro gyaru and model before she started her singing career.

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At the age of 19 she started realising she had a bad image of herself because she was a ganguro gyaru. Ganguro girls are generally known not to study hard at school and not pursue any goal or career. Their tans pose a significant health risk, specifically to skin cancer. Thus ganguros are usually seen as not caring about their future and only living the moment. For this reason, they are rarely taken seriously by society. Because of her appearance sifow suffered a lot of prejudice and she started to consider her image and herself more seriously. Sifow felt her image projected an unclean and misleading image of herself. She started writing on a blog and started considering her future. Her blog contained her dreams and ambitions and soon started getting a lot of attention.

sifow's Gal Revo
sifow's Gal Revo

She felt the need of getting people take her seriously. In April 2006, she set up her own company and christened it ‘G-Revo‘ which means ‘gal revolution’. It received a lot of support from her blog readers and her friends. The idea of the company started in January 2005 when she published her opinion on how people think of gyaru. It was simply a journal of interviews and columns that were positive and served as a shout out to the younger generation, in particular males. Her aim was basically to recreate a fresher image of a gyaru. She wants to prove that the real meaning behind being a gyaru is their fashion, attitude, speech and feelings.

In 2004, sifow started her modelling career, which gave her a lot of exposure in fashion magazines. She also appeared in the magazine for “Gal’s World – Charisma”. However she soon realized she wanted to be a singer rather than simply a model. She came up with her stage name sifow and made her debut in the indies scene with a self produced single titled ‘I Uta‘. This single was released on the 17th April 2005 and all the promotion and sales were done online from her official site. A promotional video was also filmed. Surprisingly enough she sold 500 copies in 8 minutes and 1,000 copies within three days. The single was limited to 2,000 copies which were sold out. For the reason of her internet promotion, sifow started being called a “net-artist”. Later on sifow released her second single ‘mermaid story‘ and her third/fourth single ‘apple – blue/red‘, which also got sold out. Her singles got a lot of attention because of her unique sense of style.

Later on in 2005 she got noticed by avex trax and she got a contract from them. Her first release was her mini album titled ‘& YOU REVOLUTION‘. It was released on the 15th February 2006 and contained five songs. Two tracks were new, while the other three were from her indies releases. They were rearranged and rerecorded. Sifow also filmed a promotional video for one of her songs from this album, ‘Jewel‘. It was directed by Takahide Ishii, who also directed Ami Suzuki’s “To be Free” and a few EXILE clips. Nonetheless avex seemed to give little promotion to this mini album and it did not get a lot of attention. In February Sifow also modelled for Konami’s “DDR Strike”.

Gal Revolution cover
Gal Revolution cover

In April, sifow released a book titled “a gal revolution”. It was published by Kodansha on April 17 and was limited to 20,000 copies. The reprint had already been decided even before the publication, due to popular demand. In May, sifow returned with a single titled ‘CLOVER‘. This single carried a colourful and lively mood within it. Both songs included within the single were upbeat and invigorating. Her promotional video was filmed in Okinawa and made a strong use of contrasts. On the 19th May, sifow opened a clothes outlet, called “REVROSSA×CLARITY” in Shibuya 109.

July has also been a rather busy month for sifow. She was in the tracklisting of the remix album titled ‘EROCAWA TRANCE‘, where a remix of ‘Jewel‘ was included within the tracklisting. Also her second single is scheduled to be released by the end of the month. It is titled ‘LOVE & PEACE‘ and again features an upbeat and lively single. The style slightly varied from her previous releases due to it being much more energetic and has a more bubblegum-pop style. In the photoshoot for this single, sifow has appeared with sexy and colourful outfits and her promotional video made use of a lot of bizarre and amusing themes and imagery. It seems that this single shall have much more promotion than her previous two releases. It is the ending song for a show called スポんちゅ and also she has appeared in a few magazines. Also she is scheduled to perform at a special live on the 5th August and at a-nation on the 20th and 27th August.

LOVE & PEACE Photoshoot
LOVE & PEACE Photoshoot

Sifow’s musical style is quite unique, compared to various mainstream female artists. Instead of taking the pop genre formula, she seems to experiment a lot with Eurobeat, mixed with trance and with a hint of fantasy. It is reminiscent to the musical genres which were typically used in the 90’s. Although her vocals are not exactly what you’d call impressive, they are quite pleasant to listen to and happen to be soothing too. Sifow also writes her lyrics for her songs. Also interesting to note is that sifow looks like a mixture of Ayumi Hamasaki and Koda Kumi.

It is debatable whether sifow shall ever become a high profile artist due to her style and musical preference, however I do feel that she might surprise us in the future and be of impact to the J-Pop entertainment scene. Sifow shall be releasing her first full length album on the 13th September. There will be a CD and CD/DVD release of the album.

Sifow recognizes herself as a role model to young women and therefore promotes a strong image and through G-Revo she is able to support these girls to live their dreams and aim for their future. She feels that she has three facets of herself; a gyaru, a president and an artist.


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CityLights October 2, 2009 at 2:29 pm

i also know her from that whole gal thing.


mr.nice UNITED STATES June 25, 2007 at 11:35 pm

right now being a gunguro girl is different this makes her unique . i love her song RULE her style is really cool i hope japan can accept her being a gunguro . if ayu put the exact same songs as sifow they would be a hit . its all a matter of image


DavidG September 1, 2006 at 5:59 am

THANKS SO MUCH!! you rock!!


Rinoa MALTA September 1, 2006 at 5:21 am

Sounds like a good idea to me ^^ sure as long as you credit you can use this bio for wikipedia.


DavidG August 24, 2006 at 2:29 am

Hey we are currently making the english sifow wikipedia page, could we copy and paste your whole Bio you wrote and credit you?


LOVE&LOVE-Revolution NORWAY August 3, 2006 at 12:16 pm

Once again a wonderful article.

Sifow has recently turned into the artist I listen to the most, mainly because I think her take on music stands out. Especially I uta and Jewel are like fireworks, a summery splash of every type of music, everything at a high speed. Allthough her single releases has been more “pop”, and Clover isen’t my favourite sifow track, the quirks and fun of the tracks mentioned above are still retained, and I hope her upcoming album will be just as interesting.

When I looked at her PVs, I was also amazed by her fashion, which was really cool.

I don’t think she looks a lot like kumi, her face is more striking. Anyways, she has such a unique style in fashion, accessoires and make up, so it’s not such a big deal if she looks a bit like ayu or any other singer.

I hope she can catch on and continue making cool and interesting music like on her debut. She should keep staying away from ballads though (her voice =/).



Leanne UNITED STATES August 2, 2006 at 12:36 am

I’ve really taken a liking to sifow since she sings the pop that was big in Japan during the late-90s and reminds me of when I was younger. -_-;; IMO, all that electric stuff was the best era of JPop, so many awesome songs from then!

I really admire sifow as a woman who took the initiative to bring her image into a positive light. I think she can be an excellent role model for young women who feel lost and ousted by society. I’m really happy that I know more about her now, it really makes me respect her more as a person and a singer. And a writer. And entrepeneur. XD This gal is so awesome! And to think this all started with a blog.

Thanks for taking the time out to give us more info on Ms. sifow. Even if she doesn’t make it into the “mainstream” top 5 acts, I hope she’ll continue to make fresh music.


Naru UNITED STATES July 31, 2006 at 7:00 pm

I didn’t know she was starting to release music 0_0 thanks for the update. I just knew her as a GAL/gyaru model, and I think(not positive off the top of my head) she was one of the people that started to bring GAL/gyaru image back and in a more positive light.


rainbow12 July 30, 2006 at 3:01 pm

Thanks for this article! I have been a sifow fan since the release of CLOVER but I didn’t knew much about her ^^; I love sifow’s style and music.
When I first saw her a few months ago I thought “That is Kuu… no wait, that is Ayu o.O”


Kingyo-Hanabi92 FINLAND July 30, 2006 at 5:45 am

Ooh sifow is sooo great!! I wanna have every of her avex-CDs… but I don’t have money T.T; And when I get some extra, I don’t know that would I buy her CDs or a paid hosting and build a sifow forum there.. CDs are nice, and forum is very nice.. But there is always the risk that no-one joins it… -__-

I’m excited about her album release! A CD DVD, finaly!! We get to have CLOVER and LOVE & PEACE videos! Yay! Thanks Rinoa for writing this, there were much that I didn’t know about her..


Son_of_Sun July 27, 2006 at 2:57 pm

Just a small thing… it’s not sifow on the cover of “EROCAWA TRANCE” even if it looks like her. I own that CD and the booklet say that the models on the cover are Tomoko Tamogami and Maya Mori. Tomoko Tamogami is the one who looks like sifow.


pengie UNITED STATES July 27, 2006 at 2:34 am

What a beautiful girl–I enjoyed reading her story. I’m a bit puzzled by the comment above mine, because I think her voice is very nice, and so what if she looks a bit like Koda or Ayu? I think she has a lot of potential, based on the fact that “CLOVER” is a very, very nice song.

I’ll look forward to her album in September. Thanks for introducing me to her!


tastycatfood CANADA July 26, 2006 at 11:40 am

I think she sounds bad. She looks a lot like Koda Kumi so I don’t think she’ll be very successful because she doesn’t look like an original.


Mark SPAIN July 23, 2006 at 6:49 am

Wonderful review of her life! I really like her songs so far, so I’m expecting a very good album!


Celsius005 UNITED STATES July 22, 2006 at 10:20 am

Wow, this is a very thorough biography of the artist sifow! Very well done Rinoa! I was very unfamiliar with this artist, but I have learned much about her through this biography. She has quite a past preceding her singing career, and her resolve is very admirable in my opinion. I do see that she bears a striking resemblance to Hamasaki Ayumi and Koda Kumi. After reading this I viewed her promotional video for “CLOVER,” and I was impressed by her song, it was very up-lifting and lively indeed. Thank you very much for introducing me to this artist Rinoa!


Anna July 17, 2006 at 4:01 pm

Thanks for taking the time to introduce me to this artist.


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