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August 2006

First anniversary

by eyn on August 30, 2006 · 10 comments · AddThis

Channel-Ai Blog 1st Anniversary
eyn’s lame attempt to create a Web 2.0-ish logo for this anniversary

If you’ve been wondering why we had so many articles published on August 25th, and a few more after that, then hopefully this entry’s title will give you a better idea! This is our own unique way to commemorate a special day, the day when Channel-Ai Community Blog published its very first article exactly one year ago (a quite poorly written review compared to what we produce nowadays), Fukuyama Masaharu’s “Tokyo”, written by my good high school buddy Jason.

It’s been an amazing year, and I had a great time working with our team members. Without these awesome folks who spent their free time writing, in my opinion, some of the best J-Pop articles and reviews you can find around the web, Channel-Ai Community Blog wouldn’t be here today. It’s tough to keep a blog going, and I’ve seen many bloggers out there that have given up blogging half-way through due to lack of response of their work. Fortunately, working as a team and the support between team members holds us together through the hard times.

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Kiseki no Hoshi

by tomba on August 29, 2006 · 4 comments · AddThis

Kiseki no Hoshi Cover Artist: Keisuke Kuwata & Mr.Children
Product Code: B00005N34L
Release Date: 1995.01.23
Debut Ranking: #1

Released in early 1995, “Kiseki no Hoshi” was a joint effort between the frontman of one of Japan’s most popular band, “Southern All Stars’” Keisuke Kuwata and Mr.Children. Written and composed by Kuwata, and arranged mainly by Kazutoshi Sakurai of Mr.Children, this song was used as the theme for “Act Against AIDS”, a charity Kuwata has been participating in for more than a decade (and counting). Inside the single cover, and when the CD is removed, facts and a graph about AIDS is inscribed there. A peculiarity about this song is that it was never performed live until 2006’s “Ap Bank festival”, which Mr.Children was the main act for, and Kuwata was a guest in.

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sweet & sugary kitty reggae

by Leanne on August 28, 2006 · 2 comments · AddThis

Release Date: 2006.07.26
Peak Position: #14
Product Code: AICL-1761; AIJL-5297 (Vinyl)
First Press: Picture-labeled disc

After the bluesy and boring “CRY NO MORE” and the New Orleans charity single “ALL HANDS TOGETHER”, Mika unbraids her hair and lets go of the southern-sounds of Louisiana to float into the relaxing Caribbean with “MY SUGAR CAT”, a “sugar blues” love song with a hint of summer. With her southern-love finally washed out of her music, has Mika garnered another classic? Has she really gone back to her cool-smooth-modern-jazz-fusion roots? Only one way to find out…review!

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LET’S GO Rakuten Eagles

by Lainay on August 28, 2006 · 4 comments · AddThis

LET'S GO Rakuten Eagles DEF. DIVA 2nd Single: LET’S GO Rakuten Eagles
01. LET’S GO Rakuten Eagles
02. LET’S GO Rakuten Eagles (Instrumental)

Although they were judged as another one of those one shot H!P groups, such as Nochiura Natsumi and Gomattou, DEF. DIVA actually released a second single all the way back on March 25th. It was not really a “real” release, as it is only being sold here on the Rakuten Eagles website, but it is a single nonetheless. There is, however, no b-side.

Following in the footsteps of Morning Musume’s single “The Manpower!!!”, LET’S GO Rakuten Eagles was/is being used as the official song of the Tohoku Rakuten Golden Eagles baseball team.

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Ultra Blue

by tomba on August 27, 2006 · 29 comments · AddThis

Ultra Blue Promo Artist: Utada Hikaru
Product Code: TOCT-26067
Release Date: 2006.06.14
Debut Ranking: #1
Label: Toshiba-EMI

It’s been 4 years since Utada’s last Japanese album, “Deep River”. During this time, she got and recovered from cancer, got married, released the overdue best album, the disastrous, disappointing, yet record breaking English album “Exodus”, and half a dozen singles.

“Ultra Blue” marks a few firsts for Utada – the first duet to ever appear on her album, the first time there isn’t a track that shares the album name, and the first time she released a Japanese digital single. For promotion of the album, Utada began on a 3 months tour, the “UTADA UNITED 2006”, across Japan. The tour has been much hyped about and was met with praise, with most tickets selling out in 2 hours.

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