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by tomba on August 25, 2006 · 6 comments · AddThis

Koda Kumi Artist: Koda Kumi
Product Code: RZCD-45435
Release Date: 2006.07.26
Debut Ranking: #2
Label: Rhythm Zone

Koda Kumi’s newest single, “4 hot wave”, is now the best-selling female single of the year, and Koda’s best selling single ever! Since it debuted at #2 (kept from the top by the amazing Kinki Kids’ “Natsu Moyou”), that was quite a disappointment, for a single with 4 A-Sides to only debut at #2 (like Glay’s G4). However, it has persevered and is still currently in the top 10.

The cover of this single was taken in Morocco for her new photobook, “Maroc”. For promotion, all 4 songs were used as commercial endorsements. “Ningo-hime”, a hard-rocking song, was used for a Vodafone commercial. “I’ll be there”, a peaceful summer tune, was used for a SEEBREEZE commercial. “JUICY”, an Indian influenced r&b song, was used for a Gem CEREY commercial. “With your smile”, a fun summer dance track was used for NTV’s 2006 Japan Pro Baseball and a Dwango commercial.

Koda also filmed a promotional video for all the songs. Although the songs are all very different, the theme in the videos do link together. It’s similar to how Utada’s Kiriya trilogy linked together. The theme revolves around a treasure map and the search for the prize. Let see if all the hype was worth it :P.


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Although the single starts with an introduction, there really is no point in reviewing it (along with the interlude and outroduction), so I’m skipping to the first song. “Ningyo-hime” stands for mermaid princess, so you’d expect it to be a nice slow ballad right? WRONG! The song starts with guitars rocking, and Koda’s sandy voice fits it perfectly. Because Koda’s voice is digitally altered in this song, it does get to be annoying by the end. Otherwise, this is an amazing song!

Another let down to this song is the PV. Not only is it weird, it is also quite confusing. It seems like Koda is captured by some evil creature (maybe she’s a mermaid princess), and she tries to escape, only to dance with a wall instead.

Rating: ★★★★☆


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I’ll be there
“I’ll be there” is the best song on this single, period. It is nice, and relaxing, and peaceful, and the only thing close to a ballad here. From the very beginning (the song starts with the middle of the chorus), the melody would get stuck in your head. This is the type of song Koda should sing – she seems most relaxed and least stressed here. “I’ll be there” seems to be a combination of all the other songs: A little of “Ningyo-hime’s” rock style, “JUICY’s” dancability (I know that’s not a word), and “With your smile’s” happiness. Too bad that it has the worst PV of the bunch, or it would’ve been warranted a perfect score.

Rating: ★★★★★


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Although I admit I am biased towards Koda’s r&b styled songs, this one isn’t entirely bad. The beat is catchy, but it sounds too much like anything Namie has released in the last 6 years. “JUICY” does have the most entertaining PV, where she “sluts it out” with a group of girls to steal a map from the guys in the bar. Unlike her other provocative videos, this one actually has a point, which marks a giant improvement. Overall, although it is the weakest here, “JUICY” is not a bad song.

Rating: ★★★½☆


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With your smile
“With your smile” was the first of Koda’s wave to leak out (2 months before the release, and an entire month before the news of “4 hot wave”). If you liked “Birthday Eve” or “GO WAY!!”, then you would like “With your smile”. This song is an amazing way to pick your mood up, and making you super hyper. It is impossible to not move to this song. Unlike “I’ll be there”, where Koda’s English is actually quite nice, “With your smile” returns back to “real EMOTION” territory. “With your smile” also has a very fun PV, where she has to dodge evil treasure hunters from taking her map.

Rating: ★★★★½



WOAH! I actually gave a good score to a Koda single. I’ve been converted!! If Koda continues releasing songs as good as these and “Koi no Tsubomi”, she might be a real threat to Ai’s “taking-over-of-the-throne”. A very strong single overall.

Overall Rating: ★★★★½


4 hot wave CD+DVD

  1. INTRODUCTION ~I’ll be there~
  2. Ningyo-hime
  3. I’ll be there
  4. INTERLUDE ~JUICY / Ningyo-hime~
  5. JUICY
  6. With your smile
  7. OUTRODUCTION ~With your smile~

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tabs November 20, 2007 at 5:14 am

i have to admit koda kumi recently has been ‘OTT’ or whatever shallow people call it.


Sakuya1027 UNITED STATES November 17, 2006 at 11:48 pm

Even though I’m only a fan of her cute and soothing songs I love this single.


Simon October 12, 2006 at 9:42 am

personally believe this is Kumi’s best single ever
Ayu is not in her career peak anymore
Kuu seems to be the most popular singer now in Japan
nice songs choice
love it


HilaryDuffFanboy AUSTRALIA August 28, 2006 at 11:23 am

She’s well on her way to taking over the throne. Ayumi can’t match her single sales!

Anyhow, I personally did not like 4 hot wave at all. Some may know me as a Kuu hater, but from an unbiased view, I really don’t like it… On the other hand, I much rather prefer Koi no Tsubomi…. With Your Smile would be the closest thing to that on 4 hot wave, but it’s just missing something vital…

4.5 stars is a bit much in my opinion…. Oh, I really do not like the cover as well. It is so so random and not pretty at all.


Spyro GREECE August 26, 2006 at 6:26 am

I am not a Kumi fan, I have to admit in advance XD

‘Ningyo Hime’ is a no no x.x basically because it’s from Koda.. I don’t know, just it seems far-fetched for her to release such ‘hardcore’ songs.

‘I’ll be there’ is the dominant song, it’s mellow and cool. I really like it, quite a surprise since only one song – ‘LOVEHOLIC’ – of Kumi’s has appealed to me. The intro and chorus has a strange and sweet YUI feeling o.o

I love the description of ‘JUICY’, tis funny and down-to-earth. I’d rate the song plus another half star though – lol what a difference XD – because in overall it’s not as bad as I expected, and I like the (rnb) clubbiness of Namie’s vibe XP. But that’s the drawback of the song: it’s not for any time, it’s strictly to when you have such mood.

‘With your smile’ is the other clubby song, but this time the uplifting one. I really like this as well.

Woah I like 2.5/4 of this single.. and that’s something Ms Kumiko! XDD


R_Hikki August 26, 2006 at 12:00 am

Your review makes me want to listen to the songs! Must resits!!


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