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August 2006

Gackt – Saikai~Story~

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A shot from the promotion video Single: Saikai~story~ c/w Dears~live~
Artist: Gackt
Release date: 2000.8.30
Debut ranking: #6
Label: Nippon Crown

After debuting successfully as a soloist, former lead singer of Malice Mizer and songwriter/singer Gackt returned with a summer single on August 1st, 2000. Saikai~Story~ was originally featured in the Mizerable mini album as an instrumental song, which Gackt later wrote the lyrics for.

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Mini Moni ja Movie Okashi na Daibouken!

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Mini Moni

Mini Moni ja Movie Okashi na Daibouken! (also known as “Mini Moni The Movie The Great Cake Adventure”) is Mini Moni’s debut movie. As the title suggest, the movie is about cakes and adventure. As cheesy as that story line sound, there are more to this movie than cakes and adventure. The movie was used to explain why Mari Yaguchi was leaving Mini Moni, how Ai Takahashi joined the group and how Mika became the new leader.

The movie stars all five members of Mini Moni: Mari Yaguchi (the then leader), Nozomi Tsuji, Ai Kago, Mika Todd, and its new member Ai Takahashi. It also feature the voice and songs of Yuko Nakazawa (former member of Morning Musume) and 4 girls from Hello! Project Kids: Risako Sugaya, Mai Hagiwara, Airi Suzuki and Maasa Sudou. And of course, any Mini Moni movie wouldn’t be complete without their beloved mascot, Minimo.

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Sexy Night ~Wasurerarenai Kare~ ROMANS: Sexy Night ~Wasurerarenai Kare~
01. SEXY NIGHT ~Wasurerarenai Kare~
03. SEXY NIGHT ~Wasurerarenai Kare~ (Instrumental)

ROMANS (which is a play on words and is pronounced “romance”) was a one single group of the Hello! Project, consisting of Mari Yaguchi and Rika Ishikawa who were from Morning Musume, Mai Satoda from Country Musume, Hitomi Saitou from Melon Kinenbi, and Ayaka of Coconuts Musume. They took on a sexy theme, with a mature and sexy single and clothing. They released their only single, SEXY NIGHT ~Wasurerarenai Kare~ on August 20th, 2003.

ROMANS was formed because the members were all in a TV show together, Sexy Onna Juku. This one-shot group was different because it didn’t consist of solo singers, like Gomattou and Nochiura Natsumi. Instead, this group had members of Morning Musume, Country Musume, Melon Kinenbi, and Coconuts Musume, which made it somewhat like a shuffle unit.

I actually really like this group and their single. The c/w is kind of.. off, but the a-side is so good! It doesn’t even sound cheesy. You know.. when you get a bunch of H!P girls together, and they sing a cool hip hoppy song, it’s hard for it to not feel too fake. These girls really sound good together, with Ayaka and Hitomi just rapping, and the others singing. That style was later seen in 7AIR.

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ura E ~Complete B-side Melodies~

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ZONE backstage at 'ZONE FINAL IN BUDOKAN ~Kokoro wo Komete Arigatou~
ZONE backstage at 'ZONE FINAL IN BUDOKAN ~Kokoro wo Komete Arigatou~
Title: “ura E ~Complete B-side Melodies~”
Artist: ZONE
Release Date: April 18, 2006
First Press: Bonus 28 page booklet
Record Label: Sony Records

Nearly 1 year after the official disbandment of bandoru group ZONE, an official website notice stated that a poll was up for fans to select three of their favorite non-single tracks from their discography. From the poll results, “ura E ~Complete B-side Melodies~” was born. Full of album and b-side tracks hand-picked by the most dedicated ZONE fans themselves, “ura E” was meant as a supplement to the original compilation, “E ~Complete A-side Singles~”. (“Ura”, which means “the other side”, is normally a term used in album titles in this manner, to indicate a compilation of songs other than single tracks.) The first press version offered a bonus 28 page booklet of pictures of the rehearsal and behind-the-scenes happenings from their final concert, “ZONE FINAL IN NIHON BUDOKAN ~Kokoro wo Komete Arigatou~”.

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Waracchaou yo BOYFRIEND

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Waracchaou yo BOYFRIEND Berryz Koubou 11th Single: Waracchaou yo BOYFRIEND
01. Waracchaou yo BOYFRIEND
02. Suhada Pichi Pichi
03. Waracchaou yo BOYFRIEND (Instrumental)

(First and foremost, I’d like to give everyone my deepest apologies for not making a review on Berryz Koubou’s 10th single, Jiriri Kiteru. It kind of slipped by me. o_o I did, however, update my original Berryz post with the download in the discography, so no worries. ^_^)

Berryz Koubou is back, with their 11th single, Waracchaou yo BOYFRIEND, which was released on August 2nd (the day after my birthday, yaaay!). This time, they come with a wonderful American 50’s/60’s pop/rock summery, fun song, of course with the H!P twist! The Hello! Project hasn’t done this style very much, but one other song notably in this fashion is Country Musume’s Shining Itoshiki Anata, although much slower and not summery. Anywho, this single is really unique, once again showing that Berryz Koubou can take on almost every genre.. even if they don’t always succeed. I’m happy to say, though, that this is a big success in my eyes. I actually think this is my favorite Berryz single!

Let’s see why!

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