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February 2007

mihimaru GT

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mihimaru GT
mihimaru GT promoting “Itsumademo Hibiku Kono melody/MAGICAL SPEAKER” on excite

mihimaru GT is a duo group which specialises in urban and pop genres, which they have conveniently combined in a genre which they christened J-Hip-Pop. However they also release heartfelt ballads. For this reason their style is extremely different from the typical urban counterparts. mihimaru GT focus on enjoying the moment, humourous and cute themes and have a positive message without having loads of sexy women prancing around. Another interesting aspect is that mihimaru GT are responsible over the whole creative process of their music.

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Leah Dizon’s debut

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Promo Photo
Promo picture for the single 'Softly'
Artist: Leah Dizon
Product Code: VICL-36202/VIZL-216
Release Date: 2007.02.14
Highest Rank: #5
First Press: CD+DVD
Label: Victor Entertainment

It has been almost six months since the ex-gravure model Erika Sawajiri released her debut single, Taiyou no Uta. This single proved to be a huge hit, which led to the Japanese audience to take her more seriously despite of her bad reputation in the past. Her success led her to get tie-ins with the Meji, Kanebo and Sony Ericsson for their new cell phone product, SE W51S. Her success probably led to encourage another model, Leah Dizon to try her luck in the music industry too.

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Osaka no Onna

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Debut single promotion
Hitomi visiting a CD store while promoting her debut single
Artist: Hitomi Shimatani
Product Code: AVDD-20330
Release Date: 1999.07.28
Highest Rank: #45
Label: avex trax

Since she was a child, Hitomi Shimatani had always dreamt of becoming a singer. When she was merely 17 years old, she decided to attempt her luck, along with 200,000 contestants at the “The Japan Audition 1997“. The talent directors were captivated by her face and her stunning vocals. Her vocals had such a good range, that they decided she would fit perfectly within the enka genre. This is the beginning of what would become a long and exciting career for Hitomi.

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Attention Please!

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Aya Ueto
A promotional image featuring Aya Ueto with a cabin attendant attire.

Attention Please!‘ is a dorama which was broadcasted throughout spring till the beginning of summer in 2006. A DVD collection was later released in October. It was a relatively popular dorama, gaining an average viewership rating of 16.37%. The ultra-popular actress, Aya Ueto starred in this dorama, which probably was an important factor for the high rating. This dorama spanned over eleven episodes, which is the typical number for most Japanese dramas.

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Ayumi Hamasaki’s Secret

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SCawaii Photoshoot'
A photoshoot from SCawaii January 2007 Issue
Artist: Ayumi Hamasaki
Product Code: AVCD-23178/9
Release Date: 2006.11.29
Debut Ranking: #1
First Press: Poster
Label: avex trax

Another year is finally over and winter has returned again. For many fans of the J-Pop queen Ayumi Hamasaki, 2006 wasn’t an exciting year, at all. Ayu has only released two singles this year, spent most of her summer overseas and ended up with an eye infection in autumn, which has led her out of the spotlight up till mid-October when she appeared on Music Station and performed the song “JEWEL”.

A few days later avex announced that Ayumi Hamasaki was scheduled to release her second mini album. This announcement led to a huge disappointed reaction by her fans who had awaited eagerly for months for something more substantial. Mysteriously enough, shortly after this announcement avex made another one, changing the decision of a mini album to a full studio album. The album recording was completed on the 8th November 2006.

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