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February 2007


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Kanon's official profile picture
Stage Name: Kanon
Debut: July 2002
Age: 26
Birthdate: 9 March 1980
Birthplace: Tokyo Metropolitan Area
Zodiac: Pisces
Blood Type: O
Label: Sony Music Japan International

Kanon is a singer-songwriter born in the Tokyo Metropolitan Area in Japan. Her musical education overseas led her to develop a more western taste in music, which is evidently reflected in her music and composition style. Her debut in July of 2002 marked the beginning of what still is a colorful career and the revelation of an exceptionally unconventional genre in Japan – ‘New Age’.

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Futari de Iijanai

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A photoshoot from 'Futari de Iijanai'
Promo photo for 'Futari de Iijanai'
Artist: Masayuki Suzuki & Hitomi Shimatani
Product Code: ESCL-2926
Release Date: 2007.01.24
Debut Ranking: #25
Label: Sony

For many fans of Hitomi Shimatani, 2006 was an extremely unexciting year with few sporadic releases and being excluded from many end-of year events. However 2007 was proving to sound extremely promising with the announcement of two singles. One of them was Hitomi’s very first duet to be released as a single. The single, called ‘Futari de Iijanai’ was a duet with Masayuki Suzuki. On the 24th January 2007 it was released by Sony in a CD only package.

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A photoshoot of 'Harumachibito' Side
A photoshoot of 'Harumachibito' Side
Artist: Hitomi Shimatani
Product Code: AVCD-30908
Release Date: 2006.03.15
Debut Ranking: #12
First Press: Access to Special Site
Label: avex trax

2005 was an extremely eventful year for the artist, Hitomi Shimatani. She was invited to a multitude of events, had two concerts, released four singles and two albums. However the following year wasn’t looking as promising as the previous one, since up till March there was a long silence from Hitomi. On the 15th March, Hitomi returned with a double A-side single, which would be a continuation of her ‘crossover’ genre, created back then in 2005.

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BUMP OF CHICKEN’s planetarium

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planetarium promo picture
Title: planetarium
Release date: 2005.07.21
Peak Position: #4
Product Code: TFCC-89142
Label: Toy’s Factory

Prior to the release of the highly acclaimed double A-side single [supernova/karma] in 2005, BUMP OF CHICKEN announced their 10th single [planetarium] in the same year, which dazzled BOC veteran fans and grabbed the attention of many new ones. Well, well, it would appear that they’ve really outdone themselves (as expected!). Let’s take our first step inside this great planetarium to see the splendor of stars that have captivated fans for so long. Shall we?

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