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March 2007


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PRIMA ROSA Promo Photo
'PRIMA ROSA' Promo Photo
Artist: Hitomi Shimatani
Product Code: AVCD-23176/7
Release Date: 2007.03.07
Debut Ranking: #13
First Press: Bonus Track, Invitation Postcard
Label: avex trax

It’s been around one and a half year since Hitomi’s majestic album “Heart & Symphony“. Despite the fact that this album didn’t sell extremely well, Hitomi still continued experimenting with her unique “crossover” genre and releasing enchanting masterpieces. However towards the end of 2006, Hitomi started experimenting with other genres and would release her first rock single.

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The Cloudy Dreamer

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Cloudy Dreamer promotion
Hysteric Glamour feat. OLIVIA
Artist: OLIVIA
Product Code: CTCR-14510/1
Release Date: 2007.01.07
First Press: Poster/Illustration Booklet
Debut Ranking: #9
Label: cutting edge

After Olivia Lufkin’s hiatus, many fans were eagerly awaiting a release which was credited to OLIVIA only. The NANA releases were satisfactory enough, but everyone knew that Olivia’s style moved towards a different and more unique direction. Also Olivia’s fans wanted music which reflected Olivia’s personality rather than Reira’s. In January 2007 Olivia finally released her highly anticipated 5th mini album titled “The Cloudy Dreamer“. However Olivia had another surprise up her sleeve, since “The Cloudy Dreamer” moved towards a different direction from her previous mini albums.

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Wish promotion
Wish/Starless Night Photoshoot
Artist: OLIVIA inspi’ REIRA
Product Code: CTCR-40245/6
Release Date: 2006.10.11
First Press: Sticker/Cell Phone Charm
Debut Ranking: #6
Label: cutting edge

Oliva Lufkin, more commonly known as OLIVIA or Livi amongst her fans, returned to the Japanese music scene with a completely revamped style. A factor leading to this change was the fact that Olivia started creating music for the anime version of NANA and took the stage name of OLIVIA inspi’ REIRA. Consequently Livi’s music moved towards a more commercial direction and was created to fit the persona of Reira. After the success of “a little pain“, Olivia released her 10th single titled “Wish/Starless Night“.

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Primary Flowers

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Promotional image from [Primary Flowers] booklet
Title: Primary Flowers
Artist: Kanon
Release date: 2005.06.22
Product Code: SICL-110
Label: Sony Music Japan International

Almost a year after signing the contract with Sony Music Japan International in 2004, Kanon released her first full album [Primary Flowers] which, under various circumstances, failed to bring her true potential to light in the industrious year of 2005. Despite the dismal performance presented in the charts, Kanon remained true to her ‘New Age’ style and consequently gave an honest introduction of herself through the classical music offered in [Primary Flowers].

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Hitomi’s Dragonfly

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Dragonfly promotion
Dragonfly promotional photo
Artist: Hitomi Shimatani
Product Code: AVCD-31135/6
Release Date: 2007.02.21
Debut Ranking: #15
Label: avex trax

It is certainly no secret that Hitomi Shimatani has one of the most majestic vocals in the J-Pop industry. For this reason her management has conveniently taken advantage of her talent and Hitomi has become a genre chamaleon. She has sung bubblegum pop, gospel, enka, ethnic and most recently classical mixed with pop – her crossover genre. This genre was well received within the classical communities and earned her various awards and invitations to participate in prestigious events. For this reason Hitomi became synonymous for elegance and classiness and started appealing to a more mature generation.

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