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May 2007

Cross Season with Nami

by Rokit on May 23, 2007 · 6 comments · AddThis

CROSS SEASON promo Artist: Nami Tamaki
Product Code: SRCL-6514
Release Date: 2007.03.14
Highest Ranking: #23
Label: Sony Music

It has been 9 months since J-pop princess Nami Tamaki has released a new single, following after her 12th single “Sanctuary” which was the opening them to the anime show “Kiba.” Now Nami has returned to give us something new or as Nami says, it will be a ‘new Nami Tamaki sound.’ Succeeding the new sound is T.M.Revolution’s ex-music producer Daisuke Asakura. Asakura produced all of TMR’s music throughout his career and he is now helping Nami with her new single “CROSS SEASON,” a happy danceful tune that does offer a new refreshing sound.

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by Rinoa on May 6, 2007 · 3 comments · AddThis

papillon promo
Promo photo for 'papillon'
Artist: Hitomi Shimatani
Product Code: AVCD-30160
Release Date: 2001.02.07
Highest Ranking: #14
Label: avex trax

After failing to become a household name with her pop debut, Hitomi Shimatani attempted to take a more original direction in her musical career. This marked another change in her musical career, where Shimatani would start working on covers and ethnic-inspired songs. “papillon” would also be the first single to include foreign phrases. The factors mentioned above would become a trend for Hitomi’s releases. However this transformation would take around four months to take place, since a lot of work was done behind the scenes.

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Shuuji to Akira – Seishun Amigo

by Erika on May 3, 2007 · 21 comments · AddThis

Promotional picture for Seishun Amigo
Left: Kamenashi Kazuya
Right: Yamashita Tomohisa
Artist: Shuuji to Akira
Product Code: JECN-77
Release Date: 2005.11.2
Debut Ranking: #1
Label: Johnny’s Entertainment

With the conclusion of the popular school dorama “Nobuta wo Produce”, the stars of the show, Kamenashi Kazuya and Yamashita Tomohisa have formed a temporary unit and released a single consisting of the show’s theme song as well as a solo from both boys. Using their characters from the show Shuuji to Akira’s single debuted as the #1 selling single and was at the top of the Oricon Chart’s 999 top singles chart in 2005.

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