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CROSS SEASON promo Artist: Nami Tamaki
Product Code: SRCL-6514
Release Date: 2007.03.14
Highest Ranking: #23
Label: Sony Music

It has been 9 months since J-pop princess Nami Tamaki has released a new single, following after her 12th single “Sanctuary” which was the opening them to the anime show “Kiba.” Now Nami has returned to give us something new or as Nami says, it will be a ‘new Nami Tamaki sound.’ Succeeding the new sound is T.M.Revolution’s ex-music producer Daisuke Asakura. Asakura produced all of TMR’s music throughout his career and he is now helping Nami with her new single “CROSS SEASON,” a happy danceful tune that does offer a new refreshing sound.

Magazine shoot from CD-Data April 2007
CD-Data April 2007

Along with the collaboration, “CROSS SEASON” is a tie in for the Nippon TV “Sports URUGUSU” theme song from the months of February through March. This song was also in dedication to Nami’s graduation from high school. The b-sides of the single are completely different musical styles, changing from dance to rock. B-side track “i CAN FLY” has musical support from the JP rock band Ziggy, so this overall single has a variation of new content to offer. Sadly, being a single that has a new sound to it and re-uniting Nami fans back together after a long break,”CROSS SEASON” ranked 23rd from Oricon Single Ranking, being the lowest ranking single for Nami. No matter the ranking, this single is to be Nami’s most memorable single because of her High School graduation.


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The first track off the album, the tune that is produced by T.M.Revolution’s ex producer Asakura, does offer a new Nami Tamaki sound. However some may disagree and say that it sounds the same as her other songs. I mostly have nothing to say against those since Nami sticks with dance, but this time around I will need to disagree with those concurring perceptions since this musical style, which can be described as almost euro beat mixed with dance, does sound different and the overall tone of the vocals are softer.

The lyrics of this song are about graduation, so the song fits perfectly with her high school graduation.

“After class was dismissed, we’d stand in the silhouette of the setting sun
Instead of saying ‘bye’, we’d say ’see you later’

To walk the road of tomorrow’s graduation
means to change my habbit of looking back”

— “CROSS SEASON” lyrics from verse one

The overall composition came out refreshing, meaningful and new; maybe not one of her best but one of her most memorable songs to date. The title “CROSS SEASON” is a debatable discussion about what it means but the majority believes that the meaning is crossing through the borderline of high school towards whatever it may be Nami is striving for. The ‘Season’ can be translated as high school graduation. It is hard to compare this song with hits such as “Get Wild” or “Believe.” I believe that Asakura could have done a better musical compositon but out of his works with TMR, there are only a few selected songs that were really amazing.

Concerning the music video, the colors and theme are complete opposites of the promotional pictures from covers and magazines. The single cover shows Nami all scarred up with a torn dress as to the music video is bright with baby blue and white colors. She is noted as happy in the music video, singing about graduation however the same cannot be said about her covers, leading one to think of the opposite of happiness. Maybe the covers represent the struggle through high school.

Rating: ★★★★☆


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2. i CAN FLY

Now this track can easily be noted to sound similar as her 3rd Album “Speciality” track 12, “Ready Steady Go!.” The rock style is hard to describe but closely related to old school style rock. “i CAN FLY” has a catchy chorus that will get anyone to sing along and Nami sounds very energetic in this track. Her overall energy is what makes this track different from “Ready Steady Go!” since RSG had a more intense sound to it. There are some elements of graduation inserted into the song so it justifies that this single as a whole is dedicated to her graduation.

Overall the song is a decent track, with energy filled vocals and a great musical composition. “Ready Steady Go!” would be a better song to suit this rock style and it is easy to confuse “i CAN FLY” with “Ready Steady Go!” so it was hard to fully enjoy it.

Rating: ★★★½☆


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3. Lost and Found

Here is my favorite track off of this single, and yes, it is a rock number however differing from the old school style rock from “i CAN FLY.” This rock style is so refreshing and is a new path for Nami to expeirment in since her vocals and overall feel are just really good. Nami’s vocals are pure and fit the song perfectly since her emotions are evident effectively. Nishi-ken is the musical composer for this song along with mavie who wrote the lyrics. Mavie wrote lyrics to many other Nami songs including “Sanctuary” and “Stay Gold.” I hope to expect alot more from Nishi-ken and Nami since I can sense their musical compositions would be really amazing.

You can catch another composition with Nami and nishi-ken in her upcoming, un-announced single, “Brightdown.”

Rating: ★★★★★



Nami’s 13th single “CROSS SEASON” is her most memorable single to date since the meanings of two songs from the single are pertaining to graduation for her High School graduation. Nami does approach a new style for both a and b-sides, having “CROSS SEASON” sounding fresh with a new Nami Tamaki sound but fails short of musical originality with the help of Asakura. The b-sides is what fans can look forward to since they are new challenges for Nami, being new to the field of rock/pop. I would recommend “Lost and Found” before “i CAN FLY” since the latter carries similarities to “Ready Steady Go!.”

The only real disappointment of this single was the album art since they did not match “CROSS SEASON” much and the scars did not make Nami any prettier. Maybe they carried meanings but alone, the covers would not be able to justify the happiness of the a-side.

Overall Rating: ★★★★☆


CROSS SEASON First Press Cover
First Press
CROSS SEASON Regular Cover
Regular Edition

CD Tracklist

  2. i CAN FLY
  3. Lost and Found
  4. CROSS SEASON -Instrumental-

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Bunny UNITED STATES December 22, 2009 at 9:56 am

cross season is good i love her outfit in the video :D


Angie September 7, 2007 at 12:09 am

I wish she would drop out of the dance/techno stuff. Her voice is really great and strong but it’s not put to good use. I think she would be better singing rock/pop stuff, “Lost and Found” convinced me of that.


sakuranbo UNITED STATES May 24, 2007 at 3:59 pm

OMG!i love this “lost and found” !!!!lalalalalala i’m gonna dl it^ ^ i agree,i’m pretty disappointed about the cover.when i saw it i thought ‘it must be a dark song’ but when i listened (cross season)it wasn’t dark! it was more light and jumpy.


marjorie May 23, 2007 at 4:32 am

i heard cross season in Music Station in Animax…it’s good though her past songs are better…


Yuki NETHERLANDS May 23, 2007 at 2:36 am

Great review!

I agree on almost everything, except for the “i CAN FLY” part. Because there were way too many stars given for that song. Also Nami’s covers seem to represent b-sides more often then the a-sides. I think these covers fit to “Lost and Found”, which is about struggling with things and has an overall emo feel to it.

The overall rating was great.


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