Ai mo Kawarazu

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Fujii Takashi's profile picture
Title: Ai mo Kawarazu
Artist: Fujii Takashi
Release date: 2000.11.01
Product Code: ARCJ-152
Label: Antenos Record

Fujii Takashi is a celebrated icon who has spent years in Japan’s entertainment industry brandishing new acts, running gags and even making appearances in hit movies. While there is a certain light constantly shining down on his successful, comedic acting career, his tail occupation as a singer isn’t as well-known. It certainly gave a shock to Japan when Fujii made his debut as a singer in early 2000 with the single [Nanda Kanda], which was considerably successful in its own part. Later that same year, he would once again step down from his television performances to invest time releasing his second single [Ai mo Kawarazu].

Born on March 10, 1972 in Toyonaka, Osaka Prefecture, Fujii Takashi grew up to be one of Japan’s most influential entertainers. He’s well-known by the public as both a comedian and an actor, and while these areas of entertainment may follow very different paths, he manages to combine both elements as his everyday routine. He is a distinguished member of Yoshimoto Kogyo, a conglomerate which specializes in comedy. Within this corporation, Fujii has made countless on-stage comedy performances, providing much fun and laughter for audiences of all ages with his random and often circusy behavior. Apart from cooperate entertaining, he takes his routines down another path to host many of his own variety shows. One of his best known television programs is Matthew’s Best Hit TV in which he hosts as the androgynous Matthew Minami. As his jaunty alias, Fujii has even made a cameo in the 2003 film Lost in Translation when he is seen on his own show with Bill Murray’s character Bob Harris.

Since Fujii Takashi had already made such a distinguished impression as a comedian, Japan, along with his international fanbases, was quite literally caught off-guard when he made his debut as a singer in March of 2000. His debut single [Nanda Kanda] received most of its attention from the fact that Fujii’s name had been branded on it, however this sort of promotion in itself did well considering the CD hadn’t received much thereof from the Antenos-Sony labels. The song had been written by GAKU-MC and is a cheerful blend of pop and electronica/dance. Because he is primarily a comedian-actor, his music career is often seen as an extension to his talents and not necessarily as a breakthrough in the j-pop industry. His vocals aren’t incredible, but they’re not at all bad. Fujii’s international fanbase grew as a result of his debut, and many more grew to appreciate his fun dance songs.

Fujii Takashi doesn’t release music too often, but he continues to delve further into his music career from time to time. The title track from his most recent single [OH MY JULIET!] was written by acclaimed artist Tommy february6 and instantly became a success.


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01. Ai mo Kawarazu

[Ai mo Kawarazu] is the second single by Fujii Takashi. While his more recent works are well-revered, I believe that they also overshadow his refreshing 2000 releases, namely this one. By definition, ‘ai mo kawarazu’ is synonymous to the Japanese expression ‘aikawarazu,’ meaning ’same as usual.’ The phrase in this context however is ambiguous and also holds a meaning of ‘unchanging love.’

This song is very much electronica/dance, combining catchy rhythms with dominating electronic sounds. Just like his first single, this song has had contributions from GAKU-MC. Though what makes this song unique from his works and similar songs of the same genre is the composition itself. The first thing that catches your attention is the pulsing electronic beat, but you can also hear subtle contributions from strings, bells, and even timpani. While their sounds may not stick out much, the fact that a purely classical instrument like timpani is included in a song like this is both uncommon and refreshing. Because of this, this song tends to stand out within the dance genre of music. The catchy factor is also nothing short of innovative with plenty of fast-paced beats that you may easily find yourself dancing along to.

Fujii Takashi’s vocals have balanced out since “Nanda Kanda” and complement the soft sounds in this song rather well. His comedic image is difficult to visualize since the overall content of “Ai mo Kawarazu” is serious. This autumnal work’s general theme is the tireless and often endless search for love. As usual you continue running down a chosen path; as usual you are searching for someone. You only have now to make your decisions, and it isn’t over until the very end.

The PV for this track shows no story whatsoever, but instead features Fujii and a handful of backup dancing and singing to the music. The choreography as well as his outfit is as expressive as his character. The choreography itself is incredibly polished and fun to watch, especially by the end when so many people join in to have a good time.

Rating: ★★★★½


02. Ai mo Kawarazu ~ deep Autumn extended mix

The coupling to this single is an enhanced version of ‘Ai mo Kawarazu’. This rendition includes a soothing intro using the same soft sounds heard in the original, but the volume is increased so we hear more of it. A harp has been added to the mix to give the definitive classical feel a boost. The electronic beats and tones are predominant as usual and have also received an increase in bass. The running time for this track is a little over a minute longer than the previous, but it was composed well enough to not become repetitive.

Rating: ★★★★½


Overall I am very satisfied with this single. It has a certain contemporary aura that I especially enjoy in modern music while retaining an upbeat and dramatic nature all the way through. Sure it’s not too impressive to couple a song with another version of itself, but ‘Ai mo Kawarazu’ is an experience all on its own and is definitely worth another play through, especially if the second time adds on to that experience.

Overall Rating: ★★★★½


Ai mo Kawarazu
Ai mo Kawarazu CD cover
  1. Ai mo Kawarazu
  2. Ai mo Kawarazu ~ deep Autumn extended mix

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