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Ayumi performing at a-nation '07
Ayumi performing at a-nation '07

The summer season has arrived to a closure with the popular annual field live tour, a-nation. This music festival is organized by avex, where their most popular artists perform on stage. The performances were mobilized in 5 cities and 7 public performances spanning over 26 days. The last public performance was held in Ajinomoto Stadium in Tokyo. Around 45,000 people were present to this event.

This event has been initiated in 2002 and has been a hit. This is the 6th year for a-nation and the popularity of this tour has not waned. Around 230,000 have attended this year.

It has been estimated that 1,500 million yen have been spent to organize the whole event and 7,500 people were employed as staff.

Several popular acts and regulars were present in a-nation ‘07: Ami Suzuki, Ai Otsuka, Koda Kumi, TRF and Ayumi Hamasaki. Furthermore a few surprise artists were scheduled to appear, most particularly Remioromen, mihimaru GT and Anna Tsuchiya. Surprisingly BoA did not attend a-nation this year.

Ai Otsuka performed six songs, including both new songs from her single “PEACH/HEART“. However her performance was highlighted with her suggestive CHU-LIP choreography lessons. Ami Suzuki would once again open the event, with four songs, including the hit “Delightful” and her new song “FREE FREE“.

Koda Kumi has performed six songs, several from her summer single “FREAKY“. Needless to say, Kumi’s performances included choreography and her energetic personality. This year she wore another sexy outfit, with black hot pants, bikini top and a see-through halter-neck.

As always, Hamasaki would perform the last public performance, with the longest setlist. Sporting her new haircut, she presented a spectacular performance with eight songs. With bold and sexy outfits, Hamasaki has managed to stun her fans, most particularly with a camouflage one piece accentuated with her pole dancing, inside a cage. Furthermore she has also performed her new song “talkin’ 2 myself” for the first time at a-nation ‘07. Several journalists would mention how Hamasaki’s new song suggested changing the catastrophe of her break up with Nagase into something more positive. Ayumi’s tattoo, which had been done with her ex was nowhere in sight.

“I am very happy that in this summer I was able to be round it off with a-nation, together with you all, this year also.”

The concert rounded up after nine hours of music. Unfortunately, an audio problem took place halfway throughout the concert. The result was that several artists’ vocals were drowned by their own band. For those who are anxious to watch this concert, WOWOW will broadcast the finale on the 29th September, followed by the DVD release on the 7th of November.


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sakuranbo September 8, 2007 at 11:27 am

awwww~i wish i was there! i love ku-chan,ai-chan, and mostly ayu x]!


Meg September 2, 2007 at 5:04 pm

I knew something happened with the sound. It wasn’t too bad though… hopefully they fix it before releasing.


poisonedsodapop UNITED STATES August 30, 2007 at 12:37 am

Wow, I would’ve loved to have been there. A ton of my favorite performers in one place! Ah well, perhaps one day.


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