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November 2007

Base Ball Bear – C

by oroitsme on November 24, 2007 · 2 comments · AddThis

Base Ball Bear
Base Ball Bear promoting C, L-R: Yuasa Shohei, Koide Yusuke, Horinouchi Daisuke, Sekine Shiori
Artist: Base Ball Bear
Product Code: TOCT-26149
Release Date: 2006.11.29
Label: EMI Music Japan

Base Ball Bear is a pop-rock band created by a group of high school students who originally created an OASIS cover band. Their stand-out trademark is their use of both male and female vocals with their female bassist, Sekine Shiori, who contributes to the main vocals of male guitarist and vocalist Koide Yusuke. Guitarist Yuasa Shohei and drummer Horinouchi Daisuke round out the band.

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by Rinoa on November 8, 2007 · 21 comments · AddThis

Anyband Promo Poster
Artists: BoA, Junsu, Tablo, Jin Bora
Release Date: 2007.11.08
Language: Korean
Genre: Pop

BoA happens to be a household name for K-Pop and J-Pop fans. Although I’ve always felt that BoA’s current Japanese career isn’t particularly outstanding, I’ve always known that she had a lot of potential, drive and talent. To make matters worse her Korean career has almost been on hold since her 2005 album “Girls on Top”. Luckily for us fans, the rumors of her being part of the new Samsung AnyCall’s advertisement campaign was true, which meant new music with a Korean flavor.

Apart from BoA, three other famous artists were chosen to be the spokespersons of Anycall. BoA was decided to star alongside with Xiah Junsu of DBSK, Tablo of Epik High and Jin Bora, a young piano wonder. Apparently they were chosen to replace Lee Hyori. As well as being the new faces of Anycall, the artists were chosen to collaborate together and perform together as a pop group called “Anyband”.

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