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Anyband Promo Poster
Artists: BoA, Junsu, Tablo, Jin Bora
Release Date: 2007.11.08
Language: Korean
Genre: Pop

BoA happens to be a household name for K-Pop and J-Pop fans. Although I’ve always felt that BoA’s current Japanese career isn’t particularly outstanding, I’ve always known that she had a lot of potential, drive and talent. To make matters worse her Korean career has almost been on hold since her 2005 album “Girls on Top”. Luckily for us fans, the rumors of her being part of the new Samsung AnyCall’s advertisement campaign was true, which meant new music with a Korean flavor.

Apart from BoA, three other famous artists were chosen to be the spokespersons of Anycall. BoA was decided to star alongside with Xiah Junsu of DBSK, Tablo of Epik High and Jin Bora, a young piano wonder. Apparently they were chosen to replace Lee Hyori. As well as being the new faces of Anycall, the artists were chosen to collaborate together and perform together as a pop group called “Anyband”.

Rumors started circulating in September when the filming was taking place. Filming of the promotional video and the advertisement were shot in Brazil. The focus of Samsung’s marketing scheme was on the spokespersons’ talent and their success. In November an official site was launched, announcing that the campaign would be unveiled on the 7th November and the full commercial would premiere in Korea. On the 7th, Anyband attended a press conference. Furthermore a concert is scheduled on the 27th November at the Central City, Millenium Hall in Seoul.

BoA promoting Samsung

Considering the fact that Samsung happens to be the second biggest cell phone company, the promotional campaign still happened to be one of the most exciting ones I’ve ever seen. A lot of emphasis was put on promoting a positive image towards unity, happiness, love and music. The motto for this campaign was ‘TALK, PLAY, LOVE’ . Interestingly enough, while several people believe technology does isolate people, Samsung opted to promote the concept that technology unites people.

The promotional video featured both of the new songs and lasted over nine minutes. Moving towards sci-fiction, futuristic setting, this video had an atmosphere which reminded me of “Noir” movies. In some way, this video’s style reminded me a lot of Ayumi Hamasaki’s infamous promotional video “Endless Sorrow”. The whole plot was based on a society which forbids love, fun and communication and is focused on an efficient discipline system.

With this new concept, Samsung might be trying to symbolise a scenario which is reflected on many economically developed nations. People’s lifestyles have changed a lot in the past decades. Presently the focus happens to be on efficiency, discipline, work performance and the endless attempt to keep up with the changing market patterns, brought by globalisation. The result is that people are having less and less time for leisure. Commuting and traveling for work have led people to isolate themselves from their family and loved ones. Samsung brings forward the concept that by using their cell phones, they could communicate to their loved ones and relax from their hectic lifestyle.

All the members of Anyband were part of a rebel movement to overtake the current system and revive the concept of ‘TALK, PLAY, LOVE’. Throughout the first part of the video, the four are engaged in several illegal activities. Contrasting with the regular citizens, Anyband have a wardrobe which suggests a rebellious attitude, with an urban edge. They use their cell phones to record and later broadcast their performance of “TPL”. After the broadcast is interrupted by the disciplinary authorities, Anyband successfully manage to perform “Promise You” on top of four high buildings.


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1. TPL (Talk Play Love)

TPL” reflects the whole concept behind Samsung’s marketing scheme. A lot of focus was on the motto ‘TALK, PLAY, LOVE’, which was continuously repeated throughout the track. “TPL” contains the same elements of the dance/house genre, with a repetitive composition, while retaining the quality that makes it so addictive. The track happens to have a rather consistent pattern, with a mid-tempo velocity and a semi-sterile, melancholic and hopeless tone.

The vocals happen to bring life to this song and move it through constant evolution. While at least two artists repeatedly sing the same lyrics, the vocals shift from one tone to another, with Tablo rapping and BoA’s spectacular vocals soaring dramatically. She hits the high notes so well that the atmosphere created is almost surreal. These vocal changes completely transform the tone of the song. I really enjoyed how they blended in the vocals together to create a complex arrangement. Jin Bora’s piano solo are featured twice; at the beginning of the track and while accompanying BoA’s solo. It is evident that Jin Bora has talent to sell and her piano solo brings a lot of emotion and colour within this song. I really like how they gave all of the artists a solo piece, which highlights their best musical qualities.

Rating: ★★★★½


Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

2. Promise You

Promise You” contains a more upbeat, lively and attractive beat. With a more positive tone, the song highlights dreams, love, trust and music. Basically the song falls within the “feel good” slot. The pop-rock genre fitted perfectly with the video’s atmosphere and the strong message that was being transmitted. The chorus is particularly powerful, especially since various parts of the chorus were layered, particularly with Junsu’s and BoA’s higher notes.

Promise You” manages to showcase Anyband’s talents much more prominently. More time is allotted for each artist to perform solo. Tablo’s rapping interlude was very powerful and was mostly sung in English, suggesting a possible romance between the characters of BoA and himself. Jin Bora’s piano skills were beyond impressive and Junsu’s vocals brought warmth and hope. However BoA’s vocals were the main focus of this song. She maneuvered the rest of the vocalists, with her strong and emotional vocals, while complementing perfectly with Junsu.

Rating: ★★★★★



After a relatively lackluster year for the majority of Japan’s singles, “Anyband” was a very welcome surprise. I was extremely excited to see that Samsung actually released a single, as a part of their marketing campaign. Although this was only released as a complimentary part to the commercial, this single got a first class treatment, especially when considering how Koreans rarely release singles and avoid investing too much effort in them.

Overall it’s quite evident that this single involved quite a lot of effort and contains a lot of quality. The music video is more like a short dramatic movie and the plot was emotional, enticing but retained that realistic atmosphere. The whole concept behind it was quite appealing too, making me want to purchase yet another Samsung cell phone. My only gripe is the fact that this was released only in digital format, because I would have definitely purchased this single. Anyband have successfully managed to collaborate together and push forward their talents

Anyband also happen to bring about a very powerful performance, with a combination of strong vocals and stunning musical talent, leaving the listener breathless. Evidently Samsung have chosen their new spokespersons with care because the result was a huge success in Korea. Hopefully this means even more Anyband releases in the future.

Overall Rating: ★★★★★


Cover Art

CD Tracklist

  1. TPL (Talk Play Love)
  2. Promise You
  3. TPL (Talk Play Love) (MR)
  4. Promise You (MR)


Special thanks goes to BoAjjang for translations and news articles which have helped in the completion of this review.

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Crystal November 26, 2008 at 5:03 pm

They also have a song called “Daydream”!


Rin MALAYSIA November 20, 2008 at 12:18 am

I like him,I like to listen to his rap!!<33


Jackinsonjoy March 10, 2008 at 1:24 am

Wow… I love all their songs… feel guilty for underestimating asian musics before…can’t believe all these awsome songs are just for a mobile commercial


venetia March 9, 2008 at 9:34 am

guess what… my fren has tis samsung phone..
i’m crying


Cassie-chan UNITED STATES February 4, 2008 at 11:26 pm

i so love all the songs and everything and u can really tell that tey focused on BoA more!!!!!!!! i love her so much and i love the songs so can anyone help me find also where i can download them…i tried doing it with realplayer’s new feature but it didnt work so yea…i love everything about thi ad!!!!!!!!!!!

ohhhh and before i forget i do hope they were a real band…yah!!!


heartlessangel UNITED STATES December 4, 2007 at 12:48 am

yea i follow dbsk alot so when i saw junsu i was surprised and scared he didn’t leave dbsk did he? yea so i did my research and found out it was to promote a cell phone i was really relived but i do love these two songs boa I’ve always loved cause she’s always had a powerful voice and i do love the piano. If only they worked that hard to make commercials over here lol anyway i five them 10 stars the vid was awesome and moving too so great job guys peace and love heartless out.


chicChick December 2, 2007 at 5:55 am

have any of you heard the new song that AnyBand sang as well? Its called Day Dream… JunSu composed it… it has a haunting sort of sound… but its really good… u should look for it and have a listen… its so perfect… theres also a sexy sorta feel in some parts of the song where theres bits of breathless breathing… lol… does that make sense???

BoA and JunSu singing as perfect as ever… Tablo raps as well… I think that Jin Bora is playing the violin during this song though… she’s so talented…

anywayz… this is my favourite of the three songs… ahahaha…


Flick UNITED KINGDOM November 18, 2007 at 9:20 pm

When I first came across this video on youtube, I was initially VERY skeptical about whether I’d actually like the music by AnyBand. Needless to say I was BLOWN AWAY. I like TPL and Promise You equally, but they’re both such different styles! :) I’m really glad Samsung were able to maximise the talent from all these artists to create such great music – am very much looking forward to their new releases!

p/s: Thanks for the review ;)


sljinu AUSTRALIA November 14, 2007 at 12:51 am

It’s alright. I didn’t think it was as brilliant as everyone was claiming it to be, but taking into account that it was made for a commercial, I guess it’s fairly impressive. I mean, simply because it’s made for a commercial doesn’t necessarily mean it’ll be of a lower quality, but it gave me the impression that it’s only to help the sales of the phone rather than the song itself.
Well, I guess I’ll check out any later works if they do happen to collaborate again.


Jessica Lee November 13, 2007 at 8:46 pm

TPL is such a good song. I’m a big fan of TVXQ (DBSK), so when I heard that I looked it up instantly. I’ll give it an all-star rating! D_D


badtzmaru November 11, 2007 at 8:20 pm

I just thought I’d point out that “TPL” was written and composed by Tablo! o_o No wonder I liked that song better… XD

I know what you mean, Bakahashi. >_<


sakuranbo UNITED STATES November 11, 2007 at 3:19 pm

wow i seriously like “promise you” @_@!!!
it’s seriously like a..hopeful song :]
thanks for writing a revew :]
this “band” is serioulsy awesome xDDDDD
too bad i dont kno wat they are saying ;[


Carios November 11, 2007 at 9:24 am

i think it’s really good^^ :)


Bakahashi November 11, 2007 at 12:02 am

Great review. It’s times like these I get jealous of others editing skills because I honestly couldn’t have said it better myself. Everything about the Band is awesome and I really hope they bring out another single or dare I say album.


Josh November 10, 2007 at 4:33 am

Yes I agree with everything you said and some of the comments posted here.

Promise U especially, brought me to tears when I even first heard a few seconds from the 60 second CF. Already and yeah, to think this is just an ad campaign – it blew me away just by that and then comes the full verison I watched, like WOW. And it was definitely nice to hear from BoA, after a long hiatus in Korea. These people are a great collbab with Jin Bora’s amazing paino talent, Junsu’s soothin yet strong voice and Tablo’s great voice (from rapping to singing) – this is so overwhelming. I’m also sad there’s no actual CD release for I would have DEFINITELY bought this. I’m not a big fan of digital download service really. A CD+DVD (or to consider today’s generation, a CD+HDDVD/CD + Blu-Ray) would be awesome, for the music video is just splendid.

I hope to see some kind of release like this in the future and perhaps like you said, more works from this awesome collaborated band.


badtzmaru November 9, 2007 at 7:41 pm

Nice review! I also hope AnyBand releases more music in the future.

I liked “TPL” better, and Tablo’s rap was definitely better in that song. *_*


celestial_nurse07 November 9, 2007 at 9:19 am

I totally love this single, everything was just so superb! The stars, the song, the video, the location, the CGs… wow. Kinda makes me wish that they were an actual band and also makes me want to buy the phone as well ^______^ really, really unique way to sell phones. oh and I loved your review. very informative and very well composed. keep it up ^__^


Bronwyn REPUBLIC OF KOREA November 8, 2007 at 9:22 pm


I’m new to Korea and saw the Anyband Clip as part of the advertising campaign. I was blown away by the surreal yet upbeat melody. I was so effected by the sound I am still left speachless and sit mesmerised by the haunting vocals of “Promise You”, everytime I see the clip on TV. The message of this song is not lost in the lyrics and my lack of Korean language knowledge has not prevented me from being drawn in by such beautiful songs.
And to think it is just an advertisement for a mobile telephone company….WOW.



Leena November 8, 2007 at 9:15 pm

This single is so kickass! They should really be a real band. THEY ROCK. Their songs are so catchy and all 4 blend SO WELL together. <3


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