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January 2008

Second anniversary

by eyn on January 24, 2008 · 12 comments · AddThis

Channel-Ai 2nd Anniversary Logo
Lame logo for Channel-Ai 2nd Anniversary

First of all, this draft post has been sitting for quite some time and it’s about time for me to simply press the publish button… So, August 25th is the birthday for Channel-Ai Community Blog but I did not have the time to complete this anniversary post back then. In this post, I will try to sum up what we have achieved in the past two years and what we plan to achieve before hitting our 3rd anniversary. ;)

The idea of Channel-Ai Community Blog was born around mid August 2006. Back then I was thinking if I could make better use of the WordPress I initially installed for my personal blog. Since I am not that active a blogger, I reckon this blogging platform will be put into better use if I somehow allow Channel-Ai forum members to participate as writers for this blog. I discussed my proposal with Jason, my high school friend, and he liked this idea so much that he was willing to be one of the first writer for this blog, showing what could be done to promote the latest release of your favourite J-Pop groups and singers via this blog.

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Winter Ballades of Nami Tamaki

by Rokit on January 15, 2008 · 3 comments · AddThis

Nami's 15th Single Winter Ballades Artist: Nami Tamaki
Product Code: SRCL-6664-6666
Release Date: 2007.12.26
Highest Ranking: #04
Label: Sony Music

After several months from her previous single, Brightdown, Nami is back but this time offering a new direction once again with her musical style. This time Nami tackles the ballade genre for her new 15th single “Winter Ballades”, offering something that she has never offered before as an a-side single. Once the single was announced, there was information that the a-side would be a ballad, the b-side tracks would contain one cover song and a song written by Nami herself and a CD+DVD version as well.

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Close to Fantasy

by oroitsme on January 9, 2008 · 4 comments · AddThis

Promotional picture of JYONGRI
Product Code: TOCT-26214,26215
Release Date: 2007.03.21
Highest Ranking: #25
Label: Toshiba EMI
Editions: CD or CD+DVD

JYONGRI is a singer of Korean Heritage who was born in Osaka. She went to international school and is fluent in English as well as Japanese, and incorporates English into her songs. She started writing her own lyrics and music from a young age, having even attended the summer music program in Berklee College of Music. Her trademark is her playing a forward-tilting electronic keyboard both in music videos and in live performances.

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