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August 2008

LOVE IS BORN ~3rd Anniversary 2006~

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The special photobook cover that was included with first press DVD.

To celebrate her third year since her debut with Momo no Hanabira, Otsuka Ai held a special concert at Hibiya Yagai Ongaku-Do on September 9, 2006 entitled 【LOVE IS BORN】~3rd Anniversary 2006~. But this was more than an anniversary concert for her, as September 9 was also her 24th birthday and hence the title of the concert “Love is Born” as Ai’s name means “love” in Japanese.

The concert’s DVD was released on January 1, 2007 making it the 3rd DVD concert released by Ai. In addition to a special 40 page photobook that was released as a first press item for the DVD, fans who pre-order the DVD online from mu-mo by November 16, 2006 also received a replica of the staff passes used at the concert.

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At Home Dad

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At Home Dad Logo

At Home Dad is a family comedy dorama that aired in the spring of 2004 consisting 12 episodes and a special. Abe Hiroshi and Shinohara Ryoko played the leading roles along with some fresh young faces that play the neighborhood’s children. The story revolves around the lives of two stay at home dads and the challenge to master the various household tasks that has to be done while holding on to a sense of male pride.

The interesting thing about this dorama is that it challenges Japan’s stereotypical gender role and the belief that a man should enter a good university, graduate from it and enter the workforce with a promising future to support his family. While the general storyline is about a stay at home dad, it also touches other society norms such as the belief that women should stay at home after marriage and being a housewife is a very simple task.

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mihimaru GT Interview – I Should Be So Lucky / Ai Kotoba

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Excite Interview Photoshoot

This article is translated from an interview done with mihimaru GT by Excite Music.
Translation by sljinu

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NEWS – pacific

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NEWS featured in Oricon Style
NEWS in 2007.11.12 issue of Oricon Style
Artist: NEWS
Product code: JECN-0149/0150
Release date: 2007.11.07
Highest Ranking: #1
Label: Johnny’s Entertainment
Limited Edition: 2 extra tracks, photo booklet

After two members were put onto suspension for underage drinking, NEWS were taken out from public view despite their upcoming single “SAYAENDOU/Hadashi no Cinderella Boy” and, after the release of the single with almost no promotion, went on hiatus in spring of 2006. During this time, the remaining six members continued on with other musical and acting projects. They rejoined on New Years Eve 2007 as a six member group, at which time the ban of NEWS images and promotion were lifted.

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Rocket Sneaker / OnexTime

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Otsuka Ai
Bea's UP feat. Otsuka Ai
Artist: Ai Otsuka
Product Code: AVCD-31412/1
Release Date: 2008.05.21
Highest Ranking: #4
Genre: Pop
Label: avex trax
Format: CD+DVD

Five months after the under appreciated Pocket was released, a new single Rocket Sneaker/OnexTime was announced. Rumors started early March, with a variety of bizarre names appearing, the most common being ‘Ai no Kagaku/STAR’. Ai’s official site would announce the new single in April, effectively silencing all rumors.

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