Ayu’s 10th Anniversary Tour conclusion

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Ayumi Hamasaki performing in Shanghai

Ayumi Hamasaki’s spectacular “Asia Tour 2008 ~10th Anniversary~” has finally arrived to a conclusion after six months of touring in Asia. Hamasaki and her staff spent three months in the preparation of her tour, with a total production fee of 8 million NT.

The tour officially kicked off on the 5th of April in Yoyogi Stadium and was concluded in Japan on the 29th June in the same venue. After a three month break, she resumed her tour performing in Shanghai, Hong Kong and Taipei.

In Japan, Hamasaki performed 27 concerts in 10 cities. It was reported that 230,000 fans attended her concerts in Japan. She had 5 additional performances in three other cities in Asia. In total Hamasaki had 32 concerts with a grand total of 280,000 fans attending her concerts.

The concert setlist spanned to 21 songs and 10 songs were derived from “GUILTY”. The most acclaimed performances were “Marionette”, where she performed on a huge revolving music box and “Mirrorcle World”, where Ayu performed on top of a large boat designed to commemorate her 10th anniversary. Hamasaki had nine costume changes

The MC was different from her typical ones in the past. It contained video letters from DJ OZMA, Mao Asada, TRF and her staff. They congratulated Ayu on her 10th anniversary. A film presentation was also shown, displaying important events in her 10 year career. Furthermore there was a 1.8 metre long cake presented to Ayu. Finally Ayu and her dancers taught the audience the choreography for “MY ALL”.

At her Asian stops, Ayu was greeted with huge enthusiasm by fans and she took any opportunity to sign autographs. In Hong Kong Ayu went shopping and bought boots within 15 minutes. This time the store wasn’t closed just for her and some fans recognised her. Ayu signed some autographs afterwards. In the Shangai airport Ayu lost her Diorette ring, which was given to her by Mika John as a birthday present. Luckily a fan found this ring and returned it to Ayu and this prompted her to invite around ten fans to her hotel to show her gratitude. Later on Ayu shot her promotional video for her new single “GREEN” and attended a press conference for Wacoal.

On her final stop in Taiwan, Ayu performed in Taipei Dome. Hamasaki would also perform a small section of “Who…” in Chinese. Max Matsuura, Avex’s director, was also present, sitting in the second row. Other Taiwanese celebrities like Shin, Xiao Yu, Danson Tang attended the concert. Show Luo who had interviewed Ayumi Hamasaki in 2002 had canceled his appearances on TV in order to watch her concert. Apparently Jolin, a huge Ayu fan did not attend her concert this time.

Ayu and her staff celebrated the conclusion of her tour by partying in an elite club called “Primo”. It was reported that the pub was booked only for Ayu’s staff and thirty bodyguards were present. There was a 150 cm tall cake and around 70 people were present. Primo welcomed Ayu in an extravagant manner by preparing a red carpet with her “A” logo printed onto it. She walked onto the red carpet with Shuya.

Photos showed that Ayu and Shuya looked quite close, which made many fans speculate that they are together. Ayu would post on her blog to negate any rumors. Both ZIN and Peco also posted about this event on their blog, with photos included. Despite all the publicity over this occasion, Primo had a very strict security plan by making the waiter sign a letter in order to make sure that no information is leaked to the media.

Apparently the party was quite wild and Ayu spent over 20 thousand for champagne only. The party started at 1.00am and ended at 5.30am. Thus it’s not a surprise that on the next day Ayu was a little late for her flight. The flight was scheduled at 2.50pm but Ayu left her hotel at 1.30pm. At the airport, Ayu was guarded by many bodyguards and she didn’t stop to give autographs this time.


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remblue UNITED STATES November 17, 2008 at 2:22 am

Oh such a busy year for Ayu despite what some ayu fans may say. A long tour and to end the year we still are expecting Green/Days & CDL 2008-2009 Thanks for sharing details concerning her Anniversary Tour. & Congrats to Ayu on 10 years. I’d love for her to go another 10 lol ^_^


Aprilis CANADA November 15, 2008 at 4:33 am

I didn’t realize this year’s tour was so long! Then again, it is Ayu’s 10th anniversary and I shouldn’t have expected any less from her. Now I’m really looking forward to the DVD release!


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