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Hitomi Shimatani in Parallel Movie
Hitomi Shimatani promo for Parallel Movie

Hitomi Shimatani’s musical career has slowed down considerably in 2008, leaving many fans quite disappointed. Hitomi released only two singles, one album and one DVD. Furthemore her promotional campaigns for her releases were cut down considerably, making her appearances less frequent.

However 2009 is certainly sounding more promising especially since 2009 is set to be her 10th anniversary. avex trax has already started planning and unveiling her schedule to the public and it sounds quite exciting for Shimatani fans!

Currently Hitomi is preparing for yet another musical called 「さよなら、ザザ!」, which is set to be performed in December and January. Her blog entries frequently mention her dancing lessons.

An anniversary calendar is set to be released by Honninaru, which will soon start accepting reservations. The price for this calendar is ¥3,000. The calendar will contain covers and images from her past releases. A second best album to celebrate her 10th anniversary is also scheduled to be released. No other details have been unveiled yet about the date and content of this album. Additionally, it is highly probable that her Flare live will be packaged in a DVD or with her best album.

January seems to be quite busy for Hitomi. Hitomi is going back to the acting scene with the movie “Parallel“, where she has the role of Yoko, the main character’s supportive wife. Additionally she is singing the theme song dedicated to movie, “SMILES”. The single “SMILES” is scheduled to be released in February 2009. It will be premiered on the 10th January in Shibuya. Furthermore Hitomi was invited to perform in Dream Live 2009 on the 29th January.

Finally the most surprising piece of news is that Hitomi will go on tour in Hawaii to celebrate her 10th anniversary. This will be her second visit back to Hawaii, the island where she went to shoot her first photobook. It is scheduled to be from the 5th to the 10th of March. The tour will cost 248,000 yen, travel costs to and from Narita included.

Hopefully there are more exciting surprises from Hitomi and that 2009 will bring a fresh new start for this talented artist.


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DARC UNITED STATES December 28, 2008 at 5:06 am

oh really!..i think its really good but well i guess you like her pop songs more huh? but yeah..oh no not smiles i mean well her not so new single WAKE YOU UP/Ame no Hi ni wa Ame no Naka wo Kaze no Hi ni wa Kaze no Naka wo/Marvelous its her lates single thats why i say new lol but yeah do you think you can?


Rinoa December 27, 2008 at 7:27 am

To be honest I’m not very fond of her new album… I might give it a shot but I’m not exactly keen to do it. And with regards her new single, do you mean her upcoming one in February? :)


DARC UNITED STATES December 26, 2008 at 10:39 am

hey Rinoa do you think you can do a review on her new album flare? or her new single?


:D CANADA November 22, 2008 at 7:00 am

thats all i can say


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