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This article is translated from an interview done with ERIKA by Yahoo.
Translation by sljinu

Yahoo: Could you please tell us how you felt about your debut?

Erika: It’s an extremely dignified feeling. I never actually thought that I’d debut but I was still excited about it all the same. It was fantastic, being able to officially debut.


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Yahoo: FREE has quite a wild rock tune. Could you give us your initial thoughts on the song?

Erika: I basically fell in love with it instantly from the moment the guitar intro came in. My thoughts about it haven’t really changed since then.


Yahoo: What kind of impression did you want to give with regards to the song?

Erika: (listening to the song) Well, the first thoughts that came to my mind were like “This isn’t me! I wanna become this sort of person instead!” I wanted to express that feeling of breaking out from yourself, hence the title FREE. How can I say it…like, how was I going to go about expressing that feeling of being released from those chains before.


Yahoo: It seems that there were a lot of phrases that you fussed over while you were writing the lyrics but which was the phrase that you worked on the most?

Erika: That’s a secret (laughs)! It’s just that I found the answer to the problem that troubled me the most while writing this song. It was fixed up after the entire recording process was finished though. It’d be interesting if you could find that part.


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Yahoo: The second track, FANTASY takes a complete turn away from the rock-edged FREE.

Erika: I thought “This is perfect!” Geez, I got so excited in the recording studio (laughs). The moment I heard it, I was like “What is this? It’s so exciting! I so have to sing this!”


Yahoo: Do you normally listen to house music?

Erika: Speaking in really broad terms, I only ever listen to rock and house music. For as long as I can remember, I have always listened to those kinds of songs.


FANTASY screenshot
FANTASY Promotional Video Screenshot

Yahoo: This song gives the impression of the theme of “If the world was to end tomorrow…” and lines written by you have been inset within the lyrics. What sort of theme did you have in mind when you wrote it?

Erika: I had quite a broad idea in my mind. Humans are multi-faceted creatures and we always show a different side of ourselves to different people. However, the questions that we try to find the answer to never changes. I wrote four patterns and I tried to express those different faces we show through those four patterns. Like for example, “Why do we experience both grief and joy?”


Yahoo: You recorded all of the three songs straight after each other. Is this your way of checking over your music?

Erika: That’s because I just wanted to keep singing (laughs)! I like to just keep on singing so it’s sort of like “I don’t want to stop now!” (laughs). That way, you don’t lose the groove, you know? I always concentrate heavily on the melody and the lyrics in order to form it into like, my theme song. That’s why I always sing from my mind.


FREE Promo
Making of FREE's Promotional Video

Yahoo: Doesn’t that become stressful then?

Erika: That doesn’t really matter because it’s also my duty to create that understanding for the listener. You wouldn’t want them thinking like “O…k….” would you? It was kind of stressful when working on the lyrics as well but that fantastic feeling when you finally get it right… that “This is it! Yes! I was waiting for this!!” sorta thing. It’s just a really great feeling (laughs). Despite the fact that the song is now complete, even though I know it hasn’t reached that 100 point perfection yet, I’m still going to give it my all in future songs to be as perfect as possible.


Yahoo: So basically, you could kind of call this your ecstasy?

Erika: I guess (laughs). My opinion on this is not going to change.


Yahoo: So, you’ve taken the first step with your debut but what kind of activity are you going to participate in, in the future?

Erika: I want to continue singing songs I love. Songs that seem to suit me, songs that I can enjoy; I want to continue singing those. I don’t ever want to delude myself and lose my own way. I want to try harder to seriously express my joy and happiness in my music.


Yahoo: So, you definitely enjoy singing?

Erika: Yep. I’ve realized that it’s absolutely fantastic. I want to continue enjoying music even more.


Yahoo: And as a last question to finish off, when I saw your photographs, I noticed that even though you were displaying that wild side, you still seemed like you were also displaying your elegance and femininity, am I right (laughs)?

Erika: Gee, I wonder (laughs). Or rather, I can’t really tell. After all, a person is always growing and changing and I just want to show that process. I don’t believe that I should have to be a particular type of person but rather, I want to show who I am now. I want everyone to be able to watch me mature as I forever keep changing. And this Erika’s journey has only just begun.

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Rinoa November 30, 2008 at 8:09 pm

Nice translation. Really brings out Erika’s personality and the way she thinks. It’s a shame Erika isn’t active in her music career any longer. I hope she does resume at a certain point. Looking forward for other translations from you!


remblue UNITED STATES November 17, 2008 at 3:06 am

Thanks for the translation :) You did a great job. ; ; I miss Erika I know she’s an actress first and all But I thought her music was very good and I’d love to hear more from her :( This interview really shows her in a new light.


AhMeD1LoT November 14, 2008 at 3:24 am

thanx dude i like it !!


Erik UNITED STATES November 13, 2008 at 5:17 am

Thanks! This was really interesting.

BTW, you wanted to know if there were more recent interviews you could translate about music? Check your PMs on ESN ;)


hydetetsu November 12, 2008 at 11:14 pm

Good Job at the translation~ NICE
and of course Thanks



bleach1st AUSTRALIA November 12, 2008 at 7:11 pm

thanks for the translation… interesting :D


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