Ayumi sings for “Dandy Daddy”

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Hamasaki at Dandy Daddy Media Conference

On Thursday nights at 9pm, starting from July 9th, TV Asahi will air the drama series “Dandy Daddy“. The story will center around the romance novelist Ryunosuke Isaki and the theme song will be sung Ayumi Hamasaki from her new single, “Sunrise/Sunset ~ LOVE is ALL ~”.

The song was composed by a new composer in Ayu’s team, Hana Nishimura and arranged by CMJK. As always, Ayu would pen the lyrics.

This marks her first theme song tie-up with a drama since the 2003 release of “forgiveness”, approximately six years ago.

Ayumi created this song as a typical drama summer theme song. Ryuosuke Isaki is the hero of this love drama and he says that he wants to sing this theme song of love. Ayumi managed to achieve this surprise. The music has delighted the staff and actors. This summer song has managed to be a perfect fit for the drama.

Ayumi Hamasaki also commented about the theme song.

“We talked for a long time about the drama theme song and I am honored of being chosen. I have gotten to read the script, feeling utterly in character to create this song, and gave me inspiration to write the lyrics . Everyone should experience song is in bloom, and enjoy the happy memories of this summer. ”

Ayumi would also attend at the Dandy Daddy Media Conference as a surprise guest. She appeared presenting a huge bouquet of red roses and chocolate to the cast. She wore a vivid flowered sundress and a dazzling smile, which was fitting for the summer season. All actors were really surprised to meet Ayumi.

Ayumi would also join the cast for dinner, where Tachi Hiroshi prepared soup and beef and managed to “wow” Ayumi with his cooking skills.


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Yes it’s true! I couldn’t believe it has been around 7 months! I will try to blog more frequently :)


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