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Drive Away Promotional Picture

This article is translated from an interview done with Girl Next Door’s Chisa by Yahoo!
Translation by Rinoa

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“The whole room is tinged only by Winnie the Pooh yellow.” (Chisa)

The female artist has an interview where she answers those anxious questions at one go… At the same time she has a relating private photo taken during this interview! I want to catch a glimpse of the real face which is not easily seen. This was done as part of the serial “GIRL’S ROOM” from the original start of the outline. This time, there’s the presence of the vocalist Chisa of GIRL NEXT DOOR who have recently released Drive away/Shiawase no Joken on the 8th October 2009. This is the third single release after two consecutive months.


One answer and one question session for Chisa (GIRL NEXT DOOR)


Yahoo!: What fashion style are you into recently?

Chisa: The pleated skirt with suspenders! It carries a certain impact, it’s easy to put on and I like it a lot.


Chisa at the Interview
Chisa's candid shot

Yahoo!: How about delicious food?

Chisa: Beans silverberry of Jelly Beans. When I was going abroad for the shoots for music videos and photoshoots, I bought items for the sake of stocking on food. There are other flavours I tried and these beans were also the same flavour of my favourite ice cream. Does anybody also know about it? The ice cream of Cold Stone Creamery? It is a cake with ice cream and a topping a cold stone. It has a silverberry taste. Delicious …!


Yahoo!: And private items that you like recently?

Chisa: I am addicted to Winnie the Pooh! My curtains, futon, bath, the rest room, tableware and the stuffed animals and pretty much the whole room is tinged only with Winnie the Pooh yellow.


Yahoo!: CD, T-shirts, and musical instruments …… of memories. The item which is more important to you related to music?

Chisa: iPod it is! I am always listening to music in this. Not only I can listen to music, I can also see the videos, and I store photos in it so it’s considerably convenient and useful! The music and videos of our times together. I take full advantage of this item (laughs)


Yahoo!: Which item do you always carry around and is an indispensable item?

Chisa: The lucky charm which I bought when we went to Meiji Shrine this year. I think that with “victory” there must be a feeling of “beating” oneself and that’s how I spent this year. To always recall that feeling, I always carry it with me.


Yahoo!: Please give us an impression of an episode of when you had an appearance at a-nation’08 where you performed this summer.

Chisa: We were at Ehime, performing at a-nation. It was out first live broadcasting ever and the MC called “Stop Global Warming“. Suddenly I said it aloud and I must have surprised everyone there. I was questioned by the surprised staff and friends (laugh) I gave four performances when I made it to Ehime, Osaka and Tokyo. Despite not having our debut yet, a lot of people waved back to us and we were really happy about it!


Yahoo!: Tell us a little about your new single Drive Away/Shiawase no Joken and how to listen to it.

Chisa: It was the second single and it was released as a double A side single. Before I used to listen to songs of various artists to get encouragement and strength. I though such a song as Drive Away would cheer and encourage everyone this time! Even though as GIRL NEXT DOOR, we just had our debut, it’s possible to begin to run with everybody who is has dreams and goals to achieve them.


Author’s Note: First of all, Happy New Year! Hope you had a great holiday and that you’re geared for 2010. Hope we get a great year with great music from GIRL NEXT DOOR and other acts!

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