Oricon Style: Contributions to Television

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Kimura Takuya
Kimura Takuya topped the actors list

The 30th January 2010 marked the 57th anniversary of television broadcast in Japan. Once more Oricon Style stepped in to create a poll in celebration of this occasion. People could submit their votes on those celebrities who they feel made the most contribution to television.

Kimura Takuya from SMAP, nicknamed as Kimutaku was the winner in the actor category. In fact, ever since 1993’s Asunaro Hakusho, Kimutaku has had a string of hit dramas, including memorable roles in Long Vacation and Beautiful Life. He is very deserving of the award.

In the singer’s category, ‘Showa’s Songstress’ Misora Hibari was voted first. In the comedian category, Downtown, the comedic duo comprised of Matsumoto Hitoshi and Hamada Masatoshi placed first. Many voters even complimented them for being revolutionaries in the comedy world. The most contribution by a television host went to Tamori, the host of two long-running television shows, Music Station and Waratte Iitomo.

It seems that most of the personalities listed seem to have been in the television scene for quite a while since relative newcomers have been left out. Several of these celebrities listed have had a very long history in the entertainment scene, spanning over ten years.

Actors and Actresses

1. Kimura Takuya
2. Ishihara Yujiro
3. Mori Mitsuko
4. Yoshinaga Sayuri
5. Nakama Yukie
6. Matsuda Yusaku
7. Oda Yuji
8. Fukuyama Masaharu
9. Matsushima Nanako
10. Mizushima Hiro


1. Downtown
2. Beat Takeshi
3. Akashiya Sanma
4. The Drifters
5. Audrey
6. Nishikawa Kiyoshi & Yokoyama Yasushi
7. Tunnels (Tonneruzu)
8. Shimada Shinsuke
9. Hannya
10. Hagimoto Kinichi


1. Misora Hibari
3. Arashi
4. Yamaguchi Momoe
5. Matsuda Seiko
7. Pink Lady
8. Hamasaki Ayumi
9. Southern All Stars
10. Amuro Namie

Talk Show Hosts / MCs

1. Tamori
2. Akashiya Sanma
3. Shimada Shinsuke
4. Mino Monta
5. Nagashima Shigeo
6. Ichiro
7. Tokumitsu Kazuo
8. Beat Takeshi
9. Kuroyanagi Tetsuko
10. Nakai Masahiro


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