Capsule of Wind for Birdman

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Chisa promoting Birdman

Girl Next Door will be the releasing the theme song for Birdman, which will be featured in the triple a sided single due to be released on the 13th October.

The song Capsule of Wind will be sponsored by Yomuri TV to celebrate the comeback after two years of Birdman Iwatani 2010 Special Contest.

This popular tournament has been held for 32 times since 1977 and has been broadcast every year. The aim is to help people who wish to “fly” to realise that dream and also developing a large general interest in aircraft. However it was suspended in 2008 and the 33th edition will be held after two year.

It is the first time that this show will have an official theme song and was done in order to revive this show. The song will feature the bright smile of innocence from Chisa’s vocals and the catchy and unique melodies that are so well known for Girl Next Door.

The Yomuri Nippon System national television will broadcast this special on the 24th September 2010 at 19.00. During the show Chisa will also participate, who will perform during the contest.

For those interested a preview is available on Birdman’s official website which can be accessed here.

Ready to be Lady Promo
Ready to be Lady Promo

The single will be released in three versions as follows:

9th Single “Ready to be lady (tentative) /Kaze no Capsule (Capsule of Wind)/ Shiawase no Hakari (Scales of Happiness).”
CD + DVD Edition (MUSIC VIDEO Edition): AVCD-31940 / B \ 1,890 (tax in)
CD + DVD Edition (LIVE Video Edition): AVCD-31941 / B \ 1,890 (tax in)
CD ONLY: AVCD-31942 \ 1,050 (tax in)
Released 2010/10/13



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JPop FRANCE November 22, 2010 at 10:02 am

She is really beautiful! I didn’t know her music, I will listen to her to see how it is, it looks promising :)


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