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ura E ~Complete B-side Melodies~

by spellcheck on August 25, 2006 · 3 comments · AddThis

ZONE backstage at 'ZONE FINAL IN BUDOKAN ~Kokoro wo Komete Arigatou~
ZONE backstage at 'ZONE FINAL IN BUDOKAN ~Kokoro wo Komete Arigatou~
Title: “ura E ~Complete B-side Melodies~”
Artist: ZONE
Release Date: April 18, 2006
First Press: Bonus 28 page booklet
Record Label: Sony Records

Nearly 1 year after the official disbandment of bandoru group ZONE, an official website notice stated that a poll was up for fans to select three of their favorite non-single tracks from their discography. From the poll results, “ura E ~Complete B-side Melodies~” was born. Full of album and b-side tracks hand-picked by the most dedicated ZONE fans themselves, “ura E” was meant as a supplement to the original compilation, “E ~Complete A-side Singles~”. (“Ura”, which means “the other side”, is normally a term used in album titles in this manner, to indicate a compilation of songs other than single tracks.) The first press version offered a bonus 28 page booklet of pictures of the rehearsal and behind-the-scenes happenings from their final concert, “ZONE FINAL IN NIHON BUDOKAN ~Kokoro wo Komete Arigatou~”.

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BoA’s “Everlasting”

by spellcheck on January 29, 2006 · 10 comments · AddThis

BoA Title: Everlasting
Release Date: 06/01/18
Label: avex trax
Oricon Debut Rank: 4

Pop princess BoA released her 18th and first single of 2006, “Everlasting”, on January 18th. After the less-than-successful fall singles “make a secret” and “Dakishimeru” (“Holding You”), many speculated about the quality and potential success of this new single. The jacket photos show an overjoyed BoA smiling in front of pastel-colored flowers. As for the PV, it appears that the director attempted to create symbolism, but whether or not it worked is open to interpretation. With its debut at number 3 on both the Oricon Daily and Weekly charts, it seems that BoA is caught up in a sales slump due to many possible factors: lack of interest, lack of promotion, lack of quality, or simply the announcement of a new album, “OUTGROW”, that came too early, discouraging single sales. Whatever the case may be, shall we look at the songs?

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by spellcheck on December 4, 2005 · 25 comments · AddThis

Release Date: 09/11/05
Label: Sony Records
Oricon Debut Rank: 11

Singer/songwriter YUI is back with her 3rd single “LIFE”, released on November 9, 2005. Unlike her 1st and 2nd singles, “feel my soul” and “Tomorrow’s way” (respectively), “LIFE” is an upbeat song with a slight country feel. In addition, this song was chosen as the ending theme song of the popular Japanese anime “Bleach”. YUI, who debuted in February, is now honing her acting skills for a new movie set to come out next year called “Taiyou no Uta” (English title: “A Song to the Sun”). For now, let’s look at “LIFE”!

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BoA’s “make a secret”

by spellcheck on October 9, 2005 · 4 comments · AddThis

make a secret Title: make a secret
Release Date: 31/08/05
Label: avex trax
Oricon Debut Rank: #4

After spending the summer in Korea performing her butt off to promote her 5th album “Girls on Top”, BoA has made her return to Japan with “make a secret”, released on August 31. Before the release of “Girls on Top”, she took some vocal lessons in New York to strengthen and define her voice, which, combined with powerful dance routines, undoubtedly attributed to some of the most stunning performances of BoA’s career. Fans have been wondering what BoA could possibly do to top her amazing performances in Korea this year, and this is her answer. “make a secret”, a funky mid-tempo song, and “LONG TIME NO SEE”, a soothing, clean track written by BoA herself comprise this single’s tracklist. In the cover picture, BoA’s hair is messy and wild and she is holding her finger, which I find to be a very unique and interesting pose, perhaps like the title track itself. After proving to be more powerful than ever this summer, will BoA continue to improve or will she regress?

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YUI’s “Tomorrow’s way”

by spellcheck on September 5, 2005 · 21 comments · AddThis

Tomorrow's way cover 1. Tomorrow’s way
2. Last Train
3. feel my soul ~YUI Acoustic Version~
4. Tomorrow’s way ~Instrumental~

Newcomer YUI debuted in February with the song “feel my soul” and made her comeback on June 22 with “Tomorrow’s way”. At the age of 18, she writes the words and music to all her songs. With her sweet and innocent voice, YUI sings about maturing in “Tomorrow’s way”. This single’s cover features a picture of YUI looking out a window with her chin resting on a guitar. With rays of sunlight shining in through the windows behind her, it surely reflects the longing to grow up that is conveyed in lyrics of the title track. Let’s look at “Tomorrow’s way”!

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