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Hitomi Shimatani

Hitomi’s fading career

by Rinoa on January 8, 2010 · 6 comments · AddThis

Hitomi Shimatani
Shimatani for Otoko Uta ~20 Seiki Nostalgia~

Today I was hit with a wave of nostalgia and I ended up listening to Camellia, which was released during Hitomi Shimatani’s crossover era. This song is one of her most polished examples of the well-received crossover genre that many fans loved in the past.

Consequently I ended up echoing the rhetorical question that so many people have been asking. Where has Hitomi’s career gone? Hitomi used to be a symbol of grace and class but she seems to have gotten downgraded into singing covers rather than working on original works with talented musicians as she well deserves to be doing.

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Hitomi’s 2009 schedule

by Rinoa on November 9, 2008 · 4 comments · AddThis

Hitomi Shimatani in Parallel Movie
Hitomi Shimatani promo for Parallel Movie

Hitomi Shimatani’s musical career has slowed down considerably in 2008, leaving many fans quite disappointed. Hitomi released only two singles, one album and one DVD. Furthemore her promotional campaigns for her releases were cut down considerably, making her appearances less frequent.

However 2009 is certainly sounding more promising especially since 2009 is set to be her 10th anniversary. avex trax has already started planning and unveiling her schedule to the public and it sounds quite exciting for Shimatani fans!

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Hitomi’s New Lover

by Rinoa on October 27, 2007 · 11 comments · AddThis

Hitomi Shimatani
Hitomi Shimatani and Hiroshi Tamaki

Hitomi Shimatani’s personal life happens to be obscured from all of her fans. Most of her professional career is fairly common knowledge for everyone, but little is known about her family, friends and relationships. Unlike artists like Ayumi Hamasaki, most of her musical releases seem to be disconnected from her own inner feelings and life.

Although Hitomi is talkative and friendly, she is usually happy enough to speak about her career only. Apart from the rumored relationship with Koizumi Kotaro, Hitomi rarely was the target of tabloids and is free from any scandals.

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Shinku/Ai no Uta

by Rinoa on September 30, 2007 · 13 comments · AddThis

talkin' 2 myself photoshoot
Promo Photo for Shinku
Artist: Hitomi Shimatani
Product Code: AVCD-31285/6
Release Date: 2007.09.05
Debut Ranking: #6
First Press: A.C.E.3 Sticker
Genre: Crossover, pop
Label: avex trax

Hitomi Shimatani might no longer be one of the best sellers in the J-Pop industry but she still manages to stand out with her magnificent vocals and her enchanting aura. This has enabled Hitomi to get several interesting career opportunities. Approximately two years ago, Hitomi Shimatani released the powerful single, “Garnet Moon“, which managed to become a brilliant hit in Japan. Most of the credit is probably due to it’s tie in with the game “Another Century’s Episode” but it certainly did manage to attract the popularity of the younger audience with its’ fresh approach.

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New Musical for Hitomi

by Rinoa on September 19, 2007 · 1 comment · AddThis

Hitomi Shimatani
Hitomi Shimatani

After a successful stage performance in the musical ” Anne of Green Gables” as Anne, Hitomi Shimatani immediately resumed with her singing career, with the release of her 26th single “Shinku/Ai no Uta”. However her performance did not go unnoticed and luckily this led Hitomi to be chosen to star in yet another musical.

A month after this stage performance the media has already announced yet another musical role for Hitomi. It has been decided that Hitomi Shimatani and Ranran Suzuki are set to play a double starring role at the musical “Girl Friends”. The performances are scheduled to start on January 25th until February 3rd, at Tokyo, the Stage Galaxy Theater of Tenno.

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