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The Cloudy Dreamer

by Rinoa on March 19, 2007 · 10 comments · AddThis

Cloudy Dreamer promotion
Hysteric Glamour feat. OLIVIA
Artist: OLIVIA
Product Code: CTCR-14510/1
Release Date: 2007.01.07
First Press: Poster/Illustration Booklet
Debut Ranking: #9
Label: cutting edge

After Olivia Lufkin’s hiatus, many fans were eagerly awaiting a release which was credited to OLIVIA only. The NANA releases were satisfactory enough, but everyone knew that Olivia’s style moved towards a different and more unique direction. Also Olivia’s fans wanted music which reflected Olivia’s personality rather than Reira’s. In January 2007 Olivia finally released her highly anticipated 5th mini album titled “The Cloudy Dreamer“. However Olivia had another surprise up her sleeve, since “The Cloudy Dreamer” moved towards a different direction from her previous mini albums.

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by Rinoa on March 18, 2007 · 8 comments · AddThis

Wish promotion
Wish/Starless Night Photoshoot
Artist: OLIVIA inspi’ REIRA
Product Code: CTCR-40245/6
Release Date: 2006.10.11
First Press: Sticker/Cell Phone Charm
Debut Ranking: #6
Label: cutting edge

Oliva Lufkin, more commonly known as OLIVIA or Livi amongst her fans, returned to the Japanese music scene with a completely revamped style. A factor leading to this change was the fact that Olivia started creating music for the anime version of NANA and took the stage name of OLIVIA inspi’ REIRA. Consequently Livi’s music moved towards a more commercial direction and was created to fit the persona of Reira. After the success of “a little pain“, Olivia released her 10th single titled “Wish/Starless Night“.

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Into the Stars

by Spyro on August 25, 2006 · 9 comments · AddThis

Into the Stars cover Artist: OLIVIA
Title: Into the Stars1
Release Date: 2002.09.04
Peak Position: #99
Label: cutting edge

Since OLIVIA’s great comeback single “a little pain” has already been released in June, it’s a nice opportunity to consider some of her older releases. So let’s go back and see her most ‘recent’ single, which happens to be almost 4 years old. Oddly enough “Into The Stars” is her least selling single, charting at #99 for one single week. However do not think though that this has to do with the quality of this single, at all. Olivia isn’t as popular as those icons that come in our mind when we think about the Japanese music industry, although that makes her even cooler. “Into the Stars” is also the last production she made in Japanese; the rest were completely in English (till ‘a little pain’). Personally I’d buy this even just because the cover.

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OLIVIA – a little pain

by Rinoa on July 4, 2006 · 40 comments · AddThis

a little pain promotion

a little pain promotional clip
Artist: OLIVIA inspi’ REIRA
Product Code: CTCR-40237/8
Release date: 2006.05.31
First Press: Sticker
Debut Ranking: #8
Label: cutting edge

Indies princess, OLIVIA released her first single since her hiatus in 2004 titled “a little pain“. This was also her first single in four years. After her relatively obscure and unsuccessful album, “The Lost Lolli”, Lufkin disappeared from the entertainment scene for around two and a half years without any single inkling of her future plans. Olivia would later mention that she had needed a hiatus after her hectic release schedule and the depression arising from low popularity. This left her fans from all over the world extremely disappointed.

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