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YUI – Good-bye days

by Tia-Kun on July 10, 2006 · 51 comments · AddThis

YUI image Title: Good-bye days
Artist: YUI for Amane Kaoru
Release Date: June 14, 2006
Debut Ranking: #3
Language: Japanese
Package Weight: 100 g
Publisher: Sony Music Records
Other Information: Single

YUI is a Japanese pop artist who writes and plays the guitar to her own songs. She debuted in December of 2004 with the single “It’s happy line”, although it wasnt until her 4th single “LIFE“,which was used for the ending theme for the popular anime Bleach, that she became a household name. Although she is still fairly new to the J-Pop scene, her popularity seems to be rising and rising with every single she releases and it will only be a matter of time before she can reach the #1 spot on the Oricon charts.

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by spellcheck on December 4, 2005 · 25 comments · AddThis

Release Date: 09/11/05
Label: Sony Records
Oricon Debut Rank: 11

Singer/songwriter YUI is back with her 3rd single “LIFE”, released on November 9, 2005. Unlike her 1st and 2nd singles, “feel my soul” and “Tomorrow’s way” (respectively), “LIFE” is an upbeat song with a slight country feel. In addition, this song was chosen as the ending theme song of the popular Japanese anime “Bleach”. YUI, who debuted in February, is now honing her acting skills for a new movie set to come out next year called “Taiyou no Uta” (English title: “A Song to the Sun”). For now, let’s look at “LIFE”!

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YUI’s “Tomorrow’s way”

by spellcheck on September 5, 2005 · 21 comments · AddThis

Tomorrow's way cover 1. Tomorrow’s way
2. Last Train
3. feel my soul ~YUI Acoustic Version~
4. Tomorrow’s way ~Instrumental~

Newcomer YUI debuted in February with the song “feel my soul” and made her comeback on June 22 with “Tomorrow’s way”. At the age of 18, she writes the words and music to all her songs. With her sweet and innocent voice, YUI sings about maturing in “Tomorrow’s way”. This single’s cover features a picture of YUI looking out a window with her chin resting on a guitar. With rays of sunlight shining in through the windows behind her, it surely reflects the longing to grow up that is conveyed in lyrics of the title track. Let’s look at “Tomorrow’s way”!

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