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Calendars for 2008

by Rinoa on September 15, 2007 · 6 comments · AddThis

Maki Goto
Maki Goto's 2008 Calendar

Fall is rapidly approaching and the declining calendar pages are there to remind us all that the calendar season has opened once again. This time of the year is always met with a plethora of calendars, with attractive covers which are bound to sell out fast. As always, the most popular musicians, actors and idols have a calendar designed by their record label or talent agency. These calendars are usually issued by the company Try-X Ltd. Most of the time, calendars are released either in B2 size or else as desktop format.

Hello!Project have released a series of calendars for several sub-groups such as C-ute, Berryz and Morning Musume. On the other hand, several solo artists have once again released her own calendar. Maki Goto, Natsumi Abe and Aya Matsuura are the most popular picks in this category.

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a-nation ’07

by Rinoa on August 29, 2007 · 4 comments · AddThis

Ayumi performing at a-nation '07
Ayumi performing at a-nation '07

The summer season has arrived to a closure with the popular annual field live tour, a-nation. This music festival is organized by avex, where their most popular artists perform on stage. The performances were mobilized in 5 cities and 7 public performances spanning over 26 days. The last public performance was held in Ajinomoto Stadium in Tokyo. Around 45,000 people were present to this event.

This event has been initiated in 2002 and has been a hit. This is the 6th year for a-nation and the popularity of this tour has not waned. Around 230,000 have attended this year.

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Hitomi’s return to musicals

by Rinoa on August 25, 2007 · 4 comments · AddThis

Hitomi as Anne
Hitomi performing as Anne

J-Pop singer, Hitomi Shimatani has successfully attracted the attention of Japan, this time with her acting skills in the musical “Anne of Green Gables“. The plot of this musical is based on the infamous book written by the Canadian author, Lucy Montgomery in 1908.

With the lead role, Hitomi has aimed towards impersonating Anne. Throughout August, Hitomi and the rest of the cast, will perform at different venues in Japan. It is scheduled that the musical will be performed in eight cities and amount to eleven performances. The tour initiated in the Sapporo Educational Cultural Centre on the 18th August.

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Hamasaki and Nagase break up

by Rinoa on July 18, 2007 · 11 comments · AddThis

Ayumi and Nagase
Ayumi Hamasaki and Tomoya Nagase

J-Pop Queen Ayumi Hamasaki and TOKIO vocalist and actor, Tomoya Nagase have announced the end of their relationship on the 13th July, 2007. This abrupt news has shocked all of their fans worldwide, since there were reports and rumors mentioning how they were planning to get married by the end of the year.

The couple have been together for seven years and have constantly been subject to rumors published on tabloids, with regards to their relationship. Due to both being famous, the spotlight was always focused on what their next step would be.

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