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Fukuyama Masaharu

Masaharu Fukuyama
Birthday: 6th February 1969
Hometown: Nagasaki
Height: 180cm
Blood type: O
Fukuyama Official Site

Fukuyama san’s 20th single Tokyo was released at 17 August 2005. I think Fukuyama san is one of the great male singers in Japan, mainly because he has a soft and gorgeous vocal (just like Kuwata Keisuke). He is definately not such of singer who can sing rock or rap, that’s why most of his songs are soft and slow. You will feel great and comfortable when you listen to his songs. I remember the first song i heard from Fukuyama san was Sakuraban which released on 26th April 2000. I saw him from tv music station, he played with the guitar when he sang the song. After that he took part in some japanese drama, too bad i only remember one of them named Bijo ka Yajuu or some of them call this drama as Beauty and The Beast.

The first song Tokyo is the ending theme of the current japanese drama Slow Dance. The time i get in touch with this song was because of this drama, I was really impressed when i heard the ending theme. It just gave me a really strong feeling when i listen to this song. The second song Watashiwa Kaze ni Naru, a bit similar to the first one but added some smooth jazz feel. Both of the songs are basically sounds very smooth, so i think most of you guys will love this single.


  1. Tokyo
  2. Watashiwa Kaze ni Naru
  3. Tokyo (Original Karaoke)
  4. Watashiwa Kaze ni Naru (Original Karaoke)

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Channel-Ai Community Blog

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Hi everyone, welcome to the new Channel-Ai community blog. This is a project me and Jason has been planning on over the past few weeks. I have once used this blog to post my personal stuff but then I decided it’s such a waste and why not give it a greater purpose, that is to spread the love of Japanese music? There you go, a new direction has been set, and now let’s walk towards it.

As I mentioned above, this will be the community blog for Channel-Ai, a forum that’s dedicated to Japanese artist Ai Otsuka. So what does community blog means? Well, my vision is to let members of the forum who enjoy Japanese music to have a chance to share this love through blogging. Of course, you need to have good writing skills and knowledge about what you are writing or else people won’t be interested, will they? For that reason, authors of this community blog will be selective. You can apply within this topic posted at Channel-Ai by replying with details such as what type of music you would like to be writing for, what artist you would like to focus on etc., we will then select the qualified applicants and promote them to be authors of this community blog. If you are accepted, you will be notified via PM and more details will be enclosed.

What does it mean to be an author? You get to post message on this blog under your name, and you get to use Channel-Ai FTP should you need to upload a single or album (no abuse allowed though). You will automatically be listed as VIP in Channel-Ai which gives you member download access, and you will be well recognized for your contribution as well. How sweet eh?

After reading this much, what are you waiting for? I know quite a few of you who knows a lot about J-Pop, J-Rock, and even more about the artist you like, why not share your latest news and opinion about their upcoming releases and let other Ai’s fans to know about them as well? You never know how many new fans you can gain for your favourite artist through quality blogging.

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