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First off, male, female, alien, or other?
Wouldn’t you like to know… Fine, I’m male.

Favorite Artists:
Otsuka Ai, Shimatani Hitomi, SMAP, BUMP OF CHICKEN, Do As Infinity, Matsuura Aya

Hated Artists:
I have my preferences…

Hair Length/Style/Color:
Medium length / Long bangs covering left eye / Naturally dark brown


Something you bought and regretted:
Aww, come on! You know I don’t regret anything…

Something you regretted not buying:
… except not buying Tales of Legendia and a lot of CDs.

Orange likes pink, so green likes blue, and purple eats…
Purple will eat whatever it wants, whenever. Case closed.

If your best friend was a carrot…
Gee, I must be a really lonely guy…

I would scream my head off if…
What could be worse than not having the Tales of Legendia OST!?

We all know she will, but how will Ai bring about world peace?
It’s funny you ask because she won’t have to. We of the organization will purge the world of miscreants and bring about a sublimely idealistic world. All in style, too. Heh.

Why is Ai-chin so cute?
She has a good heart. Need I say more?

Why did you decide to write for the blog?
It’s necessary for the phoenix’s revival. Besides that, I guess it was because I didn’t have to.

Pronounce “eyn”:
Like the “-ain” as in “pain”. Though “ey-in” does have a nice ring to it.

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